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Savonlinna Expedition: Day 1

Posted in Finland, Uncategorized on June 30, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright people! So I guess the cat’s out of the box! We are in Finland, and we are attending Lordis exhibition! Let me tell you about our journey.

Our journey started last night, Sunday night, at a cold busstation in Stockholm. We started walking towards the hotel we had booked in panic in realizing we need some sleep before going to Finland. Once reaching the hotel, we realize there are NO staff there whatsoever. Gladly, we could call them, and they let us in and told us what roomnumber we had and everything sorted out.

It was kinda weird you know, being like in charge, and it got even weirder when we noticed we were literally the ONLY guests at the hotel! Spooky, but also fun. We also had this MAJOR thing in the middle of our room, that looked like something that would come straight out of the Robinson-quest at Boda Borg.


Fun story about the hotel: Michelle was about to go and get ready for bed in the master-bathroom, but all of a sudden I heard her scream. Apparently, we weren’t alone at the hotel. We had company.


Well. Perhaps not her brand new best friend if you know what I mean. Gladly, there were a bunch of kids toilets we could use instead.

Anyway. Another fun story: After we located the Alfons Åberg toilets, I had a bit of an incident. I was just about to wash off my face when I got stuck. I thought it was just my festival bracelets who caught the necklace and tried to shake it off. Look closer in the mirror. It appears I managed to stuck the chain of my necklace inside the safety-pin I had nailed to one of my festivalbracelets. HOW. HOW DO I EVEN MANAGE THIS?!


After this, we managed to get about what, three hours of sleep? Before it was time for us to head for the airporttransfer. Once there, we checked in everything, got inside and eventually got some breakfast. AND ALMOST MANAGED TO MISS OUR FLIGHT. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE. When we reached the gate it was final call. HOW. HOW.

Well, gladly, we MADE the flight (I would never have forgiven  myself else) and you know. I’ve missed flying SOOO much. It was so nice to be back in the air, and I was excited as HELL getting back to Helsinki for the first time in forever.


Once landed and transported into the central of Helsinki we picked up some quick lunch and headed for our train. Everything went so perfectly – we never had to wait too long for anything, but on the same time we never really had to stress too much. Of course, I was worried as hell while on the first train (we were to change in another town) but after reaching that destination, realizing the other train departed two metres away, all the fear disappeared.

And you know. Savonlinna… It’s so beautiful! I mean, I’ve been in awe ever since we arrived. We located the hotel fairly quickly. and noticed what a pretty apartment we’d manage to get! It’s amazing! BEYOND AMAZING! After settling down, charging phones and getting ready, we headed for our final destination. The Lordi Exhibition.

At first, we missed it. But then, after turning on our GPS, we managed to locate it. We both squealed inside when we saw the banner flying high, or wwell, not so high, but fairly high!


And then we entered… and I must say. We came across the SWEETEST STAFF EVER! Instantly when we had come in, we started chatting about Lordimemories, the costumes, the shows, the eras, EVERYTHING! It was so great to for once you know, outside a concert, meet someone you can really talk to about Lordi. And then you had the other guy, who was the one who came up with the idea of the whole exhibition…

So here’s the deal. We stood there and admired Kalma and Kita’s costumes from the Monsterican Dream era, and we told him that we didn’t really dare to go too close because we were unsure if any of the costumes would actually start moving. Then he looked really close and he was like “No, they are all right! Go check!” Hesitantly, we both leaned in to look Kalma in the eyes….

And then the crewmember grabbed both of us and screamed.

Like. If I haven’t been closer to a heartattack before, then I sure was now. WHAT THE HELL. I mean, now, five minutes later, it’s hilarious as hell, but at the moment I was like WRTLDSFJASLDJASLDJ!! I may add, we were the only ones at the exhibition at the time, and the crew. The entire crew laughed, and after a while we joined in as well.

Well, what can I say. I enjoyed the exhibition. It was nice seeing the costumes so up and close, and to notice all these details. I feel somewhat decieved in a way, when I noticed some certain aspects. I mean, I know they are fake, but I didn’t realize how simple some of them where! I’m beyond fascinated though. It gives me a lot of ideas for questions, and tomorrow I’ll make sure to bring along a notepad so I can scribble down all I come up with.

We are going back tomorrow to pick up some merch as well as paying the exhibition and the lovley staff a last visit before leaving.

Not that I want to leave but…



Well. I figured I’d put up more pictures tomorrow, or when I get home. Right now both me and Michelle are pretty dead after being awake for almost 24 hours(!!) and we just want to sit down and watch Dark Floors. As you can see, we are posing with the props from the movie on the pictures above! Lovely place.

Over and out!

// Sara

The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Currently sitting a sweet little hotelroom in Stockholm. It’s kinda awkward – we seem to be the only guests here, and there are no staff or anything whatsoever, we are literally alone in this building. We’re of course taking this oppurtunity to crank Lordi real loud and dancing. And the fact that we have a Boda Borg similar pole in the middle of the room doesn’t help, haha!

Anyway, this has been a hectic weekend really. My brother got married this Saturday, so that’s basically were I’ve spent my weekend. It was a very sweet and intimate wedding, and I’m so happy for the bride and the groom! Good luck and congratulations (again) to both of you!


Today has been a day of travelling. First started off the day with dinner at my new sister-in-law’s, after heading for Malmö. For todays honor I had first class tickets, and first class is so cozy. You sit there, and the seats are so large you can have all your luggage by your side. It’s amazing.


So yeah. Now we are here. At the hotel. All alone. Cranking Lordi. And in four hours, our bus leaves to our next destination. Where?

Well, I guess you’ll see! Now: Bed!

// Sara

Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on June 27, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Wow. This was a tricky one at first, but then it hit me.

Always” by Erasure.

You know, this song became somewhat of a big deal with the Robot Unicorn attack and everything, but it became so much more to me. This was the song that would forever be The Awesome Threesome’s song. This song reminds me of the lunatics Thomas and Martine.


This picture is from our adventures in France. You know that epic Lordi gig? Oh yes. I don’t even know what to write. We had some CRAZY times together with all our get-togethers we’d have in Oslo at Martine’s, and of course this gig. The presidential suite. Ghostbusters. I can’t even name all the things.

Thanks for all the memories guys. You will always be the first thing I think of whenever I hear always.

// Sara

Packing and panicking

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Jesus Almighty guys.

This day has been so stressed. Or at least it became so starting from I don’t know, now? As you know, I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and straight after that I’m heading to our pretty neighbours in Finland. It’s all gonna be so epic, and I truly hope I got everything together now. You know, what to pack, what not to pack, made sure to have ALL the tickets printed AND DAMN IT I FORGOT TO PRINT THE AIRLINE TICKETS. I’ll make sure to do that tomorrow… Oh. As you hear.


savonn 001savonn 004

But all in all. I love this life. On the run. All the time. Can’t wait to get back to it.

// Sara

Day 04 – A Song that makes you Sad

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on June 25, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one was easy. Really easy, strangely enough.

I have to go with a live version of this song, as it doesn’t appear on Youtube as a CD version.

Bygone Zone (Acoustic Leger uten Grenser version) by Norwegian band Wig Wam. As you know, they are my first favorite band ever, so it’s kinda special that they would appear here.

This song was released as a part of a beneficial campaign for Médecins sans frontières, and the lyrics had been a bit altered, but it was mostly the epic exectuion of the song that made me love it so much at first (this gets lost in the live version, sadly!)

But what makes this song so sad isn’t really the song or the lyrics itself, it’s actually my story to it. This song was released somewhere around the time my first favorite horse passed away. Her name was Pickles, she was 18 years old at the passing. Blind on both eyes. Still to this day I haven’t found a horse that has replaced her. Lady Axa do a good job, but just not like that. This song became the song I somewhat related to when she passed, the song I played over and over, the song that you know… understood. That explained the whole thing. Or how to put it.

Still to this day, eight years later, I cannot listen to this song without tearing up like crazy and thinking about the most beautiful horse that has ever walked this planet.

Rest in Peace, Pickles.


// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m gonna tell you guys. This week, it’s gonna be quite the week. It’s tuesday today, and I’ve been both helping out at work AND started preparing for Finland. It’s quite the hassle you know, since I’m off to a wedding on Friday, meaning I’ll literally be going from the wedding to Stockholm and Finland. Our plane leaves at 6 in the morning, so it’s gonna be QUITE a long day. Oh Lord Almighty.

Gladly, Amaranthe and Michelle has kept me good company today whilst I’ve been freaking out about both one and two things, But for now, I’m just enjoying the sweet tones of Amaranthe and smelling my sweet, sweet exchanged Euros.

Girls go chopping alright. Or was it shopping? Not sure anymore…

euro 004


Dream Evil – Dragonslayer

Posted in CDs, Uncategorized on June 22, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

A CD that’s been going warm the last days now are Dream Evil‘s album “Dragonslayer” from 2002, so I figured I’d give you a heads up about the album.

dargonslayer 014

Most of you who read my blog, or at least have done so for a long time, knows how picky I can be when it comes to metal, or you know, things that are heavier than Lordi. There are only two bands I “dare” listen to, or perhaps, buy the records for, and that’s HammerFall and Sabaton.

However, on the later years I’ve gotten more and more into powermetal. I’m still not sure if I’m.. ‘ready’ for heavier stuff, but yes. Anyway. I discovered Dream Evil when they were supporting HammerFall on a gig at Gröna Lund back in 2007, and a few years (!) later I decided to get an album by them, alongside a Hardcore Superstar and Jay Smith CD. Said and done.

During the gig I had gotten really fond of “The Chosen Ones” and thus chased down the CD with that song on it. At the first few listens it didn’t stick, and I guess this is why I find myself here now, a few years later, blowing the dust off it and cranking it.

Like I said earlier, I’m always a bit suspicious when it comes to things heavier than Lordi, if I’ll really like and things like that, and I guess this is why I’ve always been a bit unsure about Dream Evil, despite HAVING seen them live a couple of times and KNOWING they are powermetal.

But I really like this. I noticed myself that I must have listened a lot to the CD before, because I recognized the words to “In Flames You Burn”, amongst other things. This album is a pretty darn good album. The material is solid and polished, and there are enough soldiers and dragons and quests to keep me interesting throughout the CD. It’s pretty similar to HammerFall in a way, or at least it is for me with an “untrained” ear.

// Sara

Be sure to check out tracks as “Chasing The Dragon” and “In Flames You Burn”, and of course, “The Chosen Ones”.

Day 03 – A Song that makes you Happy

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This one had me thinking for a little while. I’m sitting here playing with my chips, learning a few new tricks, being irritated at the moment and trying to figure out what song makes me happy.

A lot of songs makes me happy. But what song is that one song that just… do THAT you know? After a few if’s and but’s, and a Olly Murs CD spinning in the background, it was settled.

Dance With Me Tonight by british artist Olly Murs. This was a song I chased for so long, as I heard it the first time in one of Disney’s “Re-Micks” where they use old Mickey Mouse clips and put it together with a song. I remember how much I loved hearing this song come on, and how much I wanted to find it and the artist. I used TrackID on my phone, without any hits.

A few months later, I realized I could try searching for “Dance with me tonight remicks” on youtube, said and done, and I found the song and the artist. And I’m so glad I did. Introducing Olly Murs in my life is probably one of the best things I have ever done, and the concert I saw with him last year is still one of my most prized one.

To return to the point of the entry, this song ALWAYS, regardless what has happened, cheers me up. If I’m sad, or if I’m happy, yeah, you get it. The song makes me wanna dance, it makes me wanna love, it makes me wanna play, it literally brings me alive like crazy.

There are a lot of songs out there that makes me happy. But not like this one. I have no bad memories to this song, no guilt feelings, nothing.

Olly Murs in my heart.

// Sara

Absolute Zero

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Today is a national holiday in Sweden, called Midsommar. Remember the floral thing in the beginning of Elsas coronation in Frozen? That’s a midsommarstång. OH. This reminds me, I was to write about it on the Frozenpage… Ok, nevermind.

I don’t really celebrate Midsommar. I guess we have some sort of dinner, but it’s no more than that. Of course, what WOULD be epic would be if I managed to gather all my metal and Lordipeople together – but summer is a difficult time. You know, festivals, festivals and MORE festivals. And I don’t complain to be honest! But yes, make things tricky.

So, while having festivals in mind I sat down to fix my precious Lordibag. I’ve had this bag for eight years now, and the time has taken its toll on it. It’s started to crack in numerous of places, and by all means! This thing has gone through all kinds of festivals, all kinds of travels ALL OVER EUROPE, gone to SOO many concerts, been pulled and torn and gone through airportsecurity checks and ON TOP OF THAT, it has been my most loyal school-bag ever since I was 15, carried everything from papers to HEAVY HEAVY books. And of course, I’ve used in my every day life carrying everything from wallets to heavy groceries.

With other words. It’s been used a lot, so it being torn here and there, are no biggie. It’s rather remarkable that it’s not in shreds.

lordipåse 013


It has cracked like this in three out of four places, and it also has a few holes in the middle of the bag. But fear not!

As I said, no celebration, so I spent the day out in the lovely weather (while it was still lovely) repairing my old friend. It’s as good as new!

lordipåse 020

And with that, baggy-baggy and I are ready for our next adventures. That so happens to be something Lordi related. In Finland. So the first thing it will go through, are airportsecurities and trainrides. No rest!

What could it be, what could it be…

// Sara


Day 02 – Your Least Favorite Song

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In lack of better things to write, here it comes! Part 2.

Day 2 – Your Least Favorite song.

There are songs I don’t like. Quite a few. And I could easily go into saying I dislike Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” or Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” or whatever, but on the same time, it feels a bit easy. A little to easy to just go, yeah, hey, I dislike these songs! So I’m gonna go with this.

Sincerely With Love – Lordi

I bet you never expected to see me put a Lordi song on here, did you? Well. Here we go.

The beat in this song; the riff, the music, is all perfect. It’s very promising. The whole song was promising. Until the singing started. I tell you. When I heard this song the very first time, we literally had to pause and rewind, because we weren’t sure what the hell we actually heard.

First of all, while I don’t mind swearing in a song, I was well surprised to hear Mr Lordi curse in a song. I know I know – he curses in “Schizo Doll” at one point, I know. But it still felt very odd. And the rest of the lyrics for this song feels very off as well. I can’t say I know to 100% what the song is about (at least I’m not gonna say I do) but it’s not… what I would perhaps expect from Lordi. Not at all.

But what really made me dislike this song, was what it has become. It has become a song that Lordi fans uses to bully other Lordifans with. If a Lordifan doesn’t agree with what you say, they aim this song right at you. And where are Lordifans gonna turn, when they are being bullied by the fans of the band, with a song from the band?

Think about that for a second.

// Sara