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Country Roads

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Seriously, I’m gonna take this entry to talk about something.

I’ve been following the most recent season of Masterchef USA, and from the beginning, Luca has been my favorite. Last week, I missed the last part of the episode, I missed the part where they reveal the final two, and my mum had told me it was Jessie and Natasha who was in the finale, making me a little sad, I really cheered for Luca.

So understand my surprise when I put on the show today, in the background from my The Sims playing only to hear Gordon Ramsay say “the only chef standing in her way is… Luca”. I mean, what. I literally… I was like WHAT. It appears my mum was wrong! (She thought it was ‘the two girls’ that made it).

So of coruse I had to watch. To be honest, I was really expecting Natasha to win, because she’s done SOOOO good throughout the competition, whilst Luca has struggled a bit. But you know… When Ramsay announced Luca was the winner…. I almost through my makeup brush away (I was getting ready for work as it happened). I mean. I CANT EVEN PUT INTO WORDS HOW FUCKING MUCH I LOVE THIS BECAUSE HE REALLY DESERVES IT AND I REALLY THOUGHT NATASHA WAS GONNA WIN.

Right before I headed for work I took myself the oppurtunity to sent him a greeting about it (realizing this was actually a very recent season) and when I came home from an extraordinary day at work, I’d find this waiting for me in my Twitter notifications.


It’s not much. But still, it was enough to send my fangirl heart out the window! Hell. I’m starting to feel pretty noticed by people I adore. Amen, Swampy, Alex, Luca, Linus….. hell to the fucking yeah.

And for the first time in Forever, I could be noticed by someone

Now I want you all to realize that these people doesn’t per se matter at all more than my amazing friends I talk to everyday. I love them more than anything. But then there is this one person I want to notice me, and I want him to do it soon. Oh well!

Congratulations again, Luca!

// Sara

All ‘Bout The Money

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

There has been barely anything but Sweden Rock preparations today. I went through my traveldrawer to see how much pre-shopping I have to do (this time, necessities such as bandaids and what not) only to find out there was absolutely nothing I had to stack up on. I guess a few years of constant stacking up has given me quite a storage, because it wasn’t like there was a box of painkillers, no, there was a box and then the sheets with the pills were spread a little here and there in the drawer. But after all is said and done, all I need to get are batteries. And make up. That’s all. That’s literally all. Feels sooo good.

Besides this I’ve always finally started to look through what clothes to bring, only to realize I’m not really bringing as much as I usually do. I guess I have, in a way, given up. I’ll just put on anything. I’ve thrown in my shorts, my fave skirts, my fave tops and my new official concert tee – “Candy for the Cannibal” and then I’ll throw in a pair of long-pants in case of emergency. And then I’m dannes. Feels pretty good to be honest.

But oh right. I need to pick up pantyhoses. Them bitches break all the time. All. The. Time.

// Sara

Rythm of the Night

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today I took myself the time to do some shopping, much NEEDED shopping before Sweden Rock. First, and perhaps most important, was me getting a pair of shorts. You see, shorts and I haven’t exactly had a romance the past years. I’ve had one pair I loved to death, but they broke. When I got a replacement of the same brand,it turned out they had started to make them a different way in a different fabric, and thus, they fit no more.

BUT NOW. For the first time in forever, I’ve actually gotten myself a pair of shorts. And I find them pretty smashing, to say the least! Together with them, I also got myself a new skirt. Not that I actually needed anymore, but I really, really, really, loved the design on it. Mhm.


Do you see the little lepard-details on the shorts? I just fucking love it. When I came home I made sure to place an order for a top as well, and I hope I get it in time for Sweden Rock!

Apart from this, I also made the “little mistake” of entering GameStop. Big mistake. I need to save a bit money for upcoming trips, but that’s hard to do when you walk into a store that happens to have two of the The Sims 3 towns you don’t yet own. So I went in there, and came out with “Dragon Valley” and “Roaring Heights”. So stoked to try these out. Some day. When I’m done trying out Island Paradise. And perhaps after I’ve tried out “Into the Future”. And all you know.


My The Sims shelf is starting to get really crowded, and it gets me real stressed giving that The Sims 4 is to be released later this winter. Damn damn damn. Oh well, that’s a later problem. Now I’m really more worked up about Sweden Rock than anything. It’s gonna be so much fun. Can’t wait to get there. At last, at last, at last.

// Sara

Just Can’t Get Enough

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today has been slow. For the first time in forever, really. I went to a meeting, with a fairly good outcome. But most importantly, I’ve gotten around to buy a parking ticket for Sweden Rock. Not sure if I wrote in my previous entry, but I’m going there by car this year. The bus I had planned to take has either sold out or cancelled the route, and I can’t be bothered with trainchanges and shit. So driving it is. If anything, it will be fantastic training.

It’s gonna be so great to be back at festival ground. It’s been so slow the past years with festivals and concerts in general. Mostly because of economic reasons, but also lack in interest. But it’s finally coming back. My platypus and I even planned yet another gig today, HammerFalls release gig in Gothenburg. I need to clear with my job if I can go, but hopefully!

Tomorrow is my first free day in ages. No meetings, no training, nothing. I’m gonna take that as an oppurtunity to run errands. To go do some pre-Sweden Rock shopping and prepare for the whole thing. I don’t wanna find myself standing on Tuesday or Wednesday and be like “damn. I need to pack” or whatever. Of course, having a car makes everything easier, but you know. It’s gonna be so much fun though. I really can’t wait.

// Sara

Cliché Love Song

Posted in Uncategorized on May 26, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on my blog. Thing has been crazy. I’ve had more stuff to do than I’ve had time, and whatnot.

But on the other hand, what DID happen was that I went to see Michelle, my platypus. To begin with I only went there to pick up Hans of the Southern Isles, but I remain there until late, late night. Lots of gossipping and talking. Much, much needed! Thanks for a great day honey. She also gave me some Phineas & Ferb crackers she’d picked up in Spain. Thanks sweetie! Driving home that night was pretty insane though, as the fog was lying thick. Gladly, both me AND Hans used safety belts.


Apart from that, not much more than work and work and work all dagen through has happened. Exciting things though. And it will bank me a lot.

Oh right. My platypus and I have have some sweet plans for the coming summer.

But first: Sweden Rock Festival.

// Sara


Congratulations AUSTRIA

Posted in Uncategorized on May 10, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m sitting here feeling all fuzzy on the inside, and tearing up quite a bit seeing Conchita and Austria winning. This is perfect. Europe knows what’s important.

Congratulations Conchita and Austria, and I’ll see you next year!

// Sara

Stockholm Rocks

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on May 5, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

So guys! The day had arrived. At last, it was time for Stockholm Rocks! I had chosen a bus that departed a little later than I usually do, as I wanted to avoid my often very cranky morning temper which you know, tend to ruin my whole day, and I must say it did help a little, even thought everything got even better after a little chat with Mr Australia. On the bus though, I began to realize how limited my time was. My expected arrival was at 14.20, and the first band started at 15.15, though the first band I wanted to see didn’t start until 16.15, and my hotel was located a little bit outside center, AND, the arena had been changed to Gröna Lund, so all of a sudden, I didn’t have too much time on my hands.

Gladly, the bus arrived 20 minutes early, allowing me to, still stressed, get my SL card, get candy (for breakfast), and lunch and nightfood. I planned to hit the hotel by 15, and so I did! Once I was checked I pretty much inhaled my food, got ready and hurried to Sergels. I was really worried I wouldn’t make it in time, as the planned arrival for the train to Gröna Lund would arrive 16.15, which was the exact same time Reckless Love had their stagetime, and to make it even better, the damn train was late. Damn damn damn damn.

Once at Gröna Lund and Tyrol, I hurried pretty much ALL I could muster, only to realize, the festival was a bit delayed! Reckless Love started only moments after I arrived but hey! I was well lucky, don’t you think? Anyway. They started off with ” I Love Heavy Metal” and they were just sooo energetic. I’ve only seen Reckless Love twice before, but I always remembered them as one of the more energetic bands in this, I don’t know, world? Yup.

They followed up with two of my favorite songs, “So Happy I Could Die” and “On The Radio”. The show was very energetic, but then again, what would you even expect from these guys? The two times I’ve seen them previously they’ve always delivered, like, A LOT. The crowd was pretty good, it was rather thin, but it’s kinda understandable. Early performance, together with new festival and the lack of a big fanbase kinda do that.


Eventually they wrapped up the gig with “Night on Fire” and “Hot” before leaving the stage and making way for Gus G. I was surprised, I must say, to see the crowd leave the stage. I was under the impression that at least the front row would stay and queue for H.E.A.T or TNT, or Gus G, or Marty Friedman. I guess I was wrong.

(Reckless Love Setlist: I Love Heavy Metal / So Happy I Could Die / On The Radio / Bad Lovin’ / Edge of Our Dreams / Back To Paradise / Sex, Drugs and Reckless Love / Born To Break Your Heart / Beautiful Bomb / Animal Attraction / Night on Fire / Hot)

You know, I don’t complain. I went on to the front row and placed myself on Rivers side, for a change. I always used to stay on Dalones side, but as you know, he’s not in the band anymore so now it’s mainly potato-potato about the whole thing. Eventually, Gus G started and went on with his show.

He delivered a pretty darn good set, and he had Swedish singer Mats Levén with him to sing the tunes. I can’t say I’m, you know, into him, like I am with Reckless Love and H.E.A.T, but I really enjoyed the show! Quite a lot!


Eventually he finished his set and the wait for Marty Friedman began. At this point, I had the very big pleasure of getting to know two individuals – Alex and Elisabeth. Alex and I chatted for a little bit before he went back to his friends, but Elisabeth and I really bonded. It turned out she, much like me, was here to see H.E.A.T and I was glad to find someone to share the concert with it. I rather go alone than not at all, but it’s always better when you got company.

Marty Friedman got on the stage and gave us practical EARGASM with his roundabout hour long guitarsolos. Seriously. I’m not always a big fan of all instrumental shows, but damn. This was well worth it. What a man! Both he and the second guitarist he had with him just completely blew my mind. Sadly, I had to leave for a while at the end because of the “epillepsy-lamps” that for some reason makes my heartcondition act up. But after a few seconds of fresh air I was back again and could enjoy the end of the show.


After Marty, the REAL wait began. While Reckless Love and TNT might have been the biggest motivation for me to go, H.E.A.T was probably the band I looked forward to see the most. As you know from my review, I fucking LOVED “Tearing Down The Walls”, and a concert of it’s tour CAN’T be bad.

The anticipation from mine and Elisatbeths side was pretty high, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more exicted before when I’ve heard the song “The Heat Is On” start. For those of you who doesn’t know, this is H.E.A.T’s “Scarctic Circle Gathering” (I’m just assuming close to everyone who reads my blog are Lordifans)  The band entered the stage and started off the show with the albums opener, “Point of No Return”

They followed up with the newest single “A Shot at Redemption” and I don’t know man. TNT is said to be the headliner, but seriously, the crowd was rather big for H.E.A.T! Bigger than I expected it to be. Or to be honest, I don’t know what I expected. “Better off Alone” was the next song before it was time for one of their biggest hits, “1000 Miles”.

You know. For being a large crowd that was the crowd at Sthlm Rocks, they were rather silent and perhaps… boring? I’m just you know, thinking back on Steel Panthers crowd, and how INSANE they were during “Community Property”, and the rest of the songs, and here, nope, not even for “1000 Miles”… What the heck. Maybe it would improve later on in the show.

Sadly, it didn’t. Neither during the single “Mannequin Show”, the very popular “In and Out of Trouble”, “Beg Beg Beg” and not even for “Emergency” who seems to be a rather big favorite. I just want to assure you people, I WAS at the frontrow, but seriously. The action was VERY VERY little. Which is a shame, because the band?

They were insane, as usual. I’ve said it so many times before, and I’m probably ALWAYS gonna say this: H.E.A.T is the best band to this date. They ALWAYS deliver, not matter what (like, bad audience), and they ALWAYS do it with that HUGE (and heartbreaking) smiles of theirs. This is why I’m constantly looking forward to go to H.E.A.T. shows, because the likely hood of me getting disappotioned are basically ZERO. Not at all. Gifted, passionate musicians. That’s what you get from H.E.A.T.


They wrapped up a fantastic concert with “Breaking the Silence” and “Living On The Run” before it was time for them to leave the stage. But not until they had taken a photo with the crowd. A photo both me and Elisabeth are visible on. Amazing. Second time it’s happened now. Great. I must say, I was surprised of how long their set was. I expected them to play about an hour or so, but the setlist is rather intense.

(H.E.A.T setlist: Point of No Return / A Shot at Redemption / Better Off Alone / 1000 Miles / It’s All About Tonight / Tearing Down The Walls / Mannequin Show / Late Night Lady / In And Out Of Trouble /Beg Beg Beg / Downtown / Enemy / Eye for an Eye / Danger Road / Emergency /-/ Breaking The Silence / Living on the Run)

After H.E.A.T, much to my surprise, most of the crowd left the stage. It was time for the headliner – TNT, which was actually the band I mostly came for. Both me and Elisabeth stayed put and chatted, and not a minute to late, the norwegian + american men stepped on stage and opened with “Invisible Noise”.

And I’m just gonna say this. I died. Ok. Seeing TNT with Tony Harnell has been a LONG, LONG DREAM for me. I never thought it would actually happen, but it did. Today. At Tyrol. At Gröna Lund. Right there, on Victor Borges side (Eric Rivers side, OX’s side, Lexxi Foxxx’s side, depending on your fandom). I… I am at loss for words. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing or hearing, for that matter.

They continued with “She Needs Me”, and “Downhill Racer”. I might just as well add. The crowd was small. H.E.A.T had a greater crowd, which surprises me. Why was TNT the headliner, if they didn’t drag enough people? To be honest though, I’m not too surprised when all comes undone. I’ve never really met anyone at ALL that likes TNT, so I guess in a way, there were more people there than I expected.

After “My Religion” it was time for the legendary Ronnie Le Tekrø to show us what he was made off. Seriously, it’s been seven years since I last saw TNT and damn… I’ve missed them. They moved on with “Forever Shine On” before the first hit of the night came – “Tonight I’m Falling For You”. Despite having a smaller crowd, their crowd was more into it.

After “End of the Line” it came. The song. The one.

“Intuition”. I… When they started the intro… I just…. First I blanked out, much the same I did when Kita left Lordi. I heard the chords, but I couldn’t place the song. Of course I knew all along it was “Intuition”, but you know that feeling, or perhaps that moment, when that ONE THING you’ve waited for, for so long, when it finally happens, and you can’t even understand it? That’s basically what happened here. And hearing TNT, with Tony Harnell, doing “Intuition”. I’ve said it many times before, but you know. If I die today, I will die very, very, very happy.


“As Far As The Eye Can See” and “Seven Seas” followed suit until they wrapped up the entire show with “Northlight” and “10.000 Lovers”. They thanked for the night and left the stage. During the entire time they had had fairly good energy I’d say – of course, Tony Harnell is no Erik Grönwall (because it is like what, 30 years age differences?!) but they have this chill energy experienced band has you know.

(TNT setlist: Invisible Noise / She Needs Me / Downhill Racer / My Religion / -Solo- / Forever Shine On / Tonight I’m Falling / End of The Line / Intuition / As Far As The Eye Can See / Seven Seas / Northlight /10.000 Lovers)

However, I was rather surprised to how short their set was. It was only about an hour long, making me question even MORE why H.E.A.T wasn’t the headliner of the festival. Oh well. No big harm done, really!

After the show, Elisabeth and I left in peace and went our seperate ways once we reached Sergels Torg.

All in all. This festival was beyond epic. I was so glad to see three of my favorite bands gathered in one place, especially being that two of them are bands you rarely see. Thanks Stockholm Rocks, for this epic experience, and thanks Elisabeth for the company.

Over and out!

// Sara


Lat Heet Los

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Have been listening to the Flemish version of “Let it Go” like crazy lately. What’s even crazier is that I seem to understand most of the lyrics, not because I know it numerous of languages, but because a lot of the words are so similar to Swedish and German that I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry about it. But you know, I LOVE discovering new languages (or accents) to learn, so bring it on.

It’s Thurday. Two days ’til Stockholm Rocks. Mixed feelings. I’m so exicted to go to a concert again, at last, finally, but I just got too much on my mind at the same time. I figured I’ll just try to let it go during the weekend, not worry about it. But then I start worrying about another thing. What to wear.

Normally, I have a plan. Or a few options. But this time, I got SQUAT. I have no fucking idea. The easiest escape I supposed, would be like, my leatherpants and a HEAT shirt. You know, to minimize the hazzle. And. Damn. Look at that. I got a plan.

Now all I have left is to visit the hairdresser tomorrow. And get rid of the (not so) beautiful block of brown hair at my roots. At last. My first time bleaching at a salon though, so it will sure be intersting.

NP: Lat Heet Los – Elke Buyle

// Sara

(Oh! This was my 666th post apparently! METAL!)