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You know, it hasn’t hit me just yet. Or I don’t know. See, there is a festival I’m planning to go to, where TNT amongst others played. I had hoped that they’d end early, so I could go home on the same day, but of course, TNT is the headlining act. Thought for a moment, “TNT is playing Sweden Rock. I guess I could…”

And then it hit me. No. I can’t skip TNT.

Tony Harnell is back. Tony Harnell… he is… I can’t even put into words. I…

I saw TNT live for the first, and so far only time, back in 2007, I believe. We were really there to see Wig Wam, it was the same day we travelled between two cities to see Wig Wam, CRASH! and later on TNT. Tony Mills was the singer at the time, and I was of course happy to see TNT. They are one of these bands, one of the first bands I came to love when I started discovering my musictaste. An old MySpace friend of mine sent me a video of them, and after that I was hooked.

What video?


Yup. This one video. A lot of you have probably heard me talk about this song, or this band in general. A lot of you who’ve visited my parties have probably heard this song, even though you may not remember it. It’s one of those songs that ALWAYS, no matter WHAT, always sticks with me.

And I was excited when TNT was confirmed for Sweden Rock. Granted, it’s been a good few years since I saw them. But when I discovered that Tony Harnell was back… (For you people who don’t know, Tony Harnell is the singer in the video) I just.

WHAT. Is this real? Or is it just fantasy? I couldn’t believe it. And to make it even better, they have their 25th anniversary with specifically the “Intuition” album, that so happens to be my favorite album.

One thing, I’m certain as H.E.A.T said (in ‘Mannequin Show’, for you who wonder)…

I can’t miss out. Absolutely not. Not a single chance in hell nor heaven. I’ll go wherever TNT goes.

Intuition, one decision

// Sara


Follow Me Down

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See, I find it interesting how I struggle so much reading only 30 pages in a course-literature book about communications in organizations, but reading a book about rapists and society’s view on rape I read 200 pages in just a day. And I’m about to continue, I’m just waiting for The Pretty Reckless’s most recent album to load into my iPod so I can review it tomorrow or Thursday. Despite it being out for like a month. Oh well. What are you gonna do.

On a happier side note, my pay for the work in the bookstore just came in. Do you know what that means?

SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL TICKETS BABY! Hell yes. At last. The tickets are about to run out, so I’m glad I finally got the paycheck. Jesus Christ, I got a little worried there. I’m so glad to be back in the game, to have quite a few festivals to look forward too. And I think a lot of it comes from the fact that I FINALLY are getting out of the study-dumpster I found myself in. “Up here in the cold thin air I finally can breathe…” huehuehuehue.

But first I need to finish this book. And by the speed I read it, I will be done by I don’t know, 2am tonight or something. But I also need to go to bed because I work early tomorrow. But I don’t wanna sleep I wanna read. Oh this eternal battle….

NP: Going To Hell – The Pretty Reckless

// Sara


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After a few buts and ifs, I’ve finally submitted my application for school for this fall. I’m excited actually. One of the course I applied for has been a dream for me for a very long time, and I can’t wait to finally get started on it. I’m pretty positive that one course will help me get a better understanding in my job as a music-journalist, if anything. Or perhaps I can just work with it once I’m done. We’ll see.

The second course is perhaps not a dream as much as it is an expansion of my already running education. It’s a course that, if I get accepted, will help me be able to FINALLY improve hå, which I got the green lights for today. It could also help this blog. Who knows. The third course is a bit of a dream, I guess, not as big as the first one, but one nonetheless. This is more in the back though, and I’ll let it take it’s time. But yes.

For the first time in forever I’m actually TRULY excited for school. And it’ll all be better if I manage to finish everything I have behind me this semester, and I’m on a good way if I may say so. I’m just preparing for the exam on May 6th, ironically three days after Stockholm Rocks happens. Damn damn damn. Hopefully a potion of Reckless Love, H.E.A.T and TNT can help me get the right amount of motivation. I also kinda NEED to nail it, as the next exam-date is right in the middle of Sweden Rock, and I really don’t wanna postpone this exam further.

Apart from that, for my journalistic course I’m now gonna start read a book called “En Riktig Våldtäktsman” (A true rapist). It’s the kinda the follow-up for “Flickan och Skulden” (The girl and the guilt) and is a journalistic book about, well, rapists and society’s view on rape. I wasn’t sure at first what book I was to choose for this assignment, but as it is a blog-assignment and I need to write my own viewpoints, I figured it was best if I chose a book on a subject in which I have a lot of opinions and feelings about. Which I do with rape, rape-culture and society’s view on it.

Who would have thought huh. However, I’m not gonna bring up a discussion about it on here. I’m trying to keep this blog free from political standpoints, or, really, anything like this. So this was as much as you get, but hey! At least you now know there are a lot more going on in my head than Frozen and heavy metal.

I’m a bit late with the assignment though. Like, two weeks overdue. Which is ironic. It’s a journalistic course. The number one thing is to keep deadlines. I guess deadlines never bothered me. Anyway, I better get started. And this will sure as hell give me nightmares. Good thing Elsa is just across the room.



Let It Go

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Let It Go. That is REALLY what I have to do, but I can’t. I’m just sitting here an boiling over the whole Fatal Smile situation.

After reading a few statments from Rockbåten, Blade and Alx to begin with, I’m just furious. And then after reading Shameless singers statement I’m just… exhausted. I just sit here and stare at the wall and wonder how the hell… how, why, did this happen. What the hell. How can someone just…. God.

I’ve discussed this back and forth with a bunch of people today and we don’t really come to any conclusion more than that neither one of us understand it. Fine enough that you wanna leave the band. Fine enough that you wanna disband it. But like this. No.


I’m not really one to even say anything about this, but I’m just boiling up. Me, and a bunch of my friends got screwed over by this as we were all looking forward to see Fatal Smile either during this tour or during the summer. It just… gah. I’m burning up over here.

God. God. GOD.  I should really just let it go, but as you see, I just fucking can’t. Not for now. GOD.

// Sara

I’m such a fool I can’t be free

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So, how many more than me where shocked to learn about Fatal Smile yesterday? I can’t be the only one. I mean, come on. It literally came out of the blue. CD coming out, big tour going on… what the hell man?

I was very confused when I read it. My first impression was that Yxan was just simply leaving the band (at a very bad time) but the more I thought about it, and the more times I read it… the whole band call it quits? Wait what? I understand that bandmembers at times have to leave for whatever reason it may be, but to put the whole band to sleep seems a bit… drastic? And it didn’t get any better given that their drummer said he didn’t even see it coming.

It’s all just odd. But well. What can I say. It’s a shame. I was really looking forward seeing them at Skogsröjet, hell, they were one of the bands I was going there for! I always loved seeing Fatal Smile live, they were one of the greatest livebands to date. I have a good deal of great memories with them – everything from Lordi 2009, to Rockweekend, Skogsröjet and the evening at Glada Ankan together with Anna and a few more.

Thanks for all you’ve given us, Fatal Smile, and good luck all of you in the future!

Taken at Rockweekend 2010

// Sara


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Alright folks, as I’ve told you before, changes were gonna happen. And the first change I did was to change my blogname from saradronjak to hammerzmith. I started this blog seven years ago, “together” with a friend (She made a blog, I made a blog) and at the time I was infatuated in Oscar Dronjak from HammerFall so badly I chose to name myself and my blog after him.

Years have passed, and even if I still love both Oscar and HammerFall, I have definitely outgrown the ‘phase’ of naming myself after my favorite rockstars. People who do so – be my guest. It’s nothing wrong with it. I personally felt it was time to move on from it, and by that, also getting my blog in synch with my Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… A lot easier to find me now.

So, from now on, my blog is called . Note that out people!

Thanks you all!

// Sara


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Alright. I just wanna do some heads up.

In the next couple of days, a few changes will be made for this blog, and therefore I might not write at all for a few days. All changes will be announced both here and on other social medias, so hopefully you won’t miss out.


// Sara