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Dippers Guide To The Unexplained

Posted in Uncategorized on April 19, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know, I’ve been looking forward to “Dippers Guide To The Unexplained” ever since “Gideon Rises” aired. I wasn’t really sure WHEN it was ever gonna air, but for some reason I decided to check up on what was in store for us today last night, noticing a good deal of “Dippers Guide…”

I’m not joking. When I saw the name, my heart stopped. I sat here and I was like “WHA WHA WHA WHA WHA WOOOOOO” and pointed at the screen. I kinda do that a lot. FINALLY. Then my heart sank a bit when I saw it was episode 6 airing. What. Have I missed out on it? When it started? No… I …. No…

But gladly…. After a long day working in the stable, I could finally sit down to watch the recorded shorts, only to realize THIS WAS THE PREMIERE. Meaning, I had NOT missed out on the premiere, in fact, I caught it right on time! God damn, there must be a guardian angel or something telling me to notice this things.

And ow. How I’ve longed for new Gravity Falls material. Not only do I miss the sweet prescence of Mabel and Dips on television, I secretly miss hearing the amazing voices. Regardless if you watch GF in Swedish or English, the voices are just… I… Freddy and Jason – Dippers voiceactors… I could sit and listen to them for hours. They could talk complete bullshit, and I would still listen just because I love their voices. I can’t even tell you enough. Oh.

It’s a Regular Show marathon tomorrow, Freddy voices on Regular Show (Mordecai, in case anyone cares). I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

// Sara