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Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright folks, as I’ve told you before, changes were gonna happen. And the first change I did was to change my blogname from saradronjak to hammerzmith. I started this blog seven years ago, “together” with a friend (She made a blog, I made a blog) and at the time I was infatuated in Oscar Dronjak from HammerFall so badly I chose to name myself and my blog after him.

Years have passed, and even if I still love both Oscar and HammerFall, I have definitely outgrown the ‘phase’ of naming myself after my favorite rockstars. People who do so – be my guest. It’s nothing wrong with it. I personally felt it was time to move on from it, and by that, also getting my blog in synch with my Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… A lot easier to find me now.

So, from now on, my blog is called . Note that out people!

Thanks you all!

// Sara