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Tearing Down The Walls – H.E.A.T

Posted in CDs, Uncategorized on April 8, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

As I’ve mentioned before, I got this one on the same time as I got the Dynazty CD, meaning, reaaaally early compared to it’s releasedate. But just as with Dynazty, we’d been asked to wait a little before reviewing, until it was a bit closer to the release date.

When I got the files, neither of the songs had any of their tracknames written on them, nor did they include a tracklist with the press-release, so I’ve spent most of this time listening to the songs without actually knowing what they are called. I still don’t know what they are called when writing this, so yeah. Sorry.

Something I can tell you though, is that I love it. I really, truly, mean it. H.E.A.T is the only band that continuely keeps giving me exactly what I want in a band. If you listen to this CD, more to be precise, track 3, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12, you’ll get a full understand exactly what kind of music I like. Not “something like that”. No.

Exactly like this. Powerful choruses, flooding keyboards, relatable and inspiring lyrics, guitarsolos and Grönwall… that voice. Seriously I’m just sitting here like damn damn damn damn (a la Angelea Preston). I love all about it. The beat in Track 2, the amazing chorus in Track 3, the lyrics of Track 5, the whole number 6 (I swear to God though, I’ve heard this chorus or something similar somewhere else before, and I’m on to you about where), especially the little detail after the chorus… God I love this.

Track 8, was a surprise. I can be quick to judge songs. On based on the intro I was unsure if I’d like the song, but then the verse started…. powerful. I just. I, what, what am I even to say? I don’t even. The chorus. Erik, what a man, again. Track 9… all albums need a ballad, be it a ballad or a powerballad, your choice, whatever I know, this one is perfect. It touched me, it moved something in me. Track 10, all about it. The chorus, the lyrics, the composition, the performance.

Track 12… Possibly my favorite song on the album. This song. This damn fucking song. I can tell you. This song inspires me. I don’t know how to put it better, because it feels like inspired might give you the wrong idea. This song makes me want summer to come quickly. It makes me forget the fact that I’m going to most of the festivals alone, I don’t care of things don’t work out. I don’t care, it let’s go of my worries, becasue, whats the chance that, in 20 years or so, are laughing at tomorrow?

There are three songs that I feel fades a bit compared to the others, Track 1, 7 and 11. They aren’t bad, however, their successor or preceedor just outshone them, I’d say. Damn I love this album.

I’m not sure what more I can add to this. Thank you, truly, H.E.A.T, for once again lighting up our every day life with your fantastic and mindblowing music. Thank you, for album after album giving us the absolute best there is of melodic rock. Thanks H.E.A.T for constantly showing me, us, that you are the best band out there today, when it comes to melodic rock.

Thank you. Truly. This album will be played, and played, and played over and over again here at home until everybody, even the metalheads amongst my friends, loves it.

And they will.

// Sara

Surprise: I looked up the tracklist for you. But I didn’t wanna ruin the feeling when writing. Here it comes:
1. Point of No Return
2. A Shot at Redemption
3. Inferno
4. The Wreckoning
5. Tearing Down The Walls
6. Mannequin Show
7. We Will Never Die
8. Emergency
9. All the Nights
10. Eye for an Eye
11. Enemy in Me
12. Laughing at Tomorrow