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All You Can Eat – Steel Panther

Posted in CDs, Uncategorized on April 2, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Today was the release of Steel Panther’s new record “All You Can Eat”. I’ve really longed for this one to come out, because as you know, Steel Panther in my heart forever. So I was really thrilled (unlike Dynazty, haha haha) when my boss got it in and passed it on.

You may remember that my friends and I set up a pre-listening party in honor of the record in order to listen to it and we had a bit of a discussion about it that I found interesting.

At first listen, I must confess I wasn’t very impressed. It resembled “Balls Out” a lot, which is my least favorite Steel Panther album as of now, so I was a bit quick to judge. But after listening to it a couple of times, to really feel it and hear what they actually sing, the record has grown. A whole lot.

Instead of having like, three songs I like, I now dare to say that I enjoy most of them. The lyrics are hilarious, “She’s on the Rag”, I mean what. The worst part is, I ain’t even surprised they got a song like that. If it was any band to do it, it should be them. The song has come to be one of my favorites, alongside “Burden”.

I have this weird thing where I like certain parts of songs. I’m not overly crazy about “Glory Hole”, but there is a segment in it that makes it worth listening to the whole song. The segment starts at 2:45 in the song. God. I don’t know why, But I just love it.

But, that wasn’t even what we discussed. We discussed this that neither one of us are absolutley CRAZY about a Steel Panther album. I looked through the songlists of “Feel The Steel” and “Balls Out” as I was writing my review, and I noticed that I’ve kind gone into Lordi mode – that sure, I don’t particularly like that song, but I’ve gotten so used to it by now that it’s good.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do love their music. But it’s more that I REALLY LOVE like 3/4 of their songs, and really DON’T like the rest. Or something like that.

We came to the conclusion when we discussed, that a big part of why we love this band is because of their show and their stagepersonas. That it’s absolutely plausible that we wouldn’t be as into this band as we are, if it wasn’t for their stageshow. And when you think about it, isn’t it a little… scary. How important a good stage show can be, in order to get or keep fans.

I never really thought about it that much before. Steel Panther and Lordi are both very theatrical bands, so they’ve always put on quite a show and when seeing bands with less theatrics I never thought about it too much. Hm. Interesting.

Well. The album is indeed getting better after each listening, so if you don’t like it on the first try, give it another one or two. It’ll grow on you.

// Sara
(And don’t you love how it turns out sometimes. I wasn’t excited at all for Dynazty, yet they blew me away. Here, I was excited. And well, yeah.)

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