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Okay. This week has been absurd. First of all, on Tuesday my girls and I had a pre-listening party of Steel Panthers new album over Skype. It was like, 2% listening and 98% hilariousness. On Wednesday I got an email about a job, which I started on Thursday working 11 hours shift for three days in a row. It’s been insane.

Finally today I had some time off at last. I figured I’d take the opportunity to go and, once and for all see “Saving Mr Banks”. I had planned to see it for a long time, but I never got the time to do. Until today. It was all very cool, we were only two people in the whole salon, making it calm and all. I don’t know, I think I have a thing for being alone in the salons.

What can I say about the movie. I loved it. It was a cryfest deluxe, I flipped between crying and laughing at the same time. I don’t even know what more to say about it. But I sure know it was relaxing and much needed. This escape from reality. I love it. I think I might have to make it a thing, to go to the movies like every Sunday or something in order to restore myself mentally.

Who knows. My Elsa cup and I are now gonna go upstairs for some more relaxing and reading. Good old times.

// Sara


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Oh god. I waited for my boss to send it to me, and FINALLY he did. I have yet to listen to it, I’ll do it tomorrow and I’ll let you know what I think. All I can say for now, is that I had a good laugh putting in the titles of thesongs. “Gangbang at the old folks home”… Hahaha these guys. Seriously. I have spent all day doing so much schoolwork that it felt REALLY GOOD to get some good news now at the end of the day.

Oh. Right. This also came today!




I haven’t actually looked in it yet. I’ve decided that I need to catch up on school first, for many reasons. Mainly because I flip flopin need to, but also, it feels good to you know, know that you’re done and then I can sit there and just watch the notes and let my fingers flow over the piano. This is my third book in the collection, having “Hunchback of Notre Dame” and “Phineas & Ferb” previously. Next on my list to get is Hercules and Beauty and The Beast. I hope I can get them soon enough!

But for now. Schoolwork. Right.

// Sara


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Over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed my “ear” for hearing what to be played without a notesheet has gotten better. I’ve never had that before, I’ve never been able to listen to a song and then sit down and play it. But lately, that is exactly what I’ve done.

It all started when I was messing around with Forte and accidently played the line “For The First Time in Forver” (yes that line) and I was like WHOA. What was that. After that it continued. I figured out half the chorus of “Ég a Líf” from Eurovision Song Contest, and the other day, I played the line “The past is in the past” from “Let it Go”.

But what I’m most proud of, is “Vuelie”. I literally just sat down and started playing it. I can’t even explain it to you. It just came to me.

And it’s with mixed feelings I know that I might be recieving my Frozen notesheet book very soon. At that point, it’ll be up to me to see if I got it right, or if it just sounds right. I can barely wait for it. Ihihihihi.

// Sara

Survey for my Englishclass

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Hello all loving people. I need only five more answers for my survey for my Englishclass, would anyone be so kind and help me out?

The survey is about ticket-sales experiences, and it focuses on Swedish sites such as Tickster, Live Nation, Ticnet and Eventim. I do know though, that most of these are active in other countries so if you have ANY experience with either one of these companies, PLEASE be so kind and answer my survey as soon as possible!

Here are the links:
Del 1:
Del 2:

It’s also VERY important that you answer both links, else the answers will be incomplete 😦

Thank you!

// Sara

Hot Boy & Hot Girl

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Sorry for the inactiveness these last couple of days. But they have a reason.


She lives in another country as of now, and it’s been like a year or so since I met her the last time. It’s INSANE how long time it is, and it’s also pretty insane how quick time passes by. I kinda realized that when I sat down to think the other day. God damn it.

Anyway. We had such a blast when she was here. A LOT of talking and A LOT of Top Model. No joke, we almost finished all of Season 17, and only reason we didn’t was because we snatched in a few Season 19 in the middle. And most importantly.

Boda Borg.

It was time for us to finally visit the place again. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth, I’m not fucking joking. I love it. We went there together with Michelle, and we had so much fun. It started off pretty good. Or not. In one of the first quests we did I did the fatal mistake of going down a slide on my knees instead of my butt and that resulted in me smashing my wrists against the wall in order to prevent myself from you know, kissing the wall with my face.

The 2nd thing I manage to do is to fall flat down in “Toughest”, just as I’ve done before, making my ankles sore. And to make that better, I let go of the pole in “Playground” too early, just you know, to feed the soreness even more in my ankles. DAMN IT. I need to slow down a bit and not be so… excited and competitive. Did it end here? Of course not.

The next thing I do, which is probably the biggest, was when I took a leap and jumped off the log in “The Jungle” and managed to get one of the branches of the tree next to the rope RIGHT into my side, right beneath my rib. Seriously. The pain. I climbed up the tree in order to allow Michelle and Paula to come through, and up there I just sat and gasped for air. And then I rose to go the next room, which I failed. Not because of the injury, but because I was exceptionally clumsy today, apparently.

Paula injured her hand / fingers pretty badly in “Maya”, but apart from that, I think both her and Michelle walked away pretty fine. Lucky girls.

Anyway. Since last we were there, they’d opened two new quests, The Warehouse and Playground. And seriously… I think Playground may be my new favorite quest. It was the perfect amount of fun, the perfect amount of difficulty and perfect amount of physical difficulty. And we felt like queens all of us once we nailed it. With risk for sounding a bit egoistic, it’s something that really got to me.

We asked one of the crew there how sensitive the quest was for movements, because you had to lie flat down and get over a pretty unsafe bridge, lying down. And he said “Well, just let your quickest go first”. And it ended up being me, despite us not even nailing the room before this. And once I got on the bridge, I just… it FELT like I just floated over it. Just like that. Swiftly, too. And I don’t know. It kinda got to me. To know that for the first time in forever when it comes to athletic things, I’m actually flip floppin’ good at something.

Either way. Out of 26 quests, we nailed 23. We aimed for 25, but “The Warehouse” nor “Tivoli” wanted to co-operate with us. And on top of that, we had four hours LESS than we usually do, and to almost take down ALL 25 in ‘just’ 6 hours is a new record for us. We’re just getting better.

Afterwards, we went home, ordered a salad each (pretty fed up with pizza after having a nice taco buffé) and watching… Top Model. Of course.

Thanks to BOTH OF you girls! Michelle and Paula, you made the day the BEST EVER!


1 hour in and we got our 4th stamp. Thats an average of 1 stamp/15 minutes. That’s a new record for us. Taken in the “Haunted Mansion”.


Taking a little ‘nap’ after losing and realizing what Playground was all about. I owned this room just a little bit later.


Thanks Girls. Seriously. But next time, we’ll take 26/27 AT LEAST, yes?

// Sara


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Okay, so that must have been like 711891283912 time I use that title. Regardless, as you know, I’ve been preparing as hell for a friend of mine to come by, and in the midst of it, I made sure to update my Lordi wall. It’s far from done, it’s missing a few pictures of me and Lordi, and it’s also missing signed pictures of Hella and Mana. But I like it so far you know.

loppa 010

Say Hi to Perry and Dana & Mark on the same time if you like!

// Sara

Horses sometimes.

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So, I had a shift in the stable again for the first time in forever today. And let me tell you, it was quite an interesting day. It all really began with Cantino and Caligo. After releasing them in their pasture, they start goofing around. Of course they do, they are silly horses!

Anyway, what happens is that Caligo gets up on his hind legs and so does Cantino, and they sort of “face” each other. This ends up with Caligo getting his shoe stuck in the front of Cantinos blanket.

Oh. My. God.

First, the panic. How the FUCK do we solve this? How THE FUCK do you manage to let the hoof go, with both horses being spooked?

Gladly, a few moments after, we heard strings being teared and the front of the blanket, where he was stuck, was torn apart and Caligo was free. However, now came the next problem. Cantino is running around with a broken blanket trying to kick it off. Again, how the fuck do we stop a spooked horse?

Gladly, again, he managed to kick it off without any injuries. And without breaking anything else on the blanket too. We had to be pretty quick going into pasture and take away the broken blanket, as they started to play with it.

Again. Silly horses. Silly, silly horses.

The day ended with Boy jumping the fence and running loose. Apparently that’s a thing he do.

Silly horses.

// Sara