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Spoilers from Frozen may appear in the text below.


AT LAST, Frozen premiered in Sweden. At last. We were a gang of six who’d decided to go together, starting off with a sort of fancy dinner before the movies.

I can also announce here now: The preparations Jennie and I had been working on, was cosplay costumes. Me as coronation-Elsa, and she as Winter Adventure- Anna. But in order to screw a bit with the other, we showed up to dinner dressed as Hans and Jack Frost instead. Because everybody would expect us to be Elsa and Anna. They were quite surprised to say the least to see us show us as Hans and Jack, and Kim pretended for a moment not to know us. Oh well. Kimpis.

We changed into our REAL gear during dinner, and I might just add one thing. With our luck, we were of course extremely late. First of all, we were late leaving Jennie’s place, and then we had to go and pick up Kim on the way. So we literally had to inhale the food and then run to the movies to pick up Frozen-menues. Of course, I had one with Elsa, Jennie with Anna and Jonny went with a Kristoff as he had been given Kristoff as his “character”.

Here’s the deal. We were late. As fuck. So I didn’t go to the bathroom beforehand. And I came to regret this. In the middle of the scene where Olaf tells Anna that certain people are worth melting for, I had to go out of the salon and go to the bathrooms. Just my Luck, eh?

What did I think of the movies then. Well. It was awesome. Of course, it’s a lot weaker than a lot of the older movies we know – the fact they didn’t even kill off Hans BOTHERS ME SO MUCH. And I would’ve liked to have a show-down between Hans and Elsa before he tells her Anna’s dead, just to put in some drama to it. But apart from that – I loved it all. Even the dubbing. Of course, who would’ve thought else. Nassim as Olaf I knew on beforehand would be awesome, and Annika impressed me big time. They did a good job with this movie all of them – voice actors, directors and translators. WELL DONE.

After the movie Emelie shot us at one of the panels, and even a few kids came to have their picture taken! Yes, I do know Elsa doesn’t have the braid down in her Coronationdress, but I ran out of time to pin it up, thanks.


After the movie we joined Martina and Richard on the restaurant Frost (which is also the Swedish title of the movie) for some “after-party” before we all split up. Some of us went home to Jennie for a small gettogether, and by that, Frozen was finally in Sweden.

Slå dig Fri

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I know I’ve written about the Swedish song a bit before, but today the soundtrack was released for real and at last, we could hear the whole thing. Jennie actually woke me up at 8am this morning only to tell me this, so naturally I got in my car and drove up to hers so we could listen to it together.

And well… what are our general thoughts?

Well. First of all, the translations. They are overall good. Some songs are marevellous, some are a little odd. Most of the songs we’d managed to hit RIGHT IN what they’d say, and some we were only a word away from being right. Feels a bit good! The only thing that is a bit weak for me, is the opening of “Slå Dig Fri”. But the rest of the song sorts of makes it up to me.

Also, when listening to this, our suspicions about who would do good as a voiceactor and who wouldn’t, was confirmed. However, I’m choosing not to write out here what we were discussing about this, as we haven’t ACTUALLY SEEN the movie yet, so maybe they’ll do better there.

But yeah. That’s a little bit on that. I’m super busy these days preparing things like crazy. We just ordered the most exciting things, and Friday can’t come soon enough.

// Sara


Lad dem se

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Took a drive for the first time on my own today.

It was snowing. “Lad det ske” was the song I chose to play as the very first song, and on my way to Jenn… I mean Anna, I drove by many “Frozen” posters.
It was all so perfect.


It’s coming. At last. It’s Frozen week now, prepare to hear a LOT of Frozen now.

// Sara


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The last week has been insane. Just, completely, insane. I don’t even know where they time went, nor how I survived but here I am trying carefully not to drive myself insane while planning out my studycourse. It’s not all fun and games as people may think, but I can go the distance.

But most importantly, yesterday, when I came home, I noticed I had gotten a package. My first instinct was that it was the Elsa shirt I ordered off Disney Store, when I noticed the shipper was Paula. With gifts and the sweetest letter ever. And you know what she got me?



pauli 015



The Hella shirt is a little big, but I ain’t crying! Got some wicked ideas for it, but I gotta plan carefully.

Today I also heard another set of lyrics of the Swedish “Let it Go”, “Slå dig Fri”, “Visa ingenting, vad du än gör, allt är är förstört!” Amazement. The Swedish lyrics come off pretty rough, adding the “Jag lämnar allt som var, förkastar [..]”. It will be well interesting!

Well, I need to get back to studying. And admiring my new Hella top. Seriously Paula, THANKS!

// Sara

I’d do anything for love, but I won’t do that

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THINGS ARE INSANE NOW. I realized I haven’t blogged in FOREVER, but guess what, I have a BILLION of exams to past the next few days, and I’ve been studying and doing a lot of shit like CRAZY. Also, Frozen tickets was released today. FINALLY. For the first time in forever!

But to make up for that, I’ll give you some of my fave shots throughout the years. That I can access at the moment. Yes, I ripped them from my deviantArt, hence why some of them might have a dA logo on them. Of course, this doesn’t need to be repeated, but I will anyway: The pictures belong to me, and me alone unless I’ve given you written permission to use them.






Yeah. So, first picture is Amen. Shot in Stockholm 2009. Second picture is Blade, from Fatal Smile, shot in Mohed 2010. Third is Lexxi Foxx, shot at Sweden Rock pressconferance in 2012. Fourth one, Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) shot in Mohed 2010, and last, as you may recognize with his mirror, is Lexxi Foxx again, shot in Oslo 2012.

Wow, time sure passes by. I kinda have this vision that it’d be cool sometime in the future you know to print posters of these pics to have all around your apartment, or perhaps framed you know. Oh well. I need to get an apartment first. And a job. Yeah, that goes first. Or perhaps my degree goes first. I don’t even know anymore.

All I know is that I have Meatloaf killing my speakers and a raspberry smoothie in my Megara mug. Yes. Good old times.

NP: I’d Do Anything For Love (But I won’t do that) – Meatloaf

// Sara


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It feels like the days have been turned around completely. Currently working a few shifts for Academic, and unlike before, we now work evenings, which has its benefits in one way, but since we work far away from home, we get home REALLY late in the night. But you know, we visited the store I helped build last summer, so I’m not complaining!

But you know, I can’t complain too much since this little baby popped into my mailbox yesterday:

poppis 011

You can’t really see the logo of the CD, but I suppose you all know by the title of the CD what it is – that’s right, “British Invasion” DVD by Steel Panther. However, I don’t really enjoy watching DVD’s all by myself, I rather do it you know, together with a friend or two and watch it together, almost like a concert you know. Because. That’s what it is. And gladly, I’ve already got myself a British Invasion date with a friend of mine. SO EXCITED.

I also got some plans for some upcoming shows now that certain things have started to work out. Whooo! For the first time in forever (seewhatididtherefrozenfans?) it feels like things are working out. At last.

// Sara

Photobooth dorkiness

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Here’s the rest of the pictures from the Photobooth challenge, or, since we couldn’t actually record it, it’s more like Photobooth dorkiness, starring Elsa and Belle with cameos of others!

pb2    pb6  pb8 pb9 pb10  pb12 pb13 pb14 pb15  pb17 pb18 pb19 pb20

// Sara

New Years Eve at Jennies

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So this year, we spent New Year’s at Jennies, where she hosted a Disney dress up party! Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned, but all those preparations I’ve been talking about, have been making my costume. So who was I then? Well, I was Elsa! You know, from the (in Sweden) up and coming movie Frozen! If you’re like, anywhere else in the world, the movie has already been released, but not in Sweden!

elsaaa 003

This is literally what I’d sit and do for hours and hours. But I was so pleased with the result! Sadly, I seem to have no actual picture of the whole dress, but oh well. It might come!

How about the others then? Well. Jennie dressed up as Belle, Jonny as the Beast, Daniel as Flynn Rider, Jimmie as Milo (Atlantis ykno!), Martina as Magica De Hex and Richard as King Richard from Robin Hood. It was well fun all of it!

What is there to say about the evening, well, not a whole lot but also a lot! We had a Disney quiz which I hosted, I don’t even remember who’s the winner, probably team Cinderella or team Ariel. Or possibly Team Aurora. No seriously, I have no idea at all! The night continued on in good mans company with some Spin the Bottle, Photobooth challenge and Turth or Dare. Sadly, I don’t have any of the Photobooth pictures here with me, but I’ll upload them as soon as Jennie sends them!

All in all, it was a great night. Thanks everybody!

jenniesnewyears 002

jenniesnewyears 004

jenniesnewyears 006

jenniesnewyears 015

jenniesnewyears 018

jenniesnewyears 019


Happy New Year folks!