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Primal Perry

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m so excited and stoked. It’s 10 minutes until Primal Perry premieres on DisneyChannel. I can’t wait, I literally can’t wait.

I was unsure how long we’d have to wait until both “Sidetracked” and “Primal Perry” would come, and now they are already here both of them! I fear though, that Mission Marvel pt 2 will have it’s premiere next week, meaning Mission Month is over once and for all. And I don’t like that idea. At all.

But on the bright side: Something called “Perrysodes” will start airing on DisneyXD starting on Monday at 16:00, instead of Take Two with Phineas&Ferb. After doing some swift research, it seems to be something like Perry’s big or fun moments. But yeah, I didn’t investigate it too much, because I might just accidently spoil myself if I do.

Okay. Ten minutes. I should go gather all the dip and crisps and what not. This is going to be awesome.

// Sara