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Why should I worry?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

This has been a great weekend. So, this summer we planned to go to Boda Borg, but we never really got away due to reasons, but yeah mainly because of work haha. But now, at last, and together with yet another friend of our we got on the way.

It was so great to be back. To be in the house, amongst all the quests, or, as they call it, “reality gaming” and just to run around there and choose what game to take next. If I don’t recall wrong we started off with “Maya”, oddly enough. I guess I’ve gotten so used to them that I aren’t too scared of them anymore.

But, something nice to see since we were there the last time, is that both the Farm and the Mummy quests had been updated, and they were more fun than ever. Must say I almost had a heartattack when the chicken noise started after we finished the challenge.

AND NOT TO FORGET. For the first time ever, with some brains, as Baljeet puts is, we got Bootcamp. We finished fucking Bootcamp. I feel so happy about it.

Although, the most fun, always happens in the rooms afterwards. Where we ate dinner, where Michelle didn’t even get her dinner at first, and I got fries on my pizza and what not…. And when Emelie got the idea of mummifying Kim and they ran around the whole room and he throwing spit out marshmallows at her… dance parties… you name it! It was a blast. And even though we had the exact same room as last time, it was the best. I can’t wait to get back. But not until the new quest is built.




Thanks for this weekend guys!

// Sara