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Olly Murs

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on October 16, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Like I mentioned some days back, I had planned to see Olly Murs in Stockholm. Haha, funny, isn’t it? planned to see. As if I didn’t see him. But I did, but for a while it seemed like I wouldn’t.

5 o Clock traffic delaying the bus. Long walk to the hotel. Checking in.

The receptionist at the hotel actually recognized me from when I stayed there when going to Bon Jovi. How amazing isn’t that. I love it. I’m sure as hell going back to that hotel, no doubt.

Getting ready for the show. I had big plans on what to wear, but being in a bad mood, which I am a lot lately, I settled with an overzied Mickey Mouse shirt tucked into skin-tight jeans with a conchobelt and black Converese copies. After all, DisneyChannel was the place I discovered Olly Murs at, so Mickey sure do the trick.

Getting to the arena, getting completely lost at Gullmarsplan. Seriously, I went the wrong way twice. Eventually I found my way. I was so late even the security had gone inside. Gladly, the only thing I missed was the supportact, Ulrik Munther which I didn’t want to see that much anyway.

Placed far in the back. Or perhaps more in the middle. A bit away from the stage, regardless. When he began with “Army Of Two”… it felt like the world, or the universe disappeared. “Dance with me Tonight” will always be my number one song by him, and letting go of everything in that song, dancing the night away, or at least how it felt like, is exactly my kind of medicine. It’s a shame I didn’t have enough courage to dance with the guy in front of me, his friend didn’t fancy doing it him. Oh well. You live and you learn, right? The climate in the room though. How everything floated, dancing with him in “I’ve Tried Everything”… Oh my goodness.

I’m not gonna write a full length about this. I’ve sort of lost my touch with writing about concerts, not sure why, but I sure felt like I was in the Right Place, the Right Time, right there, at Arenan, with Olly Murs, the band, and a lot of other fans. Watching an amazing performer singing some of the absolute most feel good songs you could ever imagine.

Thanks Olly, for one of the most perfect nights of my life.


Oh I might add. I actually forgot my camera at home. Yap. The person who usually always make sure I always have my camera with me, actually forgot it. I even had the camera charger, but not the camera. Hence the quality. But you know, who cares.

Army of Two / Dance With Me Tonight / Personal / I’ve Tried Everything / Hand on Heart / Hey you Beautiful / I’m Ok / Oh My Goodness / Loud & Clear / One of these Days / Superstitious / Please Don’t Let Me Go / Dear Darling / Right Place Right Time / Heart Skips a Beat / Troublemaker

“So this is what it feels like, being at the right place the right time”

// Sara