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Posted in Gravity Falls, Uncategorized on August 28, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

After a long hiatus, Gravity Falls is finally back on Disney Channel Scandinavia. For one episode. Summerween. Why on EARTH they’d want to air only one episode I fail to understand, but there’s probably some deep logic buried in that. Or not. Oh well.

Just as for “Where’s Perry?” we, my platypus and I, figured we needed some big sort of celebration, said and done. Since it’s Gravity Falls and it’s mystery and shit, we brought out Cinderella as our houseguest when it came to tablecloth, cause I mean lets face it – midnight theme is a whole lot better than pink princesses or Phineas&Ferb’s Backyard Beach.

I had been downtown earlier and picked up new candles and also glass-jars to have them in.

We later got home, set everything up, Bill Cipher paying a visit (Seriously GF fans – we are WELL aware of who he is and what he does, we’re merely celebrating the premiere, aye?) and for mood music. It was… magical. Or perhaps mysterious fits better.

greavity 026

Or as Alex called it – snackrifice. Yes, the little fangirl in me fangirled over getting noticed by Alex. THE Alex. Whop!

Oh well, continuing onto “Summerween” as an episode. To be fair, we were a bit uncertain at first if they were really going to air “Summerween” – I mean, do you remember the time when they accidently aired “Just Desserts” on Phineas&Ferb, or even better, when they switched airdates on “Time Travellers Pig” and “Irrational Treasure”? No wonder it never made sense what they said before the episodes.

But gladly, they didn’t mess up with time. They did indeed air Summerween, and I’m just in love with it. It was good. I’m not sure, what I’m going to say here. It wasn’t exceptionally good like for instance “Fight Fighters” or “Little Dipper” but everything can’t be perfect, right? Although, I’m more than in love with the ending sequences of Waddles. I love Waddles. We watched “Little Dipper” right afterwards, since we failed to see it during Skogsröjet. That episode on the other hand, had us screaming. In frustration. I nearly flipped the table when Dipper and Mabel fought over who to be first. Seriously. Goddamnit.

Oh well. That’ll be all for now, I’ll see yah all later!

// Sara