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This is your backstory

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith


There is one Phineas&Ferb episode that has been bugging me. A lot. Most of the episodes were always listed under “One copy, awaiting a 2nd” and all but two episodes have been caught.

But then we have that ONE episodes that has been lying under “Never Recorded”.

This is your Backstory.

As it is a double-episode like “Chronicles of Meap” or “Meapless in Seattle”, the faith on seeing it soon were pretty low. It also had it’s premiere not too long ago, so the hopes of seeing it any time soon.

But while looking through yesterday, on what episodes was the be recorded I noticed “S3e100”. Which, if I had remembered correctly, to be “This is your Backstory”.

And it was.

At LAST, AT FUCKING LAST, can I take away that one little episode lying there like a bitch and move it “One copy” line. Together with no episodes, depending on how quick “Hawaiian Vacation” comes on.

When I’m done with this shit I better start chasing “Fight Fighters” before the Gravity Falls episodes gets so many you can’t follow.

// Sara