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Skogsröjet part 2

Posted in Uncategorized on July 31, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Oh sweet Jesus. Haven’t blogged a single thing about anything, but I’m totally blaming that on the job I had. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, just though you should know.


This year, we travelled with a van. No more uncomfortable trainrides, no more vomited busrides. Michelle came and picked up after work, and we literally threw everyhing in the van without organization. I have now a blueprint at home to prevent this from happening in the future, but oh well.

röjet 002

We arrived pretty late at the festival and got, if you ask me, the most perfect parkingspots ever. The first thing we did was to, of course, get our ribbons, but after that, set up the van to perfection. Or at least close to perfection.

röjet 007

After it was done we could finally sit down, plug in our stereo and start blasting Lordi-songs. As the spoiled brats that we are, we also had our own internet with us, so of course it was internet time! And soiled subway sandwiches. What else! But like I said, it was pretty late so we went to bed rather quickly in order to get up in time the next day.


I think this picture says it all

röjet 017

Michelle had already during Crucified Barbara passed out due to the heat, so afterwards we figured we’d get ourselves stoked in order not to pass out ’til Lordi. I mean, imagine that…



Well, what need I say? It’s Lordi you know. Even though the setlist was a bit boring, it’s still Lordi, and it always makes me happy to see them, and even how weird it might sound, it made me proud, proud to see them in Sweden.



I don’t need to say anything more than this. Me, Paula, Hanna, Michelle and Ludvig all got to meet Lordi at Skogsröjet and that is just… amazement. It’s a shame Amen was sick, though.


*Lita Ford was good, despite being so fucking late.



It’s always pleasurable to watch H.E.A.T. Erik Grönwall got such an energy that just makes you incredibly happy. The setlist was just fine, although I miss a few songs.


Apparently, this is only the third time I see them, it always feels like more, but apparently not. It was major fun seeing the Helsinki vampires again, and I literally died on the inside when they played “Dance D’Amour”. Favorite song, always.


Seriously this one. So, earlier we tried to watch the Gravity Falls episode “Little Dipper”, since we hadn’t seen it before or anything. For this we of course had crisps and dip. But, my computer, being the major dick she is, of course shut down the episode in the middle of it. So we figured we’d stuck all the dip we had left under the car, yes UNDER THE VAN. And then we left to see the shows. After The 69 Eyes, we went back, only to find our dip standing by the side of the road. Neatly. And all the dip was eaten.

röjet 169

I mean

come on


Someone, apparently.


We ended the whole festival with Dee Snider and Twisted Sister. There’s seriously no other band that can give you so much energy and is more perfect to end a festival. Seriously, perfection!



So this was the day for us to go home. Everything was packed, and we were ready to go.

Or not at all.

It came to our understanding that the car battery had died. Oh shit.

To our big relief, Lordi’s bandhost lived in the house right next to our bandspot, and thanks to him and his friends, we could get away! Thank you Henrik, thank you so much!

We went to Norrköping at first for me to meet up with someone special and Michelle to meet up with her grandma. After some time in the town, it was time for us to finally say good bye for this time and start our long road home.

Or not entirely. On the way home we decided to stop by at Sofia’s house and say hi. I haven’t met her in ages, so that was fun!

So yeah. I guess this sums it up pretty good. I’m sorry for the messy writing, but I also believe this is the best I could do for the moment.

Thanks to Michelle, Paula, Hanna, Ludvig, Robex, Erik, Sofia, Henrik, Mark and Lordi for everything! Hope to see you soon again!


Posted in Uncategorized on July 26, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

So finally, last night we reached our destionation of Skogsröjet, currently sitting in our van where we just go our internet set up. We’re blasting Lordi from our small speakers, and “battling” with the guy blasting Mötley Crüe next to us. Tonight is Lordi night, basically the band we came for. We’re soon about to hit up the festival area for the first band for the day, which will be Toxic Rose.

I want to write so much more, but I can’t think of what to write at the moment.. Sorry. I’ll see if I find out something more tonight.


// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’ve spent most of the day today with my platypus, walking around town looking for and at stuff. A few days ago we decided to give it a go to make our own Gravity Falls actionfigures, which has of course escalated to us wanting to do more, like pins, and decorating our clothing a lot further and so on. And I even got some plans on making certain pieces of clothing that doesn’t quite exist in my size. I need to find myself a notebook somewhere so I can write it all down, to make sure I don’t forget about it when time has come, you know.

I’m just so excited to start this, I always want to make stuff, yet I always figures this out when it’s “too late”. Fuck that, you know. I also decided to wash my denim-jacket today and had to remove all the “loose” parts and order a couple of new flags since I lost some on one of the Lordi gigs… It really helped inspire the DIY spirit.

Apart from that… She’s seriously the best. On her way home from Gothenburg she went through all the trouble and got me a Perry the Platypus activity-book. WHO DOES THAT? Seriously? I’m forever grateful to her for that. Seriously, she’s the best. Thanks again, meh platypus!

lol 118

// Sara



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I have my The Sims 3 playing right next to me. It’s Winter time, my sim-baby is now a toddler and just screaming the hell out of everything. I lost the rhythm for the parents, but it’s alright.

You know why?

Because my platypus and I just made plans. A lot of plans. Not anytime soon, but far off in the future. Or more like, in a year or two. And you know, it might seem drastic to make plans so far ahead, but this was something we talked about right after our Italy trip. And now we’ve decided we’re really gonna work for it, and start save up for it already now. Because in that case, first of all, we will have all the money we need. And if we plan it a long time ahead, it’s easier for us to plan out what to do while there.

And I’m so excited about it. It’s things like this that makes it easier to look for a job. Because you know, you got a motivation. You got something to look forward too. I have difficulty seeing just “Oh, I can move away from home if I work a while!” No. I need something sooner, something that I know will be fun.

And that’s travelling. Sitting on a train, waiting in an airport, flying in a plane, arriving in a new country you’ve never been to, meeting up with your friends from other countries and going to a hotel far off in the warm winds that blows. To spend all days and all nights with your best friends, to have fun and just enjoy everything. To see things. To discover things-

But most of all, it’s the whole thing of being together. All of us. That’s why I can barely even wait for this to happen.

I really hope people will join. Or I’ll kill them or something.

// Sara

Made Me Realize

Posted in Uncategorized on July 12, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

I promise you I’ll get better at this. From now on, I WILL improve.

Alright, so what’s new. Not a whole lot. I got a job that starts next week. It’s a temporary position, but it’s better than nothing! For once in quite some time I’m not fearing not being able to afford the Lordi action figures when they come. I’m really looking forward to these, literally DYING to have these. I hope they won’t be delayed.

Talking about actionfigures, do you know what actionsfigures or how to put it, I really want?

Doofenshmirtz, 2nd Dimension version.

Seriously, that is probably the only figure that I’ve been longing for for a VERY long time. I have a few standing by my stereo of Belle, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Clopin and Aladdin. I’d KILL to have them accompanied by 2nd Dimensions Doof. And then I’m dying for 2nd Dimensions Phineas & Ferb. Almost any character 2nd Dimension, because the 2nd Dimension are truly badass. A few more princesses wouldn’t hurt either – you know like Aurora.

But there’s also another set of figures that I’d die for.

Gravity Falls characters.

More precisely, Dipper, Mabel, Stanford, Gideon and Bill Cipher. It’s an odd mix I know, but these are some of my favorites. Okay, Bill hasn’t actually appeared yet, and definitely not in Sweden, but he intrigues me. So yes. The problem with Gravity Falls is that they don’t even exists, and even if they did I’m not sure how many of these characters would be out.

So I’m just blatantly planning to make these myself somehow. I’ll see if they turn out good, but I sure hope so.

Okay. My The Sims 3 (Seasons!!) is starting now. Gonna play it through, and when time comes, I’ll finally install Island Paradise.

// Sara

This is your backstory

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith


There is one Phineas&Ferb episode that has been bugging me. A lot. Most of the episodes were always listed under “One copy, awaiting a 2nd” and all but two episodes have been caught.

But then we have that ONE episodes that has been lying under “Never Recorded”.

This is your Backstory.

As it is a double-episode like “Chronicles of Meap” or “Meapless in Seattle”, the faith on seeing it soon were pretty low. It also had it’s premiere not too long ago, so the hopes of seeing it any time soon.

But while looking through yesterday, on what episodes was the be recorded I noticed “S3e100”. Which, if I had remembered correctly, to be “This is your Backstory”.

And it was.

At LAST, AT FUCKING LAST, can I take away that one little episode lying there like a bitch and move it “One copy” line. Together with no episodes, depending on how quick “Hawaiian Vacation” comes on.

When I’m done with this shit I better start chasing “Fight Fighters” before the Gravity Falls episodes gets so many you can’t follow.

// Sara


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Seriously, this is bad, but I’m so excited right now that I don’t even know where to turn, so of course, my blog would be a good idea.

Today I managed to catch “Phineas Birthday Clip-o-Rama” and “Phineas&Ferbensteins Monster” (I realize this is the Swedish title rather than the english, but you get it) so now I only have TWO MORE EPISODES before being… almost done.

I still miss “This is my Backstory” and a 2nd copy of “Christmas Vacation” the 33 minutes version (Though I realize this one won’t come on until Christmas), but knowing that I will most likely catch “Hawaiian Vacation” tomorrow, leaving it only “Busted At Last” left. Which I  have only missed due to laziness, it’s aired two times the last weeks, I just didn’t get around to do it.

I also noticed, that the more you put into actually recording these, the quicker you get them all. I did some quick cleaning to achieve some space, and made sure to check what episodes was to be aired, and BAM. They are being quickly reduced.

The only thing I miss now is “Fight Fighters” in English. I might have to pick up on chasing that Episode now, but I sense it might air tomorrow. And I also hope to God no more episodes after “Little Dipper” has aired, because in that case I missed them. Same with Phineas&Ferb. I’ve paid 0 attention to whether here are new out or not. BAD ON ME.

I just focused on life I guess.

I’m just gonna go back to note out what number each Gravity Episode has.

// Sara

A Very Perry Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized on July 3, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah, lovely title huh?

The episode is currently playing on my TV, on my DVD. Looking through all the episodes FOR REAL now. You know, to check for glitches or whatever. To clear out, and REALLY check on what episodes are recorded and not, especially now that they air Phineas&Ferb fairly often.

Else from that I don’t have a lot to say. Working on a lot of schoolprojects. Literally dying in projects.


Oh well.

Phineas&Ferb it is!

// Sara