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Ding Dong

Posted in Phineas&Ferb, Uncategorized on May 26, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

Sweet Jesus. Haven’t been blogging for AGES. Just didn’t want to I guess.

Looking through my Gravity Falls episodes at the moment. Never thought that moment would come, but now it’s here. Since they are not very many at the moment, I’ve decided to burn them onto DVD’s in chronological order, but I wanna make sure they are OK before I burn them. You know, no silence, no glitches etcetera. I haven’t checked them for this before, probably because I can’t recall EVER seeing Gravity glitch, while I’ve seen it happen LOADS on Phineas&Ferb. And when I’m done I’ll delete the swedish backup.

Why this, you may wonder.


Next week, or this week since you probably read this on Monday, is Phineas and Ferb week. They are it for two hours every day, except from Friday where they air it for five hours. These weeks are perfect because 1) Loads of Phineas 2) Bigger chance to catch the missing episodes. I should have prepared better for this, but oh well. As long as I can get two hours ready for tomorrow, It’s ok.

Talking about that, I have sooo many things I haven’t watched yet.

Like, “My Sweet Ride”, “Just Desserts” for Phineas&Ferb and “Little Dipper” (I think it is) for Gravity Falls. Okay, that was less than I thought… Wow, I just realized they weren’t even supposed to air “Just Desserts” oh my god, I love when this happens!

So I just decided now that I’ll save them. I have a few exams coming up in the near future, and I might as well save them for when I’m done with the exams, to party a bit you know (Yes, I party by watching new Phineas episodes!). What a celebration.

Yeah… Ok. I should go through my episodes now. I need to study real hard for the exams so no time to do this tomorrow…

Fly On The Wall

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A week later after the two winterthemed episodes it was time to get back to the looong summervacation that’s been going on for some years, as Doofenshmirtz joked about. But then again, what have we said about breaking the fourth wall?

Once again, this contains spoilers.

So first of all I noticed the picture change in the background, you know the pictures that floats behind Phineas&Ferb at the end of the titletrack? In case you didn’t know, they change for every season, and I was really excited to see what pictures they’d do for Season 4. I don’t remember EVERY picture, but they had images from “The Remains of the Platypus”, “Excaliferb” and “Across The 2nd Dimension”.

And talking about the 2nd Dimension. Not sure if you know, but my favorite Phineas&Ferb track happens to be “Summer (Where do we begin?)” and I was THRILLED to hear this song make, a very short, comback in this episode. Okay, Iz, Jeet and Buford doesn’t pull it off as well as Phineas, but then again, how could they.

Well, over all, I think it was a fine episode. It IS rather hilarious how they turn Candace into a fly but… yeah. I’m not gonna write lenghtly about what happens, if you wanna know, you should just watch it. It isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s a good start on the fourth season of the summervacation!


// Sara

Happy New Year

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Yeah, this is coming rather late, but better late than never, right?

Either way. A week after “For Your Ice Only”, as on order, “Happy New Year” had it’s premiere too. Am I the only one who think the timing is awful? Who has the premiere of a New Years episode in April? Apparently Scandinavia. Oh well, I’m not gonna get caught up in that.

This was another winter-themed episode, and I just love the new intro.

And of course, this contains spoilers.

I have very mixed feelings about the episode. Over all it’s a good episode, although some of the animation at times pisses me off. At some frequences it looks like a cheap sequel to Aladdin, not sure why this is happening, but there’s probably a reason behind it…. And then we have the moment that I’ve raged about for ever since the episode was released in the US. The opening scene, when they talk about traditions on New Years, and Isabella couldn’t have been more obvious to Phineas when she LOOKS HIM IN THE EYE and says you kiss someone special on New Years.

And he’s all like, Oh yeah, then I know what we’re gonna do tonight! And then he’s like, “We’re gonna do a New Years Ball”. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Isabella crushed like this, but oh well… It’s Phineas. A smarmy little sh*tbag. And later on it you see Ferb dance alone. Perhaps Isabella should just go to him you know.

But apart from these things, there were a lot cute things too. LindaxLawrence action, Canderemy action and some PerryxDoof action, or more, they danced happily together. I always smile a little when I see PerryxDoof in a more friendly matter than arch enemies. And of course there was a few sweet Phinebella moments, but they aren’t evened out by the previous events.

And Gagnam Style. G A G N A M S T Y L E.


Also love how Perry just goes in the door, Doof reminds him of the dresscode and he leaves only to come back with a suit. Hahaha.

This became rather messy, but oh well.

// Sara


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This is just insane.

It feels like we JUST got home from Italy, when we learn that …


And not only did me and Michelle do it, but all of our friends who applied did! This couldn’t be better!

I’m just gonna continue playing The Sims and die a little inwardly. Oh my god! This is so great. Just when the summervacation couldn’t get better, it just did!

// Sara

Italy diaries, part ten

Posted in Italy 2013, Uncategorized on May 6, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

So yeah. We didn’t get home. An accident had occured somewhere halfway to Lund, so we had to go back to Malmö to take a bus to Lund where we could continue on with the train. But due to the chaos, we missed the train. So after an hour on phone with SJ, they gave us a ride to Gothenburg, a night at a hotel and then back home the next day. What a trip.

But at last we did make it home. And despite it’s downpeaks, This has been the trip of a life time. I’m so happy we did this, and I can’t wait to do it all over again sometime! I wanna thank Michelle and Argo so much for putting up with me and doing this with me, and I wanna thank Lordi, their crew, Reverse Grip and Coleterall Damage for this fantastic tour! Thank you so much!

italienlilla 811

// Sara

Italy diaries, part nine.

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Yesterday night as a fantastic night, and to make it even better, we got to sleep in a lot the next day. We weren’t gonna catch any planes, and the only thing on our agenda today was some shopping, and then I really mean only some shopping. And some sightseeing, of course.

The weather wasn’t all that great though – I believe we got the fantastic weather in Rome, and now came the rain. Although, I can’t be too upset about it. It was kinda nice to have it a little chilly after the warm days. Any way, at the metro-change-station we found this little piece.

italienlilla 724

The first thing we did was to visit to Duomu.


Fantastic building.  After this we hit up a book/music/toy/movie store in which we could spend ages… I’m not even sure for how long we walked around in there, must have been quite some time. The only thing we, or I, came out with though, was a Belle and a Flynn Rider figurine. DON’T JUDGE ME.

After this we hit up the long loved Disney Store to pick up the items we’d checked out yesterday, which was plastic glasses with four of the Princesses for me and a memorygame with the princesses. I’m gonna be the lousiest friend and tell you upright that I have no clue what Michelle got.

inköp 002

All of a sudden, Clopin’s got a rival. Yes, these pictures are taken after we came home, by the way.

inköp 003inköp 004

inköp2 001

After finishing our swift shopping tour, we met up with Argo and had the last Italian dinner for this time, and headed home to pack. We weren’t out for a long time, but we had to leave for the airport at 4am already, and we figured we’d try to get some actual sleep this time. But packing wasn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when all you wanted was to stay put. Sooner or later however, things got packed and we went to bed.

The next morning we got up early to chase a taxi, get to the trains, and to the airport, where we met up with Argo again, because he didn’t take the train like we did, so he came a little later. We boarded the plane, got to Copenhagen and boarded a train from there and got…

Not home.

But that’s another story.

// Sara