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Italy diaries, part six. LORDI SHOW.

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The arena was placed pretty close to the hotel – or well, about two kilometers away, but close enough for us to walk, and a rather easy way to walk too. Pretty much just straight ahead.

Sometimes, we must be the dumbest people on earth. So, we reached the final street we should walk down on, and we started to worry if we had gone the wrong way. We stand there, for quite a while, before we just look up, like, two meters up, and see this fantastic sign.

italy4 106

We really need to pay more attention.

It was a bit of a walk from that sign down to the actual queue. To spice it up a little we cheated death by walking on a small fence with cement road on one side and stinging nettle on the other side. After a little while, or well, it did feel like a long while, but I guess it wasn’t, we reached the queue. It was only about six people in the queue, which, in my opinion, is a bit low considering it was only an hour or two until they opened.

We figured we’d look for the box office immediately  but after asking around a bit, we realized it was harder than we thought. A bunch of other people was going there too, but had no idea where it was. A guy finally explained to us after some time, but then we noticed it wasn’t even opened yet. So we walked up and down the walk next to the arena until we decided it would be better for both of us if we got something to eat. And luckily for us, we did not only find a pizza place, but a pizza place that sold slices! We were a bit worried we’d have to buy an entire pizza when we just wanted something little, but this solved everything perfectly, if you ask me.

So dinner’s done, then it was time to head back to the place. It was a pretty harmonic place to walk at.

italienlilla 692

Well, I don’t know what to say. We stood there, talked to a few fellas, people got crowded… After some time the doors opened, and gladly, so did the box office so we got in. Delayed, but we got in. The first thing we did was to hit up merchandise. Hella had posted some of the merchandise on her twitter, and I had spotted a pretty interesting “Candy For the Cannibal” shirt (CftC being one of my favorite tracks off AWCA), although it turned out to be a whole dress! Still liked it a lot, so I got it. I’m so happy. I don’t know why, but I’ve started to become more restrained with bandshirts. I don’t buy as many anymore, and I’ve gotten really picky with prints… Anyway.

After spending some money in the booth we went down to the stage. It was a pretty small stage, and despite us coming in late for various reasons, and hitting merch and bathrooms, we made it to second row. And Orion wasn’t a particularly big club. It was something like On The Rocks in Helsinki, or a little smaller Klubben in Stockholm. I wasn’t even sure if Lordi would fit on stage, and some of their props didn’t (such as Hella’s Scarbie box). Oh well, that happens.

After some waiting, the first warm-up band entered the stage. For this night, it was a band called Collateral Damage. I don’t have all that much to say about them, I didn’t particularly like the music style, but if we look away from that, the band played really well and they were very energetic, and connected well with the audience, despite it being not very big. They played about 30 minutes before they left to give the stage to the next support band, Reverse Grip.

This band, on the other hand, I really liked the music and therefore paid a little, tiny bit more attention. Just as the previous one, they played well and their charismatic singer truly put on a great show, great audience connection. I think this band could have quite a future.

But. Now, at last, Lordi was to start. Almost exactly on time, “God of Thunder” started. I still wonder what this is all about, to be honest. I can guess it’s Mr L’s favorite KISS track, but I never saw how it served as an opening track. Sabaton using “The Final Countdown” had a much better effect than this does, especially when Lordi got many fantastic openings (SCG4!! SCG4!!)

Either way. After “God of Thunder”, SCG6, Otus Butcher Clinic, started and first out on stage was Hella and Mana and despite the place being so small, the crowd cheered loudly. After them OX, Amen and finally, Mr L came and they started with “We’re not bad for the Kids (We’re Worse)”. Right after this, they continued on with “Bringing Back The Balls to Rock”.

This, I don’t understand. First of all, these two songs wear out each other a lot in the first place, being rather similar (just as “Candy for the Cannibal” and “The Chainsaw Buffet”) so one of them should, in my opinion of course, have been excluded immediately  I knew this was coming as I had seen the setlist from before, but I still that maybe it works. But guess what, it doesn’t. Not entirely. And I don’t even understand why they put them after each other, it makes it even worse. But then again, who am I to complain.

“The Riff” followed these songs and… I don’t get it with the little devil coming out. What’s up with that. Ok, I get it, “So the devil’s out of touch blablablabla…” But I mean come on. A girl coming out in some mask, that Mr L high fives in the face and dashes? Of course, I do realize these things have to do with a budget and all, but where is the creativity we saw during “The Arockalypse” or “Deadache”? Perhaps I’m being too hard on them, but you know. They used to have all these theatrical things and now it’s… not so much anymore.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” was next, and then… “Blood Red Sandman”.  Prior to this song, OX had his little moment, which they’ve changed from beating, to ripping Quasimodo’s arm to what he does today, where he has a guy who is to be executed. I think the routine is done very well, there are small things I miss (like blood on the knife) but these are details and only details.

“Schizo Doll” was up next, sadly without Hella’s routine, which surprised me, but oh well.What can one do about it! But Hella oh my god. What a fantastic lady! Or well, bandmember. I truly think she’s one of the best things that have happened to Lordi in a very long time. No matter what – if Mr L was just talking or they were playing, she was always SO in character. All of a sudden she’d just launch over the keyboard and stare the hell out of you out of nowhere or stand and shake and what not. Amazing.  Just, amazing.


“ZombieRawkMachine”/”This is Heavy Metal” medley, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “It Snows In Hell” was ripped off before it was time for the second newcomer, Mana, to have his little moment. He didn’t do his trick though, but he did pull of quite some drum solo! Really impressive. For me, that is. If not else, it was nice to see him in action!


“Supermonstars” was the next song on the setlist, to appear after Mana’s solo and… I’m so happy about it. I’ve always wanted to hear “Supermonstars” live, and since they didn’t play it during the Arockalypse tour, I thought it would never happen. But here we are, at Orion in Rome, Italy, hearing the marvelous song played live. Fantastic.

After this song, it was time for another new song, “I’m The Best”. I’m not exactly the happiest person about these kinds of songs, and even less when they play them live too (especially for a band like Lordi) but it was at least… sort of fun to watch Mr L being crowned to Miss Lordi. Or whatever it was. Interesting, to say the least!

Now, it was Amen’s time to shine. A guitar solo next to a big spinning wheel, also known as the “Wheel of Torture”. I wished the wheel would have had some sort of feature, but I still think it looked cool. And the solo was a pleasure to the ear. “They Only Come Out At Night” followed the solo. For this night, or, tour ratherly, Mr L had a new mask which covered his whole face. I wonder how he saw us.

After a quick change, they finished the set with “Devil is a Loser” and walked off stage.

But, as everyone knows, it’s never (unless it’s Mötley Crüe) as simple as this. After a little while they came out again, and ripped off tonight’s first encore, which is no less than Scarchives “Hulking Dynamo”. As one of the people in this world not owning the Scarchives, I had never heard this song, but… EARGASM. I have so much things to say about this song, but since this entry is already getting pretty long, I’ll save it for later.

Right after “Hulking…” they left Hella alone on the stage…. and for someone who’s been in this fandom for a while or has seen a lot of youtube videos, can guess pretty easily what this means. And yes, as on cue, she starts the piano intro to “Hard Rock Hallelujah”  After this, it was time for “Sincerely With Love”.

I don’t approve of this. YES. IT IS JUST MY OPINION, BUT, I don’t really like the song in the first place. The riff is good, but the lyrics are just so… butthurt. And to give the “fuckers” even more attention this way… I’m not sure if it’s the way to go. Of course it’s up to them, but I was lightly amused by it.

After “Sincerely…” they finished off nicely and greatly with “Would You Love a Monsterman?”. I love that song. They executed it real well, and by that, the concert was over.

Well, what can I add. It was a good show, although, I wish they would’ve kept some songs, like “Girls Go Chopping” and “Bring it On”, but I understand if they had to cut short but… they could have taken away something else… like, I don’t know… I’m the Best? Oh well. Overall, the show was fine. I’m not gonna say it was great, but it was good. For once I’m out of words on what to say. I’m thankful I went, and I was very pleased when I left so, thank you so much, Lordi!

After the show we stuck around for a while to catch up with the TM and ask him regarding the Milan gig, since there were some uncertainty going on. This ended up with us meeting Mr L, which was, if you ask me, a very nice way to end the evening.

I look like hell? Yes I do!

We didn’t talk or interact very much with him – it felt a little weird being there when you weren’t supposed to, and I knew there were other fans waiting outside the door, and it makes me a bit uneasy knowing I might be ruining it for others so… but he did teach us some Swedish! Oh the irony.  And told us to eat. We hadn’t been eating a lot this day, as I told you, and he asked us to eat properly before Milan or else… Haha. I love him. After leaving the venue after a very interesting… fight? and a long walk home, we could finally just die on our beds. And shine. And be sad. Tomorrow was departure day for us, to leave for Milan!

To be continued

// Sara