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Italy Diaries, part two.

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Hello again!

Now we’ve landed at last and have reached out hotel, so I figured I’d just tell you we’re alive. Today has been quite a calm day, even though it’s been a bit exhausting too. You know, five/six hours in a train, two and half in a plane and then 40 minutes in a taxi, well, it is quite a bit.

Right now we’re just relaxing at the hotel and taking it easy. We’re about to make some plans for tomorrow, but we’re kinda lazy for it. I guess we’re gonna try to hit Colloseum and some other tourist attractions. Will be fun, will be fun! We even found a Pinocchio poster. What are the odds. Okay, they are actually pretty big.

But oh well. I guess it’s time for us to keep looking at the maps and make some plans, even though I even forgot my precious calendar at home. HOW WILL I LIVE.

Underneath follows some pictures I took today. PHOTOBOMB!

italy1 004italy1 015italy1 020italy1 029


I think it’s time for us to hit the sack now. After blasting “Hard Rock Hallelujah” one time too many. Despite me growing tired of it.


Italy Diaries, part one

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Just as I write this, my platypus and I are currently on the plane towards Rome. After a lott of struggle, We’re half way. Like I said, we’re currently airbourne, and we are expected to arrive a little after nine, and once there we will meet up with Argo and go to our Hotel. Now, I’m about to eat, so I’I’ll write more later.

// Sara