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Candy for the Cannibal

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith


At last, I’m home. Or really, I got home Monday evening, but TIREDNESS. And waaay too much Phineas&Ferb to go through. I just want to get done with it.

So well yes. I spent Easter with my girls in GBBF, and well… it was fun. VERY SO. On the first night there we pretty much just passed out on the matresses discussing everything and nothing. We haven’t, as a group, seen each other in a while, so it was well nice to catch up with them and talk. The next day we didn’t do much more than that, ‘cept from going to have some pizza and desert with her family. Fun times!

On Saturday though, we decided to go to Boda Borg in Karlskrona, since it was “only” two hours away with car. We were pretty excited about it, you know, it’s always fun to see what it’s like in other cities.

But… even though we had a lot of fun, especially with the Pirates quest… I’m not all that pleased with it. Boda Borg Karlskoga set some pretty high standards that Karlskrona failed to live up to. First of all, the staff seemed a little off. But I guess they had a bad day or something. Then we come to the quests….

Look. 75% of them seemed to be sponsored by companies, and they didn’t even make sense. It was just some random obstacle-track without fantasy, without thought and some without safety. And there were no clues ANYWHERE for how to solve the quests. Sometimes, like in the “Gallery” quest in Karlskoga, they just say “A Dramatic Event”. It doesn’t give everything away, but it’s enough to help you figure out what to do. These either didn’t exist, or they had been torn off by other questers. And when you asked the staff they refused to give you the simplest of clues.

Well, even though most of the quest were unimaginative, there were a few that was fine. Like the “Playground”, that one was fun, and as I already mentioned, the “Pirates”. They had an ad for that one in Karlskoga, and I’ve been dying to try it out! Due to the lack of clues it was a bit difficult to get through it at first, but after a while we figured it out, even though we never finished it.

I managed to hit my head pretty badly in McDonalds when falling off a spinning log in the last room. Not only did I fall off it and hit the wall, I managed to hit the very edge of a plank sticking out. Martine hit her head too in the same quest in the first room, when going through a dark labyrinth.

Another thing I reacted on was whether the quests were working or not. Three quests were not even opened, two seemed to be broken and one just wasn’t opening when you pulled the door. We asked the staff about this one, and he said he’d open it, but he never did. Even though we asked twice.

And then you had the quests that no matter how much you tried and pulled, it never gave in. I’ve learned in Karlskoga that sometimes you have to molest the contacts to get through, but not even when doing that it worked. Maybe we are losers, but I don’t know. We finished 9 out of 23 (20) quests though, and for being there for the first time and for six hours, that ain’t so bad! But it made us miss Karlskoga…

boda 634

sixteen men on a dead mans chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

After having dinner at McDonalds we finally went home for a night of sweet sleep. Almost at least.

On Sunday it was time for Martine to go home, and we went to this castle called Glimminge Hus, which is the most well-preserved castle in Scandinavia (unless I misunderstood).


We used the rest of the afternoon to write some bisarr stories on Isabella/Doofenshmirtz and Pinkie Pie / Perry and… yeah. I guess that’s how you sum up our weekend. It sure was a blast and I hope to do it soon again!

I’m gonna get back to Phineas&Ferb now. I’m soon done!

// Sara