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Italy diaries, part eight. LORDI SHOW

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So, after having a long nice sleep it was time for us to get up. And, with all the inconvenience that it brings, change hotels. Had to get out of the lovey dovey hotel and change… to another one. We had small difficulties getting to it – even though the old hotel had good connections to the city, it was Sunday and time tables on Sunday doesn’t always necessarily work to your benefit. After some troubles, and some trainchanges later, we were at Lancetti, met up with Argo and found the hotel.

When there, we realized that checking into the hotel wasn’t all that easy. We knew from before that it was no real reception desk, as this was more a “apartment-rental” thing, but what we DID NOT know was that the office was like, 20 minutes away with car. I know I sound superspoiled, but after the trip we had, I wasn’t all that happy about waiting around a lot. And once the manager arrived, we had to travel an additional 10 minutes away to the apartment we were having. Which was bad, because we chose this hotel based on how close it was to the venue… but okay. After checking in we took a few minutes to breathe and then get ready for the show before hitting the road to find Alcatraz.

On the way there we stopped at McDonalds to pick up some food. This time we weren’t gonna do it on empty stomachs – said and done. After this we started walking. And walking. And walking. About 20 minutes later we realize we walked the wrong away. As always. People shouldn’t take directions from me, I always lead them the wrong way. After some directions over phone from my mother (how does she even put up with this, I don’t get it) we FINALLY wound the venue, and the queuing began.

For this day, we had actually brought a pen and a paper, meaning it was time for us to write some real nasty fanfics. They are both disgusting, dirty and HILARIOUS. Especially with the shippings we used. Since we used some bandmembers of a band, I’m not gonna point out what shippings we used, since I know certain people might read my blog (isn’t country-statistics amazing?) but I can assure you they were hilarious. The italians must’ve thought we were crazy when we literally cried from laughing.

And on top of that, a bird pooped on Michelle. CAN IT GET BETTER?

We had planned to eat our second burger at 7 – it would be 30 minutes before they, as we thought, open the doors, which would give us plenty of time (with those small hamburgers you know) but then, ALL OF A SUDDEN… the line moves. And we’re like, what the hell is going on? Apparently they opened eariler than expected. So it was for us just to collect our items at the box office and then ran in and got some spots in front of Amen at second row. Always. I need to get swifter with things. The TM came to check on us too, what a lovely guy. After a little time of waiting, the first band entered.

Just as in Rome, the first band on stage was Colleteral Damage. They had a better response from the audience today, may have to do with the venue being slightly bigger than the one in Rome. The band seemed to be just a little ounce more energetic and they played well.

After they left the stage, it was time for Reverse Grip to enter stage, and by this time it had started to get crowded! The band played energetic and put on quite a show. Yes. I find it a little difficult to add anything to what I said about them in Rome, but you know. They were good. They put on a show. They experienced some technical difficulties in the beginning, but things like that happen. It’s nothing to hold a grudge over.

Since they opened rather early tonight, I was hoping they would to the entire setlist, since they began earlier. It was just to wait and see, I guess! Before we knew it, “God of Thunder” started and the arena broke out in a loud cheer and singing. Once stopped, “SCG6” started and once again the band entered the stage and started of the concert with “We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)”. They seemed to be even more on top today than they seemed in Rome, if not else, it was a bigger crowd to play for! They instantly followed up with “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” (and you already know what I feel about this, so yeah, no questions asked, haha)

“The Riff” was the next song to be up, and you can really tell the band is more energetic tonight. They seem to put just a little extra into everything tonight, amazing.


“Who’s Your Daddy?”, OX’s moment was next, followed by “Blood Red Sandman” until it was time for Hella to have her moment! I was so thrilled when I saw everyone else leaving stage and leaving her behind, and she started to play… and fucked it up… got shaken…. plays…. fucks it up… And the guy comes, takes her head off and repairs it. It was nicely done, there are, just as in OX’s moment, some details I’d work on, but I still enjoyed it A LOT. “Schizo Doll” followed suit and then the medley.


I was glad to see that they got to use some of their props more properly on this show. Like the Scarbie box or that… wicked thing that raised in “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. “It Snows In Hell” was next until it was time for Mana to have his little moment!

At first I didn’t realize what was going on until I noticed he was levitating. He was moving. Upwards. Very high, too. Accompanied by some where delightful music, the pastor parished and then gave us the drumsolo of our lives. I love him. Seriously. The trick wasn’t flawless, but good enough.

“Supermonstars” was next, making the crowd in Milan very happy (glad to see more people than me enjoying it!) and then “I’m the Best”. I should try not to write more poison about it, so I’ll just give you a pick of it.


After “I’m the Best” no “Bring it On” happened, sadly, but I guess we shouldn’t grieve too much, since we got the superawesomemegafoxyhot Amen pulling off his guitarsolo again. M. That mummy…


“They Only Come Out At Night” was next, followed by “Devil is a Loser”. This means no “I Luv Ugly” (and no “Girls Go Chopping eariler, I haven’t forgotten about it!) and I can live with that. After the song they left, only to come back. “Hulking Dynamo”, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, “Sincerely With Love” and at last, “Would You Love a Monsterman” was pulled off before they left the stage. However, we had left the crowd immediately after the last note, in order to take some quick sips of water before meeting up with the other Meet&Greeters.

Not sure if you know, but I won a backstagepass in a Twitter contest and I decided to use it in Milan, and so did Michelle. After a little waiting, the TM came to pick us up and walked us backstage. We set up this system – first everybody have their picture taken, and then we go back to get stuff signed. Argo, Michelle and I were the first people up, and I for some reason was the first person to walk up to the band. This is never good, because I’m always a nervous wreck.

Although. Mr L just greeted me in Swedish. I probably just looked confused. I really didn’t know where to go. They are five members, there are no middle point you know? But Hella told me to come to her and that I didn’t need to be afraid.

And then she strangles me.

No need to be afraid.

What a joke.


Wow, how small it turned out. Oh well.

italienlilla 744
Michelle and the band

italienlilla 747
Argo and the band

After this we left the “podium” and waited. We made sure to get completely ready for when the TM was to call us again, and once he did, we dashed up. Despite not being first to the band this time, I was still slightly confused in where to go first. So I started at Mana’s, and onwards. I had some photographs to be signed, and he sorted them out to come in the right order. That’s sweet. Just as before, I’m not gonna tell much about the meeting for many reasons, but I can tell you that among all that happened, Mr L praised us, OX teased me for my height and Mr L and OX had a heated discussion about my pics. And Amen bowed to me. Amazing. And they loved my pen. So much that they wanted to borrow it for the rest of the signing session. I just say: BE MY GUEST!

We left the podium quickly, as not to take up too much time with the band and sat down to wait for the pencil to be returned when Dru from the support band (Reverse Grip) caught up with us to discuss the tour, photography, alcohol and… I think that covers it. Interesting.

The pen was returned, we were forced out so we said good bye to all the bands and walked out in the chilly and rainy Milan night, with a big smile on our faces.


// Sara

Italy diaries, part seven

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After a fantastic night, and barely any sleep, it was time for us to get up and get to, for me and Michelle, the second and final city of the tour, and for Argo to go to his second city of the tour. Originally we were supposed to go there as well, but after some health considerations we figured it was a no can do, and it was better if we just hit Milan instantly and rested for a day. We had gone up fairly early to make sure we made it in time, and after some waiting we were finally sitting on the train.

When travelling by the train, we got to see some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen. I just sat there staring out the window and inhaling everything I saw.  It was impossible to take pictures of it, but damn, it was wonderful. For the first time ever, I was thankful we were travelling by train.

With some small delays we arrived in Venezia for a short train change, and finally, after four hours of travelling, we arrived in Milan. Okay, that is ridiculous, four hours isn’t even much but… it felt like it!

Our original hotel was already fully booked, so for this night only we had to use another hotel, called Una Hotel Scandinavia. And.. I’m in love. What a hotel. Cheap, but still high standards! Once at the hotel we took a moment to breath, and I finally got a chance to take some pics of the shopping I had gotten done in Rome.

italienlilla 737
Mesh green/gray studded piece from Tally Weil, pink west from Tezenis and I think you can get where from the Candy for the Cannibal is.

italienlilla 739
Everything from Disney Store except the Colosseum and the pins.

I was so thrilled to find the Jasmine Classic 2013 mug. Ever since the series came out on the Disney Store webpage I’ve been longing to get some of them (Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, more to be exact) and this is a start!

After catching our breath, we headed out to do some quick shopping. Or you know, you should totally read that as “checking-out-what-Disney-Store-Milan-has-to-offer”. We looked it up, and was happy to find out it was located on a shopping street, so we got SOME other window shopping done. But of course, as always, most time was spent at the Disney Store.

It seemed like the bigger difficulty was to find a place to eat. First we found an amazing place, but then we were told they closed in ten minutes. Oh well, so much for that! Eventually, we DID find a place to eat, and could enjoy some Italian pasta. Haha, how weird it felt to write that. Oh well. It was heavens sensations, to say the least!

Coming home to the hotel we decided to take a sort of a “spa night” – taking a bath, cleaning up thoroughly for the upcoming night. While drying up and eating some last minute McDonalds (we had eaten barely anything in Rome during all four days, so we were HUNGRY) when Michelle put on “I Luv Ugly” which is her favorite from AWCA. And then her onion escaped.

That’s what she gets from liking bad Lordi songs.

After this, we peacefully slipped away to sleep…. preparing for what was to come.


// Sara

Italy diaries, part six. LORDI SHOW.

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The arena was placed pretty close to the hotel – or well, about two kilometers away, but close enough for us to walk, and a rather easy way to walk too. Pretty much just straight ahead.

Sometimes, we must be the dumbest people on earth. So, we reached the final street we should walk down on, and we started to worry if we had gone the wrong way. We stand there, for quite a while, before we just look up, like, two meters up, and see this fantastic sign.

italy4 106

We really need to pay more attention.

It was a bit of a walk from that sign down to the actual queue. To spice it up a little we cheated death by walking on a small fence with cement road on one side and stinging nettle on the other side. After a little while, or well, it did feel like a long while, but I guess it wasn’t, we reached the queue. It was only about six people in the queue, which, in my opinion, is a bit low considering it was only an hour or two until they opened.

We figured we’d look for the box office immediately  but after asking around a bit, we realized it was harder than we thought. A bunch of other people was going there too, but had no idea where it was. A guy finally explained to us after some time, but then we noticed it wasn’t even opened yet. So we walked up and down the walk next to the arena until we decided it would be better for both of us if we got something to eat. And luckily for us, we did not only find a pizza place, but a pizza place that sold slices! We were a bit worried we’d have to buy an entire pizza when we just wanted something little, but this solved everything perfectly, if you ask me.

So dinner’s done, then it was time to head back to the place. It was a pretty harmonic place to walk at.

italienlilla 692

Well, I don’t know what to say. We stood there, talked to a few fellas, people got crowded… After some time the doors opened, and gladly, so did the box office so we got in. Delayed, but we got in. The first thing we did was to hit up merchandise. Hella had posted some of the merchandise on her twitter, and I had spotted a pretty interesting “Candy For the Cannibal” shirt (CftC being one of my favorite tracks off AWCA), although it turned out to be a whole dress! Still liked it a lot, so I got it. I’m so happy. I don’t know why, but I’ve started to become more restrained with bandshirts. I don’t buy as many anymore, and I’ve gotten really picky with prints… Anyway.

After spending some money in the booth we went down to the stage. It was a pretty small stage, and despite us coming in late for various reasons, and hitting merch and bathrooms, we made it to second row. And Orion wasn’t a particularly big club. It was something like On The Rocks in Helsinki, or a little smaller Klubben in Stockholm. I wasn’t even sure if Lordi would fit on stage, and some of their props didn’t (such as Hella’s Scarbie box). Oh well, that happens.

After some waiting, the first warm-up band entered the stage. For this night, it was a band called Collateral Damage. I don’t have all that much to say about them, I didn’t particularly like the music style, but if we look away from that, the band played really well and they were very energetic, and connected well with the audience, despite it being not very big. They played about 30 minutes before they left to give the stage to the next support band, Reverse Grip.

This band, on the other hand, I really liked the music and therefore paid a little, tiny bit more attention. Just as the previous one, they played well and their charismatic singer truly put on a great show, great audience connection. I think this band could have quite a future.

But. Now, at last, Lordi was to start. Almost exactly on time, “God of Thunder” started. I still wonder what this is all about, to be honest. I can guess it’s Mr L’s favorite KISS track, but I never saw how it served as an opening track. Sabaton using “The Final Countdown” had a much better effect than this does, especially when Lordi got many fantastic openings (SCG4!! SCG4!!)

Either way. After “God of Thunder”, SCG6, Otus Butcher Clinic, started and first out on stage was Hella and Mana and despite the place being so small, the crowd cheered loudly. After them OX, Amen and finally, Mr L came and they started with “We’re not bad for the Kids (We’re Worse)”. Right after this, they continued on with “Bringing Back The Balls to Rock”.

This, I don’t understand. First of all, these two songs wear out each other a lot in the first place, being rather similar (just as “Candy for the Cannibal” and “The Chainsaw Buffet”) so one of them should, in my opinion of course, have been excluded immediately  I knew this was coming as I had seen the setlist from before, but I still that maybe it works. But guess what, it doesn’t. Not entirely. And I don’t even understand why they put them after each other, it makes it even worse. But then again, who am I to complain.

“The Riff” followed these songs and… I don’t get it with the little devil coming out. What’s up with that. Ok, I get it, “So the devil’s out of touch blablablabla…” But I mean come on. A girl coming out in some mask, that Mr L high fives in the face and dashes? Of course, I do realize these things have to do with a budget and all, but where is the creativity we saw during “The Arockalypse” or “Deadache”? Perhaps I’m being too hard on them, but you know. They used to have all these theatrical things and now it’s… not so much anymore.

“Who’s Your Daddy?” was next, and then… “Blood Red Sandman”.  Prior to this song, OX had his little moment, which they’ve changed from beating, to ripping Quasimodo’s arm to what he does today, where he has a guy who is to be executed. I think the routine is done very well, there are small things I miss (like blood on the knife) but these are details and only details.

“Schizo Doll” was up next, sadly without Hella’s routine, which surprised me, but oh well.What can one do about it! But Hella oh my god. What a fantastic lady! Or well, bandmember. I truly think she’s one of the best things that have happened to Lordi in a very long time. No matter what – if Mr L was just talking or they were playing, she was always SO in character. All of a sudden she’d just launch over the keyboard and stare the hell out of you out of nowhere or stand and shake and what not. Amazing.  Just, amazing.


“ZombieRawkMachine”/”This is Heavy Metal” medley, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “It Snows In Hell” was ripped off before it was time for the second newcomer, Mana, to have his little moment. He didn’t do his trick though, but he did pull of quite some drum solo! Really impressive. For me, that is. If not else, it was nice to see him in action!


“Supermonstars” was the next song on the setlist, to appear after Mana’s solo and… I’m so happy about it. I’ve always wanted to hear “Supermonstars” live, and since they didn’t play it during the Arockalypse tour, I thought it would never happen. But here we are, at Orion in Rome, Italy, hearing the marvelous song played live. Fantastic.

After this song, it was time for another new song, “I’m The Best”. I’m not exactly the happiest person about these kinds of songs, and even less when they play them live too (especially for a band like Lordi) but it was at least… sort of fun to watch Mr L being crowned to Miss Lordi. Or whatever it was. Interesting, to say the least!

Now, it was Amen’s time to shine. A guitar solo next to a big spinning wheel, also known as the “Wheel of Torture”. I wished the wheel would have had some sort of feature, but I still think it looked cool. And the solo was a pleasure to the ear. “They Only Come Out At Night” followed the solo. For this night, or, tour ratherly, Mr L had a new mask which covered his whole face. I wonder how he saw us.

After a quick change, they finished the set with “Devil is a Loser” and walked off stage.

But, as everyone knows, it’s never (unless it’s Mötley Crüe) as simple as this. After a little while they came out again, and ripped off tonight’s first encore, which is no less than Scarchives “Hulking Dynamo”. As one of the people in this world not owning the Scarchives, I had never heard this song, but… EARGASM. I have so much things to say about this song, but since this entry is already getting pretty long, I’ll save it for later.

Right after “Hulking…” they left Hella alone on the stage…. and for someone who’s been in this fandom for a while or has seen a lot of youtube videos, can guess pretty easily what this means. And yes, as on cue, she starts the piano intro to “Hard Rock Hallelujah”  After this, it was time for “Sincerely With Love”.

I don’t approve of this. YES. IT IS JUST MY OPINION, BUT, I don’t really like the song in the first place. The riff is good, but the lyrics are just so… butthurt. And to give the “fuckers” even more attention this way… I’m not sure if it’s the way to go. Of course it’s up to them, but I was lightly amused by it.

After “Sincerely…” they finished off nicely and greatly with “Would You Love a Monsterman?”. I love that song. They executed it real well, and by that, the concert was over.

Well, what can I add. It was a good show, although, I wish they would’ve kept some songs, like “Girls Go Chopping” and “Bring it On”, but I understand if they had to cut short but… they could have taken away something else… like, I don’t know… I’m the Best? Oh well. Overall, the show was fine. I’m not gonna say it was great, but it was good. For once I’m out of words on what to say. I’m thankful I went, and I was very pleased when I left so, thank you so much, Lordi!

After the show we stuck around for a while to catch up with the TM and ask him regarding the Milan gig, since there were some uncertainty going on. This ended up with us meeting Mr L, which was, if you ask me, a very nice way to end the evening.

I look like hell? Yes I do!

We didn’t talk or interact very much with him – it felt a little weird being there when you weren’t supposed to, and I knew there were other fans waiting outside the door, and it makes me a bit uneasy knowing I might be ruining it for others so… but he did teach us some Swedish! Oh the irony.  And told us to eat. We hadn’t been eating a lot this day, as I told you, and he asked us to eat properly before Milan or else… Haha. I love him. After leaving the venue after a very interesting… fight? and a long walk home, we could finally just die on our beds. And shine. And be sad. Tomorrow was departure day for us, to leave for Milan!

To be continued

// Sara

Italy diaries, part five

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So today was gonna be quite an exciting day. Tonight is Lordi time! But first, we decided we would visit an old friend – the Palantino. Perhaps it’s a bit harsh to say we’re old friends, but we really fell in love with the place. And on top of that, we didn’t quite finish the whole place (more to be precise, Forum Romana).

I must say, I think this day may be the first day we’re actually up on time. Usually we always got delayed an hour or two, but today we were out of the hotel pretty fast. Must be because of the upcoming show. Once we actually reached the Palantino, and entered it, we sat down, or laid down, at our favorite spot and just… relaxed. I almost fell asleep just laying there feeling the sun warm me up, listening to Rome – a mixed sound of buses, tourists chatting and birds singing.

italy4 003

After having this relaxing moment, and some “brunch” – well, really just a quarter of a can of Pringles, we went on to check out the Forum Romana. I wanted to go there from the moment we stepped out of the metro at Colosseum, quite sad it took some time for us to actually get there!

italy4 062italy4 069italy4 073italy4 079

After wandering about this amazing place for three or perhaps four hours we decided it was time to hit home and start to get ready for the concert.

Rounding off here, telling you more about the concert and that later!

// Sara


Eien No Melody

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This is the song that brought all these thoughts to me, the song who set the mood.

I’m finally home from Italy. Even though this trip has been fun, it hasn’t been the easiest. We lived at complicated places that made things complicated for us, simple things as eating or sleeping properly. We didn’t eat more than once a day, and barely even that, especially at the concert-day in Rome, where we had a quarter of a crisp-bag and a pizza-slice for the whole day (from 10am to 3am). During the trip I also managed to first injury my left knee after a bad fall in a staircase made of stone, and during the concert I got a few additional bruises. During the Milano concert I injured my right knee, so both my knees are injured. To round this off, the day after the concert we got really sick with fevers and colds and what did we not get. Injured and really sick we are starting our journey home, a journey that went everything but good.

We get up at 4 am in the morning after an hour of sleep only to learn we can’t order a taxi, and may, with our 30 kilos luggage, per person that is, injuries and sickness, have to walk all the way from Lancetti to Bovisa. It’s “only” about 3 kilometers, but with all mentioned above, plus bad weather, it wasn’t all that exciting news. Gladly we found a taxi on stand by half way to Lancetti train station, and got to Bovisa without any struggle. We also got to the airport without any bigger troubles. Even though things went slow on the airport, even there and the plane-ride went fine. The troubles really began when we had reached Copenhagen and was gonna get home. First of all, the train was delayed about 10 minutes to start with. After that, we got stuck for 30 minutes before Lund because of an accident, before they decided to take the train back to Malmö, and get us on buses.

Complete chaos broke out at around the buses at Malmö, and the bus Michelle and I managed to catch of all the replacement buses, was of course the one who wouldn’t go directly to Lund, but to all destinations in Malmö. So once we reach Lund, we go in and ask the staff what track the train will go from, and they tell us track number 5. Sadly, we realize pretty soon that this was the wrong information, and we had missed the train.

After this we spend almost an hour fighting with two train-companies (the local one and the one that our train was provided from) until we get the message we have to go to Gothenburg, stay at a hotel for the night and get home early in the morning instead. By this time the sickness had reached the level were barely me or Michelle could even stand, and now we had to get somewhere else.

I think it was then, when sitting at a the luxury hotel in Gothenburg, close to tears with injured knees, skin that ached if I so touched it with a blanket and a head that almost burned up because of the fever, I realized what kind of things we out ourselves through for Lordi, or bands in general. It’s not only a question of money or time anymore. It’s a question of living conditions, it’s a question of health. That no matter what, no matter if you have to starve yourself for days, no matter if you can barely walk on your injured knees, you still go. You’re dead tired out of lack of sleep, but you still get up and go to that concert, because that’s just how much you love them. It kinda made me think of marriage, or what the preacher says during the ceremony.

Fan, do you take this Band to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love it, comfort it, honor and keep it in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to it as long as you both shall live?

This is kinda how it is. You devote your life to the band you love. Lordi shall know that I love them with all my heart, and despite this trip being what it has been, especially the last part of it, I won’t even hesitate to do it all again. More like, I can’t even wait to do it all again. Because I love them. With all my heart. And I would do anything, anything, for them. Anytime, Anywhere.


Italy diaries, part four

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Well, today has been… fine. I would’ve liked to say it was fantastic, but it’s hard to so. This might be, only, because I had a bit higher expectations and hopes for how the day would turn out.

For today we had planned to see the Vatican, Arco di Tito, Piazza del Popolo and shopping, but after some delays, we missed out on doing Arco di Tito. Gladly, despite the show being tomorrow, we’ve decided we will go and see it. And this time we will make sure to get out of this godforsaken hotel in time.

You see, when we woke up this morning, we noticed we were out of electricity. The horror. Going to the bathroom in complete darkness, THAT’S, what I call an adventure.

Either way, sooner or later we did make it into town, and at last, we made it to Musei Vaticani and strolled around in there for a couple of hours. It’s so beautiful down here in Rome – I can’t even begin to describe it. And yes, I mention Rome as Down, and then I think of Down as from Sweden.

italy3 027italy3 036italy3 071italy3 157italy3 172

DSC_0679italy3 178

After this we figured it was time to hit Piazza del Popolo and once there we figured we’d continue down the shopping street. We saw a few interesting stores, but we had one particular store in mind…


Oh yes baby. It was basically like heaven on earth. Lots of cash was spent. We also hit some other stores, but since it’s getting a little late here, I figured I’d show you what was bought when we arrive in Milano and have a calm day off.

Once done with the shopping we returned to Piazza del Popolo and went up on the stairs that I have completely forgotten the name of, and looked out over Rome. It was… magical, to say the least. Not only the view, but the whole park was just… magnificent.

italy3 231italy3 241DSC_0708

After we left this place we hit up on Fontana di Trevi again, as well as the Spanish Stair before having some late night dinner.


Well.. after dinner we went back to the hotel and now I’m writing this. It’s time for me to jump into bed now. On tomorrows schedule: Palantino and LORDI! Exciting!

// Sara

Italy Diaries, part three.

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Hello again dearest!

Well, this day has been quite interesting. First of all, this was the first time we saw our own surroundings by daylight, and I must say… it’s so beautiful! Perhaps it is because it’s something I’m not used to waking up to see, but still. LOVELY!

20130417_230017italy2 009

We originally planned to take the bus to the metro and there get these three day passes, but apparently, you needed one of these to be able to ride the bus, so we found ourselves walking… for two hours. To find the metro. Which we never did. But we did find some pretty flowers! My platypus is the model.

italy2 026

But yes. After about an hour and a half walking, we actually found a shopping center  where we paused to pick up a bottle of water before continuing to walk. I mean, seriously. WE WALKED from our hotel to the shopping center in Anagnina, It is ONE FUCKING WALK I tell you. After that we even tried to walk to the metro, but we decided against it since it was too many highways to run over. YOLO in all it’s pride when you’re traveling like this, but I’d like to survive until AFTER the shows, thank you very much.

We walked back to the shopping center with the thought of taking a taxi just to you know, get out of it. But apparently, you could buy bus-tickets in a small store inside the center. We need to pay more attention. After getting a ticket, we waited for the bus and after some time, finally got to the metro and got our three-days passes. YES. Finally.

May I add, that at this point, we have still not even eaten breakfast? Yup. I think I had three gummybears or something before, but apart from that, nothing.

So, the first thing we did was to stop by Colosseum  What else, haha. It was pretty nice actually. You have to excuse my lack of knowledge about the building, but it was quite massive.

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After walking around for quite some time we decided it was time to check out some other sightseeing’s, such as the Arco di Constantin..

italy2 160

… and Palatino.

And Palatino.. We were supposed to walk around the whole Arco de Tito + Palatino, but due to lack of time, we could only finish Palatino… and I’m just saying. I think I might have found my favorite place in Rome. Of course, I haven’t been everywhere. But from what I saw today… it was just…. wow.

Fun story though, we didn’t find the entrance, so we walked around and eventually we did find a door, and we figure we’d walk in, since it was entrance. Little did we know we had just entered a church. It was SUCH an overwhelming feeling. It’s been some time since last I was in a church, and I was just stunned to silence, on the same time as I had “God Help The Outcasts” stuck in my brain on the same time. Wow.

But Palatino… wow. At first we just relaxed in the sweet environment before starting to walk around. We even decided we’ll hit it up tomorrow as well just because.

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This was unbelievable.  Standing up there on the building, watching the mid-day rush go on… all of  a sudden a small green car passed by, was quite and odd sight for me. This was just… it’s indescribable, and I don’t think I get it through very well in pictures.

And okay. After a long day with ALL too many Hunchback of Notre Dame and Hercules references, we all of a sudden come across this. You see what it is?

italy2 233

It’s a hat. That looks like feodora. IT’S PERRYS FUCKING HAT. How the hell, how did this even, why is this…

italy2 241

After this had closed, we went to see the Spanish Stair and Fontana di Trevi, however, it had gotten so dark so my camera wouldn’t co-operate. It was beautiful as hell though. We also managed to hit up on a sweet restaurant for some sweet food. And I tell you. At this point, the clock is 10pm (22.00). And we hadn’t eaten a single thing during the whole day. Needless to say, I normally take an hour or an hour and a half to finish a pizza. Today it took me 15 minutes. Go figure if I was hungry… Rounding it up pretty badly, we kinda just hit home right after this. Metro and bus (NO WALKING! THANK GOD!) and hotel.

Oh by the way. On my way to Fontana di Trevi I managed to fall in the stairs of the metro and hit my knee so badly I can’t even at this point (02.24 am) bend my knee. Promising for Friday, huh? At least I got a bruise worth it’s name! Usually these things hurt more and show nothing, which disappoints me, but this time, it shows! I’m bad ass.


Oh well. Like I said, it’s 2.28 in the morning, and we got shit to do tomorrow. Like DisneyStore. So we need to hit the sack. I’ll see yah tomorrow!

// Sara

Italy Diaries, part two.

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Hello again!

Now we’ve landed at last and have reached out hotel, so I figured I’d just tell you we’re alive. Today has been quite a calm day, even though it’s been a bit exhausting too. You know, five/six hours in a train, two and half in a plane and then 40 minutes in a taxi, well, it is quite a bit.

Right now we’re just relaxing at the hotel and taking it easy. We’re about to make some plans for tomorrow, but we’re kinda lazy for it. I guess we’re gonna try to hit Colloseum and some other tourist attractions. Will be fun, will be fun! We even found a Pinocchio poster. What are the odds. Okay, they are actually pretty big.

But oh well. I guess it’s time for us to keep looking at the maps and make some plans, even though I even forgot my precious calendar at home. HOW WILL I LIVE.

Underneath follows some pictures I took today. PHOTOBOMB!

italy1 004italy1 015italy1 020italy1 029


I think it’s time for us to hit the sack now. After blasting “Hard Rock Hallelujah” one time too many. Despite me growing tired of it.


Italy Diaries, part one

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Just as I write this, my platypus and I are currently on the plane towards Rome. After a lott of struggle, We’re half way. Like I said, we’re currently airbourne, and we are expected to arrive a little after nine, and once there we will meet up with Argo and go to our Hotel. Now, I’m about to eat, so I’I’ll write more later.

// Sara

For Your Ice Only

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As you know, as I’ve been whining about it, Season four had it’s premiere today, and just as the US premiere, “For Your Ice Only” was the first episode here too.

I love the “new” temporary themesong, even though it freaked me out at first. You know, I’m so used to “June 3” and all of a sudden there’s a “December 25” instead. The song is fine, I like it a lot. Even though I always flinch when I hear “Den långa vintern har börjat…”. And I love the way they sing it. The Swedish titlesong singers are fantastic. The only thing I miss is the small screens behind Phineas&Ferb when they’re jumping, you know? Oh well. Although, I must say, considering it’s been snowing quite a lot today where I live despite it being April, this episode had a perfect airdate, haha.

However, something was odd. I wasn’t sure, but something was a bit odd… and then… when the episode came along… I heard it. Phineas has had a change of voice actor. Darn it. I had just gotten so used to Benjamin doing his voice instead of Sam, and this was a pretty… unexpected surprise. I don’t think I’m gonna go all the way saying he’s bad, because he isn’t but it’s… different. Very. Oh well, I guess I’ll get used to it eventually! I mean, how many times now did Isabella and Vanessa change? Oh right.

But if we return to the episode… I’m normally not all that interested in ice-hockey, nor am I interested in football, but Football X-7 and Ice-Hockey Z-9… That’s what I call sports. I think the very segment for the song “Ice-Hokcey Z-9”, with the “post-apocalyptic sport of the future” is one of the best segments I’ve seen in Phineas&Ferb, and when I say that I’ve seen it all ‘cept from “Meapless in Seattle” (and currently unaired episodes)

But yes. Despite my lack of interest, I’m not gonna grow tired of this episode for a long time. The only thing that will bother me for a while will be Phineas’ voice, but already now, when watching it a second time, it feels better. So I guess I’ll learn to love it quickly. Welcome aboard, Teodor!



Oh well. Gonna look through my recordings, program tomorrows and then read some fanfics. Yes. Me likey!