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The Lizard Whisperer

Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

After changing my tactics about getting this done quickly, I’ve finally found one that should be decent. I’ll be looking at the episodes that I have recorded but are unlisted, and if they’re fine, I’ll just delete them right away. Finally I get it.

But really, these have been the most unproductive days ever. So while watching the episodes I’ll make sure to write some work-applications. Might be good to do so, you know, me quitting school and everything. Hope everything works out.

But okay. The only thing I need to worry about at the moment is the episodes. To make sure I get enough space for “Meapless”. If it airs. God how disappointed won’t I be if they don’t air it.

Okay. I have nothing interesting to write about ‘cept this… Italy is coming up, I guess that is interesting… Soon soon! Just a few weeks now. Whoop Whoop!