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This could possibly be the best day ever…

Posted in Uncategorized on March 10, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

… is probably something I’ll be saying a lot later. But right now, it feels like it. And yes, this is another boring Phineas related entry, sorry ’bout that.

But as you know, DisneyChannel’s had these marathons running, and I must say the turn out was pretty good. I caught four previously not recorded episodes, and I could scratch about half my list of all the episodes I needed a back up on. And since the re-run of the marathon is still running, more episodes are to be crossed off.

My friend asked me today in the stable how I could be watching Phineas&Ferb for six hours, or more importantly, chase the episodes like this. But to be honest, I think that’s the fun part. To chase the episodes, to collect them. To see that soon enough I’ll have every episode of that season and so on. I really wanna finish off as much as possible before Season 4 starts, since it’s been hell watching out for these. And considering I’m starting to be sick, I’ll have a lot of Phineas watching to do. And there’s an Animazing marathon with Phineas & Ferb on Friday, so everything’s working my way, I guess.

But now I’m tucked in my new Phineas-sheets, with my Wreck-It Ralph cup, two bags of crisps and no less than FOUR of my favorite fanfics being updated (one of them even got multiple new chapters!). After this heavy week, and not to mention, this heavy day, I do WELL deserve it. And I have a big day tomorrow, so I think I might need to relax a bit with these to get my mind straight.

phineasss 027

And oh. This weekend, DC will be hosting a Gravity Falls marathon, both Saturday and Sunday. Guess who’ll be glued to the television? That’s right. ME. And maybe I’ll actually see the episodes in the right order, at last.

// Sara