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Posted in Uncategorized on March 6, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

I really wish my days were more productive. That I did more than just going up and doing… nothing. Oh well. Today I at least started up with my music-business class, signed up for an exam and prepared to go to work tomorrow by making tomorrows breakfast today. I truly make my life sound so interesting by doing this, huh?

But okay. On the other hand, what I did actually do was to count my cash savings. They are starting to become quite a deal, which is perfect now when we’re going to Italy and all soon. I don’t need to be scared about almost drenching my account when booking, because I know I got a lot of cash to get by once we get there. I kinda hate to travel in the middle of the month.

Like, when you get away, it’s already been two weeks on last months paycheck, and you’re travelling just before you get your next, which leaves in an “in-between” spot where you are, economically, the weakest. Or at least that’s how it is for me. And while checking on my foreign currency, I only had about 2,50 Euros lying around. Damn. This might get difficult. Nah. It’ll be fine. The plane home from Milano is extremely cheap, and the hotel is pretty cheap too, especially if we decide to share it on three people instead of two.

We will do just fine. But I want you to meet someone.

While I was lying in my room, trying to do my schoolwork, my eyes landed on my musical hamsters. You know, these mechanical hamsters that dances and sings? My eyes fell on one in particular. The “Happy Birthday” one. Or as he is now, my Schlager-Hamster.

For every broadcasted show of Melodifestivalen I went to, I have one of these blinking pins. And at some point I started putting them on this hamster, probably because of his convenient “belt”. I was taking him up now for the first time in four years to stick on my newest addition to the collection. It’s a little sad though, they’ve changed the design a lot since last I got one, and the one is just so big and… weird, if you like, next to the others. But I guess I’ll get used to it. We’ll see.

But here he is, at last, the Schlager-Hamster!

mello2 174

But now: Gravity Falls and BED.

Good Night y’all!

// Sara