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We are Golden

Posted in Uncategorized on January 21, 2013 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, like I said. I’m not good with school, and the ironic thing is that right after I wrote this entry last night, I realized I had an exam in Music due today. Let me tell you this; I have never ever  read a book this fast, or written an exam this fast ever before. But I’m quite pleased with it, and might save the grade for me. Way to go there.

Tomrrow, I’ll begin a new course on my original course in Media and Communication, and this is my final semester. For some reason I’m excited about beginning tomorrow. It’s like it’s a new beginning you know? Like, alright, a new course, now we will set things off from scratch.

And not only with school, but with everything else. I figured I’d “man up” and start to take things more seriously, like, the Italy trip. I mean, instead of just sitting and watching and waiting, I should get to the point and start organize shit. Argo gave me some stuff he’d found, and figured I’d deal with it after school. Things are starting to work out with all the other people we’re going there with, and if it turns out as I hope it does, this is going to be nothing but bloody brilliant.

But yes. It’s schoolday tomorrow, and I’ve completly turned the day, so I figured I have to go to sleep like NOW or else I won’t get to school tomorrow. See you later.

NP: Grammofon – Getter Jaani

// Sara