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Hung Up

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So I was listening to Madonna’s “old” hit tune “Hung Up”. She repeatedly sings that “Times goes by so slowly”.

But I have to disagree. Time fucking flies.

Today it’s exactly one week since Michelle and I went to see Sabaton play on Nöjesfabriken here in town. What can I say. Sabaton was ace, Pain was good but DAMNIT, I’ve said this before. I hate the audience in this town. There were about at least three fist fights right next to where Michelle and I were (this leading to us having to go inbetween) and a lot of whiny bitches on the front row who can’t take the pressure together with the general stupidity. Seriously. I get that you’ve been waiting aaaaaaaaall night for Sabaton, but for fucks sake, if you CAN’T HANDLE THE FUCKING PRESSURE, GET OUT! I was on second/third row and I even got my head smashed between two people during a song, but still, SHIT HAPPENS! And what’s the deal with all the crowdsurfers? What do you get out of it? Gah.

But oh, if we step away from that. Sabaton was great. As you know, Carolus Rex is my favorite era with Sabaton, and THANK GOD that they sang “Carolus Rex” on Swedish. I was disappointed when they didn’t on Sweden Rock, but then again, why wouldn’t they sing on Swedish on Sweden? So yeah, all Carolus songs on Swedish, AND they played “The Carolean Prayer”, my favorite off the album. My night was made.


To be honest, I don’t take that much pictures anymore, at least not at Nöjes or at Sabaton. I only did about eight shots at Sabaton, and managed to get this. Quite a lucky shot, huh? No, this isn’t cut or anything, this is the actual picture. Huhu.


And then after Sabaton, christmas happened. It was quite nice, it was really the same. And I can’t stop laughing at all the butthurt people over Donald Duck. I mean get over yourselves. There was a woman here in Sweden who apparently lost ALL her Christmas feelings because Disney removed a stereotypical (even a bit racist) doll. I mean HAHA COME ON. I was bummed that they left out Brave in the Xmas specials though. I never really liked Wreck it Ralph.

But I guess most of you reading are interested in what I got for Xmas, and here it goes…

dundundaah 025

So basically…. Phineas & Ferb’s big scienebox – NO, NO I’M NOT TOO OLD FOR THAT. IT SAYS FROM KIDS OVER 10.  And I’m over 10. And I’m a kid.
A pair of earrings, bathroses, a Planty the Plant, “The Heroine Diaries” by SIXX:A.M. Odium Clothing giftcard, tights, book, curly iron, Agent P actiong figure, curly iron, bathrobe, ridingshirt and DVD “Disney Princesses Enchanted Tales: Aurora & Jasmin” and a computer game called “Bella Sara”.

So yeah. Sweet.

But now I’m getting tired. And I need to try out some stuff for new years. So with “Ruina Imperii” blasting, I’m heading out.

NP: Ruina Imperii – Sabaton
// Sara