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Armed with love and sludgehammers we’re mauling…

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Aha. Hello!

I’m alive. Sort of. “Where’s Perry?” part 2 had it’s premiere a while back, and of course we had a celebration just as we did with part one. I really need to be better to update this kind of stuff, and not wait like, a month. But thing is, we went shopping before and we made it home JUST IN TIME for it to start. Or, we had, eight minutes. Like the ninjas we are, we managed to set up EVERYTHING before it started.

vareperry 044

Thought about the ending? Well. It was good. We had quite a few laughs (while rolling on the floor) at “Monogrammal(Monograndpa on english I guess?) and at “Jag lovar dig att varje gång jag kommer att tänka på den här dagen kommer jag åka hem till dig och smälla till dig” (I will assure you, that every time I think of this day I’ll drive over to your place and slap you, something like that) But yes. It rocked, and I especially loved how sassy, or even cocky, Ferb was at the end  – “JO MEN NU ÄRE SÅHÄR!” Yes, I died a little.

After watching the new episodes that aired that night, we decided, probably a bit unexpected, to go for “Peter Pan”. But you know. Middle of the night, a big bottle of cola, a long day and Captain Hook. Just sayin’, my abs never been more trained.

askungenmedljus 001askungenmedljus 006

Well. What more… oh yes! After a few if and but, I finally got my ESC tickets! I can finally breathe. They are so beautiful.



So yeah. I think I’ll wrap it there for the day.

// Sara