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I honestly have no idea what to write about. But the thing is, when you got nothing to write about, you just oughta keep writing. So this entry is gonna be real messy, but alright, here are some of my recent “thoughts”.

First of all, what do you call it when a hamster and a fish is dating? Or when a ferret and a fish is dating? You see – there’s this show I’ve followed for a while on DisneyChannel, called Fish Hooks (Yes, I actually watch something else than Phineas&Ferb! Shocking, huh?). It’s the most retarded, most insane and the strangest show I’ve ever seen. I sort of thought I had seen it all when I got to Phineas and Ferb and whatever they do, but you know.

These fishes are actually either flushing themselves in the toilet, or possibly dancing in the toilet. What the hell? ButI guess this is what kept my interest for the show. The complete madness. And Milo. He’s so cute, may, MAY even beat Meap. MAY. But I do love the show, seriously. All the hysteric shit, all the things that doesn’t even make sense… it’s just love love love love!

Fish Hooks isn’t the only thing I watch on DisneyChannel. Other shows I highly enjoy is Kick Buttowski, the suburban daredevil. At first I found him a bit annoying, but you know, he has grown on me. Then we got Fairly Odd Parents, however, this one may stick onto me because it’s the first show I ever watched on Disney Channel. But Timmy is well charming.

But I do actually, against all odds, enjoy some of the non-cartoon. First of all, it’s Pair Of Kings. I mean seriously. Mitchel Musso is God, King Brady is GOD. I know he’s not on anymore, I haven’t quite adjusted to King Boz just yet… Maybe he’ll grow onto me, but I’ll always be on Team Brady. AND YES, I ship Bra-Kayla. Big time.

Apart from Pair of Kings, I also fancy Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T, Jessie and Shake it Up! a lot. I’m not even sure why, but I just do. And Hannah Montana. Possibly just because of Musso and Osment, but I just do.

Tomorrow a new DisneyChannel original movie is about to be released in Sweden, “Let it Shine”. I wasn’t quite impressed by it, but the endless commercials has at last, convinced me to actually watch it. And when I do so, I’m also gonna keep up watching Gravity Falls.

When I saw the commercials for Gravity Falls, I immediately disliked it. I don’t even know what, but Mabel got on my nerves. But after watching Good Luck Charlie’s Special Delivery episode, and was too lazy to get up, I end up watching it anyway. And like I do with everything, I of course enjoyed it. I can’t say I love it yet, but at least it got to the point where I’m going to follow it for a while to see if it could be something.

Just like I challenged Phineas and Ferb this summer. “Bring it on, Gravity Falls!”.

Well,like I said messy. But at least I got this out, and I managed to inspire myself what to write about tomorrow. Next week “Where’s Perry? Part 2” is released. Gonna write a lot smartass Phineas&Ferb stuff, that won’t be as messy as this. I promise.


// Sara


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So. This is something I’ve thinking about a lot lately. The concept of gaming, and what defines a gamer? I’ll argue a bit about it.

So what I’ve been thinking about is the concept, or perhaps, definition of being a gamer. Technically, and by just listening to the word, we can all agree it’s about someone who plays games, easy enough. The general person you think about when you say gamer is a person who plays games as “Call of Duty”, “World of Warcraft” or “Skyrim”, and of course, similar games.

But after long hours playing “The Sims” and having deep conversations with my platypus, I started to wonder if someone who plays “The Sims” is a gamer? She, among others, had this clear opinion that The Sims is a mainstream game, and not generally a gamers game, but after seeing the way I, and some of my friends play it, started to doubt it.

I had a small argument, no big one, just a small one, on Facebook today about The Sims be or not to be, where he stated that ” And please, if we call sims a “game” what should we call Skyrim or Mass Effect or Limbo.

But I’d say, The Sims is a game, or, what makes it less a game than the others? Because of it’s lack of plot?

This isn’t entirely true, that it lacks a plot. First of all – you have the Stories series. Life Stories, Pet Stories and Castaway, which all are based on a story, where the game tells you what to do next, and what to achieve to get to the next level. My personal fave is Castaway, because of it’s tropical environment and Robinson-kind of plot. Out of the three, this is the one most complex. Isn’t that a game, then?

And then we got the regular The Sims, and if we begin on The Sims 3 for a while, no, unlike Stories, these games hasn’t got a specific plot, the plot is what you make it. Most people think, and perhaps the general audience playing The Sims only make this “make sim, get married, get kids, die”. but I don’t.

I don’t just make a sim, get it married and get kids and that’s that. Any family I make, I make for a purpose. Cullens first purpose for instance, was to try out The Sims 3, obviously, but as more expansions came, their “plot” changed. At first, they were just a random family, I guess you could say. But then “World Adventures” occurred, and then Rosalie became Indiana Jones going on stressful (for me) quests seeking and digging graves like an idiot. I don’t even know anymore how many times she’s been burned or electroshocked.

Then “Ambitions” came out, and the plot changed again. Not only was Rosalie an adventurer, but now she was also a stylist, and on the same time, Edward got a proper “job” by becoming a self-employed painter, and this changed the plot further. However, somewhere here The Cullens story “ends” in plotchanges, as their locations made it impossible to continue.

I have after this created families to try out certain expansion – We have one Rosalie (I have no imagination, alright?) doing the “Late Night”, we have another Rosalie who got a horsefarm in “Pets” and we got a Candace trying out the world in “Showtime”. All of these sims have a cause, a plot – perhaps not a very complex one, Late Night-Rosalie only had for a goal to become a famous director and hitting the full famebar, Pets-Rosalie to make it to level 10 as a horsebreeder (and winning all the races) and Showtime-Candace to become a superstar.

And apart from Pets-Rosalie, they all have aquired their goals and purpose, and from now, you either leave it there, or you evolve their plot further. This is all on how you decide to play it, and the same goes for The Sims 1 and The Sims 2.

His next argument was ” playing only ONE game many hours doesnt make you a gamer. Its like watching Incepton 50 times and calling yourself a “cinefil” or whatever.”

On this one, I can agree. But then the question arises. Is The Sims “one game”? Is them all together “one game”?

I would say not. The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims Stories varies A LOT from each other. The basics are the same, you make a sim. (this does not go for Stories though). It’s just like The Elder Scrolls series (or not EXACLTY like, but you get what I mean), it follows up each other, but it ain’t the same. Not in the slightest, and people who play The Sims, knows this. The Sims is the basic little brother, who introduces you to the game, where you get the idea and get’s to try it out.

When The Sims 2 comes along, it’s like a whole new world with new cities, new worlds to explore, and new “things” to explore, such as more complex characteristics, Universities, Businesses and even living in apartments.

And then The Sims 3 comes along, and all of a sudden it’s not “down town” anymore – it’s once again a whole new world, were you can access downtown by only zooming out, even more complex characteristics, you got horses to explore, you get to go on heavy adventures, you even get the ability to travel to your friends game and perform or just see the other sim! (this is something I wanted already during The Sims 1 era)

The Sims stories has NOTHING to do with the others except from the concept of Sims, as you actually get a storyplot where you are told how to reach the next level and after a while “winning” the game, which you never do in the actual game.

But if we leave The Sims for a while, my next question arises.

What games counts as gamers games?

As you have understood, I play The Sims. But even if it may so seem, I don’t only play The Sims. Apart from The Sims, my favorite game is the myst-like game Atlantis( in this case, both 1 & 2). I also play  fantasybased horsegames such as the Starshine Legacy (four pieced), the fantasybased game Star Academy Legacy (four pieced), strategy games as Svea Rike and Journalist, and also games based off movies/books as The Harry Potter series, The Pirates of The Caribbean, “sports”games as Quidditch and on occasion, I play PlayStation games such as “Riding Star”, “Disney’s Hercules”, “Barbie Sports”, “The Little Mermaid 2”, “Spyro: The Dragon” and “Kingsley”.

So, is these gamers games? Except from Atlantis, none of these games are specifically “complex”, maybe even considered childrens game (and some of these are) but still.

So I leave the question open to you.

What actually defines a gamer?


What games qualifies as gamers?


Based on what you read, would you qualify me as a gamer?

And before I wind this up, I’ll put in Meljanz once again so you get this straight.

// Sara

I know what I’m going to do this weekend.

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I’m sure most of you know that November is a Phineas&Ferb / Perry month on DisneyChannel and DisneyXD? Despite this, I must say I was quite surprised to see the MASSIVE marathon they are hosting tomorrow!

The marathon itself, that is on DisneyXD, begins at 12am and airs the last episode at But they start air episodes already at 7am, and two (or one long) NEW Episode at 9am! And then, the marathon at 12.

But on the same time, on Disney Channel, they got two/one new episode at 9.25, an episode 7.10, and episodes airing from 11am to 12am. So I’ll basically be watching Phineas and Ferb ALL DAY. So yeah. I sure know what I’m going to do this weekend!

// Sara

The Sims Mania

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I promised you yesterday I was to finish what I started, so here it goes. Basically, after installing the whole thing, in the wrong order, I finally got to play it. And the first thing that happens is that it offers me a lesson in how to play. Kinda brings me back to the days when I all excited played this game for the very very first time, like, 11 years ago. I declined the offer though, I love Robert’s family, but I just wanted to revive the sim I got stuck in my computer upstairs.

Or well, not actually reviving her, because she is stuck there. I think her name was Rose Hale, but I ain’t sure. The Sims 1 doesn’t have the “Rose Hale” rule, you see. Either way, my new sim was NOT to be called Rose either, I gave her the last name Flynn but for some unknown reason named her Vanessa. Vanessa Flynn. Vanessa Fletcher would’ve made more sense, but I think I was about to do Candace initially.


The first thing I noticed though, as someone who never played Double Deluxe nor Deluxe Edition, were greeted with an awesome set of new clothes! I was like a little child on Christmas  you know. In The Sims 1 I have my favorite clothes and I usually stick to them, but for the first time in many years I found myself looking through each and every piece of clothing until I decided on a new piece, a black dress with this mesh thing going on over her shoulders. Head was the usual one though.

Sadly, I got no pictures yet to show, sorry for that, I’ll get that as soon as possible! Either way, I immediately moved her into that house in the corner, down on the map (the Unleashed map). It’s a small house, but I fancy it. Quite a lot. Not my favorite, but I’m not sure if I have a specific favorite. I got her a job in showbiz, because I love working with them there, and of course made her a magician. I always make my The Sims 1 sims magicians, not sure why.

But despite this, there was something sentimental opening this game. Like, when I made the character. I knew exactly what head I wanted, I looked it through just to see if there were any new, but settled with her. I did change my clothing pattern, but when I was to move her into a house…

I know every single square of every single house. I looked over them all. The white house across the street from Robert’s family, the blue house across from Claire’s. The mansion on top of the hill, and the hillbilly houses down the corner, next to Elden’s family (mind you, these are the Swedish name so they may vary from yours). Or the fancy, but small houses up northwest. It wasn’t particularly hard choosing a house, as like I said. Every single square. I just know it by heart.

And when I had moved her in, there was no doubt what magazine to put up, what job to get, which furniture to get or what part of StudioTown to go to. It’s just… I just got it you know. And I believe this isn’t something you just “learn”. Of course you can learn. I have learned most of the parts of Cullen neighborhood in The Sims 3, but I don’t know it like I do with The Sims 1.

Because The Sims 1, as well as The Sims 2, are in my heart. It may sound ridiculous to hold a game close to your heart, but I guess these sims somewhat becomes your viral friends. It’s a brand new reality that you just dive into. And this game doesn’t even have an end, or at least not in the same way many other games has. I often play Hercules video game  but that game ends. Once you’ve defeated Hades, it’s over. And you can only restart from the beginning, the same beginning on Phil’s Island.

But not with The Sims. Sure, your sims will eventually die. But you can’t start over. You can never start over, because, no matter how you try, the next family or perhaps story, can never be the same as the previous one. Never. You can do all you want to make it look alike, but it won’t know the same sims. It won’t learn as fast as the other, it won’t have the same interests.

And this, is probably why I unconditionally stuck to it all these years. Video and computer games has come and gone, Hercules, Spyro, Space Chase, Journalist… but I never compromised with The Sims. It has always been there. And it will always be.

Because, this is not just a game.  This is love. It’s in ones heart, and it has become a lifestyle.

// Sara

I Believe We Can

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Having an alternate instrumental version of this lovely song on through my “Summer Belongs To You” DVD. I love it.

But either way. For once, in a VERY long time I figured I’d treat myself a little with playing The Sims. However, playing The Sims 3 sorts of bore me out right now. I have lots in the game I got yet to discover, but somehow…. no.

Thing is, I longed pretty much to play The Sims 1, or how to put it, but the CD wouldn’t install. But gladly, I have gotten over a Double Deluxe. This was rather exciting, as I never had Double Deluxe or Deluxe Edition before (believe it or not!) And it WOULD install that one, so gladly, I could play The Sims 1 again! (The computer I originally hold it on is temporarily dead)

And, you know, the first thing I love with The Sims 1, is that it takes basically as long time to install ALL expansion packs as it takes to start The Sims 3. Hallelujah! But the trick is to remember what order to install them. Normally one would install them chronological, The Sims, Livin’ It Up, House Party, Hot Date, On Holiday, Unleashed, Superstar, Makin’ Magic, however, this is a big no no. You should in fact install Unleashed before House Party and the rest. And why?

This is something that occurred to me a long time ago. When I was a new simmer, about 11 years ago, Unleashed was the first expansion pack I got (apart from Living it Up that we already had) so naturally, this was the first one to be installed. After a while, I achieved the rest of them, but that doesn’t matter. The point is, I had to re-install The Sims (quite often, for some reason) and once I got the brilliant idea I’d install them in order. Said and done. Then I went in, made a family, got them a dog and then threw them away to my favorite hotel, the big beach hotel I can’t recall the name of at the moment, only to realize one thing.

There was NO food or room or anything for the dog! But, what the hell? I recall there have ALWAYS BEEN! So I had to return home immediately  quite disappointed. And as I went DownTown, I noticed there were no shop for Pet supplies. Which it had ALWAYS been.

And that’s when I remembered, or rather  figured out. Obviously, these stores and rooms only existed due to the fact Unleashed was installed before them! So I immediately re-installed the whole thing putting Unleashed first to make sure I wouldn’t do the same mistake.

But now, about yeah, 8 years later perhaps, I find myself almost doing the same mistake. I was sitting here to myself thinking hard “remember what order, remember what order!” and the first thing I do is to install On Holiday first. And then I remembered I should have put Unleashed before. And The Sims 1 is evil that way, you can’t install ONE expansion pack but only the whole thing. And despite it not taking very long, I can’t say I wanted to redo it. But then again, I could just go into the hotels and put in dogfood, it’s not worse than that.

Wow. This entry about installing The Sims became longer than I expected. I think I’ll save the rest of the entry for tomorrow, just to have something to write about.

See you!

NP: I Believe We Can (Instrumental) – Phineas&Ferb

// Sara

Happy Ending

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It’s so odd how “faith” plays us tricks. Yesterday I was just sittin’ around in my bed and doing some university work when all of a sudden the “Happy Ending” tune of Mika comes on.  And for a moment I just stop and lean backwards and the first thing I see is the namesign of my first favorite horse.

PLEASE! Before I start getting smartypants on my back, PLEASE just because I call the horses “nuts” or similar, it doesn’t mean I hate them. It doesn’t mean I don’t know what kind of nature horses got. It’s just my quirky, hysteric way of describing things I love. Like when I constantly call Phineas retarded or my girls in the GBBF for the biggest retarded nutcases on the earth, alright?. Thank you.

And while looking at that, I realized that I was leaning against two ribbons, more precise, one ribbon I got with the horse Dolly, now deceased  and one I got with Lady Axa, who isn’t a big part of my life anymore.

Pickles was the first horse I ever loved. And when I say loved, I mean loved. I was hopelessly devoted to her, spent almost ALL my time in the stable until concerts hit, but I was still spending a lot of time. She was put down in September 2006, due to blindness and I can honestly say I have never been more devastated than I was the night before she was leaving. I had spent the past days in the stable with her, but you know.. She was simply the best.

After she was gone I spent less time in the stable, I was more or less only there when I had a ridinglesson. Until 2009, when she came. Lady Axa. I guess I have a thing for blind horses, as Laxen (as we call her) holds the same handicap as Pickles; blindness on one eye. It’s odd you know, how a horse just can snuck it’s way right into ones heart.

I had a few good years with her, rented her most of the time I spent with her until I mysteriously outgrew her. Hmpf. She gave me my courage back though to jump and to ride outside. She also taught me that it’s no big deal falling off, as the first thing she did when I was riding her the first time on my first rental period, was to buck me off. One moment I was on her back, the next I was mysteriously lying on the ground. I was like “what… the… hell….”

(Quasi Axa?)

Either way… Moving on to big horses. I always had a thing for Kadesh, but it never really clicked. Not until the black horse with a spanner in her forehead came to the ridingschool last year. She was so pretty! I recall we were about to try “long reining” (I think?!) and we were to use her, Winerva, and Diana. I at first thought to myself that God forbid I end up with Winerva, as I don’t fancy handling new horses since I don’t know them, but OF COURSE I ended up with her anyways. I figured I’d just make the best of it.

The first thing that happens is that she almost jumps me because of a dog on the gallery, and you know. It was pretty much “okay, fuck this, I’m going to die anyway”. But later on, I am so so so so glad I actually got her, as Diana was the one freaking out later, with Winerva being a lamb. Thank God.

I was honored enough to have the wonderful, yet horrific oppurtunity to be a part of her rehab after she got ill, and I don’t know where to start with that. In the beginning, when we had Arabeska as well, Winerva was a delight as Arabeska was nuts. And Winerva was, still, a lamb.

Either way, somewhere after summer we had to start over from the beginning again, and it was here the “problems” started. Not sure to call it problems, but I think she and Arabeska has been gossiping too much, because all of a sudden, this kind horse had gone nuts. There were days I honestly feared taking her out, because I never knew what tricks she’d play. Or how to put it. There was however one day that took the price, when she wouldn’t even let me open the door to the stable without running around me like a lion was chasing her. Hello, Winerva, what’s up? But despite this, I think she’s the first horse that I’ve actually loved. And that’s why I never gave up on her even though some thought I should.

However, some of you may know, or may not know, that since last Friday, November 2nd, Winerva is no more.

The last days I spent her and walked with her, she was the cute little lamb that she used to be. Maybe she knew something was up, who knows. But also. This horse, Winerva, is the horse that throughout the years taught me the most. Laxen might have given me the courage back to certain things, but when it comes to horsemanship (I guess you could call it?) Winerva is the horse. She also taught me that I’m not (likely) going to die just because she bucks around me for a while. And it’s not the end of the world if she tried to run away a couple of times.

She also taught me that she’ll fucking break my thumb if I try to hold her back from running. AUCH, Winerva! That was sooo uneccessary. She’s caused A LOT of tears, a little blood, and a lot of courage to handle the last time, but you know what. For every time we could pass the spooky woods, was a victory. Or the day we could walk three rounds about the pastures without her reacting to anything, was joyous moments. Those things, made it all worth it.

And after all, despite all the frenemy-hate, She was the creature closest to my heart.

Rest in peace, my angel.

// Sara

Remember it’s me

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I figured I’d clean my room a bit yesterday and put on Gotthards most recent album “Firebirth” and when “Remember, It’s Me” came on I was just putting down stuff in my concertmemoribilia drawer, I just stopped for a while and looked around my room. And wherever I turn, I see things from my life. Or perhaps, what I used to do a lot but not so much anymore.

Next to my bed I got half a wall (I have a bunk bed) dedicated to Lordi, where I got one A3 signed poster from 2006 (!!) and underneath it I got small posters, one article about my friend and Lordi and underneath the Kita mask sitting next to the poster I got one own photographed picture of each member (Mr L, Ox, Amen, Awa, Kita, Otus) and next to it I got all the pictures I ever had with Lordi members. All is there, to my right, and is literally the last thing I see before I go to bed. To the right from them, I got a similar situation going on but with Wig Wam. And underneath my bed, a wall for Alice Cooper.

If I look at my left from my bed, across my room, I see the contrary of Lordi, my Eurovision shelf and wall where I have all my Eurovision Song Contest memoribilia. You know. The scarves I got in Düsseldorf to cheer for Zdob si Zdub, the necklace, all the tickets, the flags I used, even the lego thing I built at the hotelroom. And the bandana we got from the greek delegation in 2010 for “Opa!”.

If you continue to the left from there, you reach my infamous ticketwall, with all my concerttickets together with my first Kita Face Shirt that nowadays is signed and got a Press Pass nailed onto it, and therefore hangs on the wall now. That was the last time I met Kita, actually. Or well, as Kita that is. And if you move even further to the left, past my small wardrobe to the mirror side, it’s an inferno of things. It’s signed posters from Germany, various press and photopasses, and even a few backstagepasses and photos. Loads of photos.

But going through the drawer, seeing all those “Honey Hellraiser” stickers, Steel Panther stickers, various packages with even more various content from Crashdiet, all the picks from various bands, the towel Sami J originally gave to Argo but he refused to accept, the pricetag Sampsa put on me.. It all striked back. Looking through the pictures lying in the drawer, it literally all striked back. All the adventure, all the fun we had together.

And it made me think, and wonder. What happened? Why ain’t I doing this so much anymore? I don’t know. I only know that, I can’t live without myself if I don’t get back in the game. I can’t even picture a life without this. Without travelling. Without dancing jenka to Hardcore Superstar at 3 am in the morning. I can’t live without changing trains in Würzburg, without having traindelays to a festival that lies so off I don’t even get it. I can’t go without waiting for three hours in rain to have a chat with the bandmembers after a long day. I can’t live without doing those 36 hours “NonStop Nite” travels to Finland, I can’t live without visiting On The Rocks or Bäkkeri with my favorite Germans (and Austrian) to see some of my favorite finnish boys playing. Can’t live without strolling about in Finland, Germany, England, France, Norway, Denmark and not knowing where we are or where we are actually heading, just that we are.

Well. There ain’t much time left on 2012, and the only Finland date fitting is on the same time as Sabaton in Karlstad. I can’t make up my mind yet on which one to take on, but something I do know, with help of Operation S.B.T.Y, 2013 will be a year that covers up for all these past years. What Operation S.B.T.Y is? Well, you’ll see. Soon enough.

Now I’m just gonna sit back to the sound of Van Halens “Why Can’t This Be Love”, the song that was played the first time I saw my current crush on a festival a few years ago. Oh, faith.

// Sara

Wait, something just occurred to me! Where’s Perry?! Where’s Perry?!

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Toady I finally pulled myself together to clean up after our “Where’s Perry?” celebration. All these Phineas&Ferb decorations have been up for days. But I must say, we had quite a blast during the weekend! We watched through “Chronicles of Meap” during Friday, and some other various episode because we hoped for “Meapless In Seattle” on Saturday morning, however, we were deceived  We got Perry The Actorpus instead, but in all honesty, it’s either way. As long as it was a new episode. We went out for a walk before we went home to watch through the marathon DisneyXD themselves hosted before “Where’s Perry” were finally to be aired.

And well… thoughts? First of all, as I do with ALL these special episodes  I love the climate in them. And “On The Savannah”…. that must be one of the best sequences ever to be made in a Phineas & Ferb episode. And Carl being evil… It even made me fear the well-being of the Tri-State Area. But yes. I laughed, and I still laugh like an idiot whenever I hear his song “Evil For Extra Credit”.

And what a cliffhanger! Phineas & Ferb heading to death, Perry is GONE, Jeremy is breaking up with Candace and Flynn-Flecthers reservation is not there?! However I can’t care less for the table though.

Despite this, it hasn’t yet proven to me if it really beats “Summer Belongs To You”, that I have called out to be the best Phineas&Ferb episode ever to be made, and yes, this despite “Chronicles” being my favorite. I’m not even counting in “2nd Dimension” here, because that’s a different… dimension. Ha Ha. See what I did there?

After this we just continued on with our own marathon with our personal favorites, and we were just about to start “Summer Belongs To You” (We’ve decided that we’ll always keep this one to last before 2nd Dimension because of it’s epicness) when we noticed they were just about to air an episode of Phineas and Ferb on DisneyChannel, so we decided to check what episode it was, just in case.

And I’m fucking glad we did.

The episode was “When Worlds Collide”, which for me, was a new episode. And it did immediately go up to be one of my favorites. I mean, I only say this:

Sleepover. Double-Dutching. Whalemingos. Baljeet & Buford. Ferbella. Candace worrying face when bursting into her parents. That is, enough to make this probably, so far, the best episode in Season 3. Yes, “Excaliferb” and “My Fair Goalie” are amazing, but I can’t even think about “Collide” without laughing like an idiot. And the song “Whalemingo” is somewhat of a lullaby for me now.

Okay. So now I’ve been ranting about Phineas&Ferb for a while without any actual intention to do so. Oh well, see you tomorrow!

// Sara