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Phinedroids and Ferbots

Posted in Uncategorized on October 31, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

I got some sad news today, and because of that I’m going to talk about Phineas&Ferb for the whole entry just to clear my mind, and also, Where’s Perry is airing this weekend, so yes, Phineas and Ferb it is!

I oftently get the question when, how and WHY I got into Phineas & Ferb. I figured I’m gonna cover that subject right away.

Yesterday, when there was no Phineas&Ferb going on, I decided that for once turn over to watch Channel 5, that I usually watch, to check out “The Middle”, which have been a favorite show of mine for a year or two now, and the episode to be aired at this point was actually the very episode who is the cause for my love for Phineas&Ferb.

You see, it’s the episode “The Year Of The Hecks”, when they give each other new years-resolution instead of choosing their own. Sue gets the resolution “Stop trying out for teams” (She always tries out for any team that comes her away, and has so far either failed every try out or very quickly been thrown out after making them) and as she sees this from a positive point of view, she starts her own team, a cheerteam for the wrestlers. She gets the green light from the wrestlercoach, has a try out for about four persons and decides later that evening that they all make the team.


So, here comes the thing. When she tells them the good news and says they have to practice immediatley, the girl on the left states that she “Follows Phineas & Ferb” and “never misses it“. The girl on the right also “Likes Phineas and Ferb” and they bond that way. Later in the episode, Sue is shushed away by the girl on the left because “Phineas and Ferb is on!” Though she joins Sue for the cheer anyway later, but that’s another story.

Thing is, I had also lately seen “Phineas & Ferb” trending on Twitter, and even if I pushed the trend and looked at the tweets I never really got what the hell it was and didn’t think about it until it was mentioned in The Middle, and I was more like “Ok, that the hell is that?”

But I sort of forgot about it for another few months. Until the day I was bored and went off to see if we had Disney Channel on our cable. And we did. The first show I ever saw was actually “Fairly Odd Parents”. This may be the reason I still hold F.O.D pretty close at heart. Either way, while looking through the list of shows, I noticed that Phineas and Ferb was coming up, and by that recalling what had been said in “The Middle” and on Twitter, and I pretty much thought to myself “Alright. Lets see what the fuss is all about, bring it on Bitches!”

I can’t recall what was the first episode I ever saw, but I’m somewhat certain that it was either “Mispercieved Monotreme” or “Perry Lays An Egg” (something in my gut tells me it’s the latter one, but I’m not sure) since it was an episode were Candace got blamed for what the boys had done, and I recalled it upset me. I didn’t get why she got busted for it.

But to be honest, I wasn’t amazed. After the intro to the series I was pretty much like “what the hell…” and after the episode I was even more like “What the hell did I just watch”. But, there was ONE thing in the show I had fallen for. One thing that caught my attention.

Perry The Platypus.


I had no clue what, or who he was, I just remember I found him, in his stage of a mindless animal, being super-duper cute. And because of him, I kept watching the show. And after a while, I was sold. This was GREAT. I just needed to understand what the hell was going on.

And nowadays, I rather not go a day without watching it. And if I ever give up the episode “The Chronicles of Meap” for you, you better know I fucking love you.

Wow, I really liked talking about this. Tomorrow I’ll cover favorite episodes and maybe characters, depending on how long it gets.

// Sara

You snuck your way right into my heart…

Posted in Concerts, Uncategorized on October 28, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So I haven’t been blogging for a while, and it takes quite a lot to write it down. I’m still sort of stuck between two dimension, I haven’t quite gathered what actually happened the last days, especially since it feels like you live in two completely different dimensions, one where you are at home, riding, going to school, work, whatnot and then you go to the second dimension and everything you ever built up is just ruined by one simple look from them.

I put up barriers, to shield my emotions,
A wall that you could never break apart,

But like a ninja of love, rappelling down from above
You snuck your way right into my heart

Either way, what can you say. The gigs were great, they always are. Sure, some may be a bit weak depending on what songs are played and which aren’t, but you never walk out of an arena  without smiling like an idiot, or at least have stomach ache after laughing like an idiot. And bruises, of course. Bruises on place you didn’t know exist.

After the incident in Denmark, we figured we’d wait them out this time too, or at least M to thank him for everything he’s ever done for us. So when he finally got out in Stockholm and we got to thank him for everything, it was kind of surreal, you didn’t understand what was going on. And I didn’t even realize until we were back on the hotel that shit, we just met Michael Fucking Starr. Again. Is this happening?

But then… no words for what happened in Gothenburg. We were lucky enough to actually acquire some new friends down there, and together with some of them we waited out the band after the show again. After a while they showed up, I mean, they kinda have to, so they can get to the bus. But what they DO NOT have to do is to interact with us fans.

But they do. M was first out, and he just left off his luggage and came over to us. And there he was. Talking to us. Signing stuff. Taking pictures. He even gave us pizza. I mean, what is that all about? “Anyone wants Pizza?” Oh my god. There are a lot more things going on after this, but I won’t take it up here, because it will only cause drama, and for now, I won’t deal with that shit. I’m still stuck in the in-between dimension. Of course, we met S, S and L too, and once again, some of that stuff I’m just not gonna bring up right now.

I, and my platypus, we know that this treatment, or how to put it, is nothing extraordinary. They most likely did it with fans the night before, and they have probably done it with tons of fans now the days after. Perhaps not what was going on between me and M, but I can’t see how it could be the first nor the last time either.

We know this ain’t anything special, but it’s special to us. Because, even if they did this to a million others, they also chose to do it with us. They could have walked away from us, but they chose not to. They chose to stay by us, and talk, and interact, and be with us. I loved before, but after now…

… they truly snuck their way right into my heart.

// Sara

Best Lazy Day Ever

Posted in Uncategorized on October 16, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

I was thinking about an appropriate title for todays entry, and the Phineas&Ferb episode “Best Lazy Day Ever” came to mind, because that’s what it’s been.

I was up almost all night finishing the task I told you about, and because of it, I may actually have to get a Snow White statue, even if I don’t particularly like her. Because she saved my life. Sort of. Pretty little woman, that Snowy…

Either way, even if I slept quite long, it hasn’t been ALL that lazy. I studied a bit, because I got into this period when I really find it fun to study. Not sure if I told you, but a while ago I got a new laptop, Aurora. However, as she was already installed falsely, we had to turn her in to get re-installed. I already miss my babygirl.

But, apart from that, what I have done today is to start to make my place less messy, and the first thing I did was to put up all the records onto my desk instead of having them spread in various piles on the floor. As I did so, I also put up my “hanger” CD’s on their hanger. And that, my friend, must be one of the best inventions ever.

I got this thing in Pollux many many years ago. Basically, what you do is that you put those hangers onto the small holes that the records got, and then you can just hang them. I love it to bits to be honest, it’s… fancy. It’s both handy and a decoration. Love it. And considering the piles on the side… it’s really time for me to sort them into their places soon…


But not now, not today. Now I’m gonna pour myself a big glass of soda, pour a bowl of candy and play computer games until my heart stops beating (Considering how insane Atlantis is, that will happen soon.)

See you later!

NP: Move Over – Chrissy Steele

// Sara

Into the Sunlight

Posted in Uncategorized on October 16, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

My favorite piece from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s at the point where Frollo have been defeated and Quasi caught by Pheobus, right before entering into the sunlight.

Wow. Studying has literally taken up ALL my awoken time, I always thought “hah, of course I’ll find time to blog!” Perhaps, or, obviously, not. But now I’m done! Or well, almost. I have one more task to complete, because I wasn’t quite finished as I had planned with another task, so I’m either doing it early tomorrow, or I’m doing now as I ain’t going to bed for quite a while.

And also, I can’t believe how time is running! NEXT WEEK is Steel Panther week! Due to unforseen circumstances we’ve decided to cut down the Sabaton week a lot shorter than originally planned, but I’m certain we’re gonna have great time either way with just Steel Panther and meeting some friends.

No, you know what. An instrumental version of “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” is playing in the background, so I think I’m actually gonna go ahead and finish the damn last tasks immediatley so I won’t need to worry for it tomorrow and can concentrate on my other courses. One of them is ending quite soon, which frightens me! Gladly, as I’m done with whatever I was abscent for, I’m finally worthy to have a gamers weekend this weekend. That will be FANTASTICO! Gonna play the shit outta Atlantis. Yeah, that’s right Meljanz, you heard me! And oh… I wanna go back to Boda Borg…

NP: Megs Garden – Hercules Soundtrack

// Sara


Posted in Uncategorized on October 9, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Hah, ironically. For once I figured I’d actually let my iTunes slip me a song to use as title, and it became Restless, and I am kinda restless.

Which I shouldn’t be, because I got LOADS to do for school. Maybe that’s exactly why. However, I’ve decided to put some pressure on myself and said to myself: “Alright Sara, you got this big bag of tasty candy, a 2 L bottle of Fanta wildberry and an exciting, yet scary, game you really want to play. But guess what? YOU CAN’T! Unless you finish all the work you planned to finish.” Figured I’d try to make it like I do school/work on workdays and always save gaming / movies /whatnot for weekends. Considering I have my ridinglessons on Friday, it’s kinda the perfect finish you know. So yeah. I’m trying real hard, harder than I ever thought I would, No Atlantis until Friday. ‘ Cept from today.

I was gonna try out some screenrecordes for proper recording of the game. Already back in the days I was WAY to fascinated by the way the characters moved in the game, and now when it’s speed up, it looks even funnier. As you may remember, I was at the Red Rooster, and I figured that I need to get past that shit to even dare open the game again. So I put on the first recorder, taking a deep breath, and failed, of course. I jumped onto the wrong villain, you see. So technically, I was right, but still wrong. And the video didn’t work out, of course. Then I tried another one, and jumped onto the right villain, and actually made it through! I was pleased. I turned off the game and it still didn’t work properly. Fuck this.

If anyone can recommend a software that records smoothly without slowing the game/pc down please let me now. The thing is that, Atlantis is pretty picky. As the retarded game it is, you have no time to think or even to react when something happens, so to play this game SLOWED DOWN is pretty much securing your own death or failure, yes, still at Atlantis you may actually only get in jail, unless it’s Meljanz and his companions. And also, it needs to be a software without timelimits, as you cannot “lay down” the game like with The Sims and then take it up again, if you do this you have to restart the whole game. But yes, if you know a software who fix this, let me know!

Talking about not being able to react. I’ve just started this game again after all this time, and two nights in a row I’ve woken up by nightmares connected to Atlantis. The first one was just odd – I woke up panting like an idiot with Meljanz and “The Way of the Platypus” in my brain. You know, Meljanz killed Perry and ate him for breakfast or something. However I can’t recall what I actually dreamt. This night however, it was much clearer. It was one of the companions, a companion whom I don’t remember the name of as he doesn’t play a bigger part as Meljanz or Lascoyt, but it was some on G, so I refer to him for now as “Gonzales” cause I swear his name was something like that. And no, not even after a bit of research can I find his name. He is anyway the dude you talk to before you talk to Lascoyt BEFORE Red Rooster.

Either way, it was basically the scene from Red Rooster, if you take a step too far, he just throws a knife at you. And the last thing I remember before again waking up panting like a moron was that knife coming toward me. And after talking to Michelle, I think I even know why I feel so worked up over it.

Unlike the other games I usually play, such as Starshine, Harry Potter and The Sims, which are all in 3rd person perspective, Atlantis is a 1st person perspective. So basically,when you are looking at the white in Meljanz eyes, it ain’t Seth, it’s you. When Gonzales or Lascoyt or random guard throws a knife at you, it’s not at Seth, it’s at you. And as I’m not quite used to this, it just gets to me somehow. Ugh. I need someone to remind me WHY I loved and adored it so much when I were younger. So much I even rejected anything called “Atlantis” that wasn’t connected to this. And as a matter of fact, I still do to this day. I remember when Phineas “Atlantis” episode came on and my first thought was “Bitch Please, that ain’t no Atlantis! Where are Meljanz and Queen Rhea huh?!”

Okay. I also promised myself I wouldn’t think of or talk about Atlantis before going to bed because I scare myself too easy. And STILL I do have the audio book of Disney’s Hunchback playing when going to bed. Maybe I should change back to the Twilight Saga.

NP: Absolutely No Decorum – The Ark
// Sara

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but I don’t like you, so fuck you maybe?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 7, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

These are the infamous lines that my platypus came up with after I showed her the infamous Meljanz and his moves. She thought he was quite groovy dancing around while threatening Seth to death. And that even rhymed.

I must say, that despite I didn’t do everything I planned to, I think I got a lot done today. First of all I _finally_ emailed my teachers. I don’t know why, but I have somewhat been dreading it. But yesterday I said pretty much, fuck all, and made myself a list on things I needed to do today. And most of them were accomplished. So I guess you can say I succeeded.

And I did get my reward instantly! A while ago I ordered a “3D” boardgame, Hunchback of Notre Dame and I was eagerly waiting for it, and this Friday it actually came! I can’t believe it. My parents just completely missed out on giving me the… thing you turn into the postoffice. So I finally got it now! Eeeh, I can’t wait to try both this one and the other Hunchback game out. And I want to do it soooooon!

I also advanced a bit in Atlantis today, and by god, you can tell I haven’t played this in a while. I’m right now at the Red Rooster (it is the red!) where Lascoyt hunts you to kill you, you know. I have yet to finish that, I get too stressed knowing Lascoyt is right behind me.

But now, I shall keep watching “On Stranger Tides” and maybe.. tidy a bit, ha ha.

// Sara

Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Posted in Uncategorized on October 7, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

“Hail Doofania!” is on the TV right now, that’s kind of incredible. I used to look like crazy for this episode and now I’ve seen it air twice today. Amazing. Vanessa for the win.

I originally made this one for a Hunchback entry I never finished, but I think you get my point, spoilers from the GAME will appear below.

But, due to lack of more interesting things to write about, I’ll talk about Atlantis.

Haha, no not that, but that will sure brighten you up a bit! About the game I told you about yesterday, Atlantis: The Lost Tales.

Before continuing the reading, you should put on the video below. It’s the entire soundtrack from the game, and actually, this is one of the most memorable things about the game.

This was one of my first favorite games when I were younger, before The Sims corrupted me when I was 10. Yes, I played this horrific game when I was 9 already. Either way. First of all, I proved to have gotten too much of these peroxide shots. For the last day I spent a lot of time on a certain website that hosted a bunch of screenshots from the game, and when I did quietly sighing to myself that I’ll never, or at least anytime soon, see this game “in real life” again, I figured I’d just check out what the page was all about anyway.

Turns out this page, explained detailed HOW to get this game to work with Windows 7. So after following instructions, I, with much fear, tried to play it again.


You guys have NO idea how soothing it was to see this screen again. After all this time. My fingers itched and I was eager to start it again. And the first thing that striked me, again, was the environment. The beautiful environment in the game. You have to remember, this was released in 1997. And still this… beautiful. Back in the days I occasionally started this game only to stand on the balconies and look and suck in the beauty. This together with the soundtrack you know… It’s just… pure beauty. And it’s calming. When you’re not chased by Meljanz, Lascoyt, polarbears or guards, that is. Sadly, this game doesn’t work like The Sims, so once I “put it down” I have to actually quit it to be able to “get it up” again, so I lack a bit of print screens, but maybe this one will give you the idea.

This is snapped before I actually entered Queen Rheas palace, and I’ll try to capture the island for you some day, but not today. Either way, the first thing I actually did, after what you HAVE to do in the game, like talk to the pilot of the flyer, I just walked around. I know I’m supposed to look for the companions accommodation  but I had to stop for a while only to admire the view. I do that occasionally in The Sims too, but you know, it doesn’t beat the view in this game.

Another thing about this game is that this is one of the few games that terrifys me into my very core. While the music is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever heard, it’s still, in the context of the game, kind of… creepy. Or creepy is not the right word, but I can’t find the right one. And also, what is more scary than that, is the people. At this point, you know, 10 years of not playing, I was even scared of my own character Seth. Only because I wasn’t sure what it’d be like. I eventually conquered my fear and talked to guards who told me just to go to the next guards. But instead of doing that, I of course went for another walk.

There is a certain spot, right next to the house next to tavern Red / Mad Rooster (I can’t remember if it was Red or Mad), on a first floor balcony, you get a wonderful view right over to the hangar(?) where they got the flyers. And by looking at it, you also get these perfect views over the ocean and the island. I swear, I could place Seth there for hours just to stare and inhale the beauty. I ran into a guy who scared the hell out of me, but he was harmless. He just told me the Queen’s out of the palace. Which I actually knew, that much I do remember.

Sorry ’bout the yellow arrow. Apparently Seth can become suicidal and get to the other side of the fence.

After a while I figured I was actually to go find Agatha, even though I knew I’d have to come across Meljanz, which is the one character I fear the most. I remember that when you talk to Agatha,  Lascoyt and Meljanz (corrupted pieces of garbage!!) bursts into the door yelling about Rhea, and I remember that it’s quite a surprise moment. I took the courage, went inside, talked to Agatha and would you know, the corrupted ones burst in. As usual, Meljanz asked me to give him whine, and stupid as I am, I gave him wine. Which made me lose the game immediately  And now you lost it too. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I haven’t started over for today though, I’m starting to get tired and I really wanna be at my best when I finally plays this diamond again. And I need to gather courage to face Meljanz again. He’s actually the one character that creeps me out like I don’t know. The fact that he actually tries to kill me (Seth) like, several times throughout the game doesn’t quite make it better, does it?

However, I decided to look up the dubbings. And you know, it’s peculiar. I’ll make a list:

First of all, the mother of the girl who dubs Candace in Swedish Phineas & Ferb, is dubbing miscellaneous voices in Atlantis. What are the odds? She also dubbed Sailor Moon.

Second of all, when I heard Meljanz talk, I swore to God I knew I had heard his voice somewhere before. So I decided to look up who was his actor. Turns out that particular guy also make s the voice of Nessus from Hercules, you know, the centaur who got Meg? He does Django, Remy’s father in Ratatouille. He also does the penguin Rico from Madagascar, Dr Drakken in Kim Possible, Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, and most importantly: he makes the voice to Throttle from Biker Mice from Mars. And you know what? Throttle, happens to be my favorite character from Biker Mice. Once again, WHAT ARE THE ODDS? He also do the voice of Creon in this game, by the way.

This is just too much for me to handle at the moment, and this has become a very long entry. But you know what, it was so worth it. I’ll probably write more about the game as it progresses, but right now I’m just happy it actually works.

Now I shall sit down and listen to “Sunriders” one more time as it has grown to be my favorite of the tracks.
// Sara

The Carolean Prayer

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know – my whole day I had “Hey Ferb” on my mind. Even during jumpingclass in the stable, all I could hear in my head was “Hey Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today”. ALL DAY. And then I got “You’re gonna get a mission” or whatever it’s name is, because I seem to constantly come across just THAT one episode while studying.

And then, when I took some pics for todays blog, I ended up with “The Carolean Prayer” on my mind instead. I guess that’s a bit better.

Either way. So whats up. I’ve been studying like a moron the last week, finishing “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” by Hugo and wrote an essay about it. That book is twisted. I’m NEVER EVER going to be able to see the movie EVER again the same way. All the characters just got… darker. Meaner. Vicious. Or well, more vicious than they already were. Shit. I’ll never be able to see the climax scene when Quasi pours all the lava without imagine Jehan’s brain smashed all over the tower. Eugh.

Either way, what more. Well, Michelle and I have solved the biggest mystery of our childhood today. There’s this computergame in Sweden – The Rosemond Hill(Valley) Series. I didn’t care much for the games when I were younger but one detail. The end song, that comes on when you quit the game… I could start up the game only to turn it off again just to hear the tune. It was practically impossible to find the song, but finally, we did it tonight. And >here< it is. It’s… perfection.

Talking about games, we also talked about old computergames we loved. As you know, my fellow readers, I love and have loved The Sims for a very long time, but there is actually one more game, one more, that I had the biggest passion for, before The Sims came in, and I haven’t really let go of it.

Atlantis – The Lost Tales.

It’s one of the creepiest games _I_ have ever played, and it scared me to death pretty much all through the game, but I can’t help but love it. It might have been the first time I actually lost myself into a alternate reality, into a fantasygame and just lived there together with Seth, Agatha, Melajnz, Lascoyte, Creon, Rhea, Actyon, Anna, Hector and all the others. When flying the flyer (?), you know, the ships with the wings, to Carbonek to run in the forest to the dreading, and multiple, moments you’re almost killed by Meljanz. The game scares me, but I can’t help but wanting to play it again. I just need a computer “old” enough to do so. Or get the PS1 version.

Well. yeah, what can you say. Either way, jumping back to “The Carolean Prayer“, there’s actually a reason I just recently got it on my mind, and that’s because of this beauty:

I got it last week, but due to studying I hadn’t been able to open it and adore it just yet. I’m about to write a review about it for Hå, but I ain’t allowed until Oct 15th, so you’ll have to wait for that ; ).

Oh well, I shall return to my wet-fooded buddy and his mates and soon hit the beds. Talk to you later!

// Sara


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If there was a price for best procrastination, I would’ve already won that. I need to stop that, even though it has already gone too far. That’s why I’m a bit off with the blog as well, because I’m currently working my *** off with Disney studies and reasonings about The Hunchback. I guess I can make it up to you by making, hopefully, some interesting posts once all this is done. At least I’m getting somewhere, I just need to finish the book now.

Kick Buttowski on TV, discussing British Invasion with Curt (those australians already got the darn thing!!) and reading Le Hunchback. And soon heading to bed.

Thank God Chrissy Steele keeps me company.
// Sara