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BOKRECENSION: Yngwie J Malmsteen – Såsom i himmelen, så ock på Jorden

Posted in Music on September 29, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Sorry folks – This is a Swedish book, and will therefore write this in Swedish.

Har just fått hem boken “Yngwie J Malmsteen – Såsom i himmelen, så ock på Jorden” skriven av ingen mindre än min hjälte Anders Tenger, så tänkte passa på att skriva ett par rader om boken.

Anders Tengner behöver ingen vidare introduktion. Alla borde vid det här laget veta vem det är, och vad han gjort för hårdrocksscenen i Sverige. Därför var det med stora förväntningar som jag satte mig ner med ett av hans kanske största verk hittils – “Yngwie J Malmsteen – Såsom i Himmelen, så ock på Jorden“.

Även om Yngwie har varit kontaktad och tillfrågad om att delta i boken, har han själv valt att avstå och boken bygger således helt på gamla artiklar och minnen och intervjuer från cirka 50 personer som på ett eller annat sätt känt och varit närvarande under Yngwies liv – alltifrån skolfröknar till flickvänner och bandkollegor.

Jag måste erkänna – som ett stort fan av Anders Tengner så såg jag väldigt mycket fram emot att läsa boken bara för den sakens skull, och hade stora förväntningar. Förväntningar som med råge uppfylldes.

Boken är välfylld och detaljrik – utan att egentligen ha vetat särskilt mycket om Yngwie sedan tidigare, så inges känslan att man nu har fått en ganska klar överblick och insyn i Yngwies liv, både på det personliga planet och hans yrkesverksamma. Anders har ett lätt språkbruk som är mer personligt – inte särskilt uppstyltat och ”akademiskt”, om ni vill, utan rakt på sak, med en personlig touch. Det gillar vi. Sånt är bra. Sättet han skriver på gör att man bara vill fortsätta läsa, ända tills den tar slut.

Han skriver väldigt levande. Det känns som man är med Yngwie på Ten Oaks på sättet när han skriver, och bilden målas upp ännu tydligare tack vare bildmaterialet som även är publicerat i boken.

Jag har inte vetat alls mycket om Yngwie innan denna boken, och varit måttligt intresserad av honom, inte mer än att jag erkänner honom som en av världens bästa gitarrister. Men, inte ens jag kunde lägga ner boken. Så intressant och välskriven var den. Har inga alls problem att se hur någon som är ett Yngwie fan inte skulle älska den här boken.

// Sara Köhler

There must be more than this provincial life…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 25, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know you have a problem when you’re writing a small essay about gender and Disney, and you can’t squish it down to just two pages. I just got an amazing idea how to build up this shit, but if I keep add stuff, I’ll just have like four pages. And I’m only allowed two.

Damn you Disney Reinessance! Why you have such a good variety of characters and strong independent women?!

Alright. Let’s move on. At least I know where to put in John Smith now!

// Sara

Look there, he goes, isn’t he dreamy?Monsieur Gaston, oh he’s so cute!

Posted in Uncategorized on September 21, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and do that “Sorry-for-not-blogging-for-ages-but-I-have-this-real-stupid-reason”. And there I’m done.

Anyway, I’m back! I’ve just been playing The Sims like crazy when I haven’t been working or at school, and I can proudly say that Candace Flynn is nowadays a level 10 Singer, and she has also managed to move out of the old crib, into her (my) dream house. My next mission with her is to have her pregnant. Not married, sorry, but unless I had multiple sims from the beginning (like The Cullens) I’m not doing it. It’ll be enough to have the kid, IF, the boys ever feel for actually getting to know my sim. But at least she’s got a romance with someone! Who is already married… but who cares! It’s The Sims.

And also… I went with my parents to a sale in a store here in Sweden, and I pretty much promised myself I wouldn’t get anything. Well… don’t count on it! I figured it was time to extend the Disney shelf a little with some DVD’s. Some of these – Such as Toy Story 1 & 2, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are movies I already posses on VHS, but they are starting to get worn out, and as I care too much for the VHS and their special kind of quality, I rather get these DVD’s before it’s too late. Funny enough though, I always thought The Hunchback was to be my first bought DVD. Ha, I guess not!

Oh well! I’m tired, and I got a bag of crisps and a Phineas & Ferb DVD waiting for me!

// Sara

The Sims 3 Showtime

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright, I haven’t been either blogging or blogging about The Sims for quite a while, but I figured I’d give Showtime a fair go before I actually write even a little about it.

I haven’t tried out a whole lot about it, only two professions, singer and acrobacy, and I’m gonna write abit about my sim the singer, since I feel she’s the one I put more effort into.

So I made her today actually, and I’ve already reached the 7th level of the profession (yes, this is what you get when you’ve played this damn game for 12 years) and she’s making a decent amount of money. For now, she’s not only living by her shows, but also on performing in the streets, and after shows she usually writes books. She doesn’t earn much on the writing, but hey – 44 § a week pays her rent at least!

But over all, I do like this expansion. I haven’t tried the feature I looked most forward to yet – the feature where you could link together your game with a friends, mainly because I have no one to link it with! Let me know if you wanna link up, I’ll be happy to! And oh by the way, for no confusion, my sims name is Candace Flynn. Yes, sue me! Something I also love, that I didn’t quite expect, is that you can build your own scenes. I loved that. Now I just wish you could decide what clothing they were to wear.

Alright, that’s a little about it for now, I’ll tell you more as the journey goes on, I believe!

// Sara

Amidst of all these flashing lights I pray the fame won’t take my life…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 3, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, we went to Born This Way Ball last thursday, and even though I prefer Fame Monster Ball, this was just pure… magic. She’s truly something special, Lady Gaga.

Being at her show made me think about pretty much everything. I’m not gonna bring it all up here, but most importantly, it made me realize, once again, how much this woman means to me.

Some of you may have noticed, that I wear a bolt-shaped necklace everyday. Or ratherly, I never take it off. What some of you may not know, is that’s it’s got Lady GaGa engraved on it. I got it back in 2009, and I haven’t taken it off ever since. Only one time, when the original plastic chain broke. But I quickly replaced it with a silverchain, and now it has remained there.  Why is it exactly? Well. Probably, because I somewhat owe my life to her. When everything was at it’s darkest “so-to-speak” it was her, and her music, that kept me going. She’s inspired me so much in life, she’s done so much for me with her music. And by carrying her bolt around my neck, makes sure that whenever I feel unsure I just need to touch the bolt, take a deep breath and move on. Because somehow, I’m carrying her, and all she stands for, with me. If you get what I mean.

I still remember the day I fell for her. It was night, in either late 2008 or early 2009, and a re-run of Jimmy Kimmel was airing in Sweden. And he all of a sudden announced this “Lady Gaga” to perform her song “Just Dance”. And I was pretty much like, dafuq. And when I saw her I was even more like “What kind of sorcery is this!?” But I also, immediatley… fell for her. And I’ve loved her deeply ever since.

Little monster for life. Seriously.

Over n Out

// Sara