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The Carolean’s Prayer

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright, here’s the deal. I haven’t updated since Sweden Rock, because I haven’t had the time or been arsed to do so. But now I’m back on track. I figured I’d enlighten you a bit with whats actually going on.

Sweden Rock, was awesome. I had such a blast, and I simply can’t wait to do it all over again. Sadly, it’s quite a while ’til we do so. I got to see some and meet some of my favourite bands once more, and you know… you can’t put a feeling to love.

I went to the premiere of the movie “Rock of Ages”.. and what can I say. Probably one of the best films I’ve seen, ever. We’re gonna see it again this weekend, and I can’t wait. It’s like a Disneymovie, the storyline is taken from books like “The Dirt” and “Welcome to the Jungle” and the music is written by some of the best ‘composers’ in the world. But I couldn’t help myself from singing and dancing. Who the fuck could really?

I also got my new Gameboygames I won on Ebay a week ago, “Beauty & The Best”, “Hercules” and “Aladdin”. So far I’ve only tried out “Beauty and the Beast” because I really want my little corner in the room to be done before I start play even more. Hihi.

Also, today, Steel Panther confirmed the Sweden tour I was awaiting. We were originally about to go to two gigs in the UK, but as Satchel told us on Sweden Rock that they’d do a European tour around it, I was pretty much just awaiting Swedish, or at least Scandinavian dates. And now they’re here. What ‘sucks’ about them, is that they are on October 23rd and 24th. That is TWO days after Sabaton, and THREE days before Badmouth. WHY IS EVERYTHING, HAPPENING ON THE SAME TIME? Gladly, we managed to build it together pretty smoothly. In case anyone wants to join our journey, you’re free to join! Just let us know.

My hamster is running around on the floor like crazy and I should get on with my Disneyassignment in school. Or clean. Soon enough I’ll have a break from work at least!

NP: The Carolean’s Prayer – Sabaton
// Sara

The ones and only.

Posted in Tankar och funderingar on June 7, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So, yeah, today one of my favourite bands totally screwed me over, publicly on a pressconferance. I’ve never hated them this much in my entire life than I did right after this. Seriously, it was hate-love towards them.

But even though they did this, they are the sweetest. Cause right before this, and right after this, they were the kindest to us. Sad part is I couldn’t say a word. “I remember you by your pretty face“. I’m not even sure I said thanks, or anything. Just smiled. Next time I’m gonna hug him and tell him how much he and his band means to me.

And this doesn’t only apply to this band. It applies to all the bands I’ll ever meet in the future. I’m gonna make sure I tell them I love them, Not like a hysteric-Justin-Bieber fan, more like hugging them and telling them you love them while you do. I need to get better at this. Now I somewhat regret I never did it to him, but this was certainly not the last time I met him.

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, just that something started right here for us.

So you asked me if there is a man or boyfriend present in my life. Well, this are the men in my life. Simon, Satchel, Lexxi, Martin, Stix, Peter, Michael, Sampsa, Eric, Erik, Eric, Dave, Jona, Crash, Sampsa, Mr L, OX, Amen, Dee Snider, Jocke, Cans, Dronjak, Mark, Dana, Timothy, Jeff, Leo.. and so on.

I love you all. For eternity. Thanks.

I love you.

Also, this picture belongs to me alone, so no unathorized use.