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Stala&SO. – Stockholm part one

Posted in Uncategorized on April 11, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

I have to get better updating this thing. What the hell is wrong with me. Either way, it’s been around three weeks since this happened, so it’s not really new but alright, here it goes.

As you know, I occasionally travel to Finland to see Stala&SO. But this time, they came here. To us. To Sweden. It was pretty mindfucking, and somewhat exciting. First time in Sweden. How awesome isn’t that. We destined to go to all three shows, Stockholm, Trollhättan and Växjö and our tour starts in Stockholm.

My company for this trip was, you may say as usual, Argo from Estonia. One of the best concertbuddies, if you ask me. We had decided to meet at the busterminal in Stockholm, and while I was waiting for him, outside the restroom, I noticed a few things that upsets me. First of all, I was inside the restroom to change clothes, to get to the concert as fast as possible, and during that I heard the guard talk to a few people. The first one was an italian traveller who needed to use the bathroom before the bus took off, but only had a fiver. You see, you need to possess a golden ten crown to be able to get in. Even though she was clearly not from Sweden (I also know this because she was on the bus from my town to Stockholm) and actually at least had a fiver, the guard didn’t let her in. If I hadn’t been in a clothingchange, I’d have paid for her.

The next incident was another italian dude from the same gang, who at first didn’t have any money at all, rejected again. Then he left, and got some money and came back. The guard had been cleaning or something I guess, cause he hadn’t seen the fella put in any money, SEEN him, even though I heard it. And what does he do? Sure, I didn’t _see_ this, but this was happening right outside my stall, and as it appears, he was getting physical with this guy. The italian guy told the guard that he had paid (which he had) but the guard wouldn’t believe him and got physical (judging from all the “Get off me” and “Let go of me” that was coming from the italian). Eventually the guard let him go, else I’d have been so fucking mad I’d have raged at him.

I wonder why I didn’t actually do that while I was there. I just think it’s fucking ridiculous. If you’re gonna work with people you need to have some fucking compassion, and they clearly 1) wanted to pay but couldn’t. and 2) was in a hurry and 3) wasn’t from Sweden, so they have no need in carrying Swedish coins. I decided to stay put outside while waiting when I was done in case any other would run into problems with him again, so I could pay for them. Argo arrived a little bit later and we started walking to our hotel.

You see, the beauty with Micro is that it’s so close to everything. You literally need to do no more than walk up the shoppingstreet and then turn right and walk up that road and BAM you’re there. We checked in and everything went smooth. We sat down for a short moment to rest and unpack and get stuff ready for tomorrow before we decided to finally get going. To find the place.

I decided to try to use a navigator in my new phone… but the thing is, that I had written down the wrong streetnumber. So technically the phone did no wrong, but damn if I was pissed. We ended up at Nalen, which is pretty much on the other side of where we were supposed to be! I called my mother, as I always do when I get stuck, and the first thing she said was basically “Bitch please, you got the number wrong”. And with her little help we did find our way to the “arena” which was Harry B James. Yes. I know what a shame it is to not find my way to Harry B James. But that’s what it’s like when you brain is stuffed with a lot of stuff on the same time.

We went inside and to our happiness, no entrance fee! We asked at the bar regarding it, but they said that since we got there so early (as it was still ‘restaurant time‘) it was no need to do so! So we sat down with a drink.

It felt so weird to see Stala&SO.’s backdrop on a stage in Sweden. And to see it on Harry B James. We were basically just sitting and staring and discussing it when le wild band appeared….


// Sara

The Steel Panther Journey Part Four

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So yeah…. That was an interesting kind of event! A few more hours passed, and all of a sudden le wild queue appears! Or no, not really.Two guys went to stand in line for the door, so we figured it was about time we do too. And then as we got there they disappeared, what the hell. All of a sudden after that, people DID come to join up in line, and that’s how we met the lovley swedish sisters Tanja and Sandra! They were the next ones to get in line and they just happened to be swedish. Awesome stuff!

Michael Starr passed us again and this time took the time to high-five the four of us (Me, Michelle,Tanja and Sandra) before going inside. Another hour passed while we were getting to know our new mates and making up strategies for the upcoming gigs. Satchels side, a little towards Michaels side. Eventually, they finally let us in and since we were the first in, we could have our damn pick of places to stay. So, naturally, Satchels side, a bit toward Michaels. We took turns picking up some merch that we’ve been thinking about and then the next wild wait began.

However, the wait wasn’t too long you know. The supportband, for this evening was The Treatment and they began pretty much as expected. And these guys… Mind = Blown. Seriously, what an energy they had! I’ve seen some energetic shit in my life, but this was just out of control! They literally jumped around the whole stage like I don’t know what and extremly outgoing and having great contact with the audience. I was well pleased! Not my first choice of musice maybe, but it was enjoyable!

Half an hour later the actual show began and I must say that the show today was a bit better. Not sure if it only has to do with the murdering audience or if the band actually had better energy, but I’m pretty certain they did. It was just… you know. Better. All in all. And also, that they replaced “Let Me Cum In” with “The Shocker” made it even better. Love it!

I love these guys.

Afterwards we pretty much ditched the arena as soon as possible and having troubles finding a seat outside, we went to a dining place to have some food, and then go back to the arena. We were actually looking for Sandra and Tanja, but instead of finding them we end up meeting Michael Starr. Again. And this time he stopped by us and had a little chat. 

The strange thing about this, is the fact he didn’t stop by for any one else. We were the only ones he personally stopped for. I don’t know why, but fuck if I’m grateful. I think it’s because he saw us there earlier the same day. Now I can’t wait to get to Sweden Rock you know.

After this we hooked up with a couple of guys who had attended the concert, one from Malmö, Fredrik and a guy from Copenhagen, Alex for a small sort of afterparty at his rehearsal lot, where we also got to spend the night. See, places to stay always work out when you’re on the road, especially if you’re kind and give the benefit of the doubt. We left his place around 10am and hit the airport.

The epic, sad, fun thing about this is, when we stepped out of the subway at Kastrup… “The Bells Of Notre Dame” ending reprise got on. It’s one of the most epic endings on a Disney movie ever, and having it played JUST THE MOMENT we stepped onto the airport… gave me mixed feelings. It was like my iPod (who shuffles all the songs) knew this was the ending of an epic trip.

We collected our stuff from the luggagewardrobekindofthing and sat down close to our trainstation and at first repacked the whole shit. And I’m telling you, it doesn’t fucking matter where the hell we are.WE ALWAYS MAKE A MESS. Even if we are at a fucking airport.

When we finally repacked everything we sat down to watch “The Black Cauldron”.I was very surprised in how… dark and scary it actually was. The Hunchback for instance, you have to be a bit older (or at least wiser) to see the dark themes in it. But The Horned King in this one just freaked me out. How he collected corpses from graves and not to mention Gurgi… Owh. cutest character.

Well, actually, in the middle of the movie we had boarded our train and when we had a change in Gothenburg we decided to go to Subway for dinner/lunch/Something. And it was at this epic location the first drafts for the parody “The Hairspray Of Gothenburg” were written. More to be exact, the song “The Hair Of Gothenburg” were written. Epic location indeed. And epic time.

During the last trainride on three hours we managed to discuss the language differencies on Disneylyrics, sing “Aveda Kedavra” a couple of times, sing “the Hair Of Gothenburg” a couple of times and being informed by a witness of Jehova. Pretty smashing if you ask me.

And then… we… were home. From a ridiculously epic trip. One of the best I have ever fucking made. Thanks for everything, everyone!
// Sara

The Steel Panther Journey part three

Posted in Uncategorized on April 2, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

We got up early in the morning for us to hit the flight to Copenhagen and for Sofia to leave us and go home. I love coming to new places. I’ve been in Copenhagen/Denmark before, but it was fucking awesome to finally do a concert there! We got there rather early, somewhat around 10 in the morning. First thing we did was to sit down for breakfast, getting ready for the show and then hitting Amager Bro. It was lovely.

Ok really, it wasn’t much different than a usual town I guess, but I just love discovering new places and even though it’s almost the same as Sweden it felt somewhat different. We did immidiatly look for the concertarena, and after a long walk with a bad GPS we finally saw the big american tour bus which belonged to Steel Panther outside Amager Bio. We weren’t sure however if this was the front, so we took a walk around the block to realize that hell yes, this was the front! We sat down on the benches outside to chill for  abit, talking to some autographhunters… staring the shit out of the supportband… sining The Ticking Noise… before we eventually decided to go get some food at the closest McDonalds.

Afterwards we just got back to the arena and to the very bench we had already been at, but this time we had some company, around the corner of the house. They were playing Steel Panther on this huge radio and we figured we’d battle. With Michelle’s tiny iPhone. Sure, why not you know.

We made up a little “language” if you’d like, so if we’d see anyone from the band we’d say their first letter in their stagename and then name the clock in which direction they were coming. Like “S nine o’clock” or “Z ten o’clock” you know (S = Satchel, Z =Zadinia). So we were sitting there, starting to battle… when I see someone I recognize. I had seen a couple of long haired blondes earlier today, but you know. I remember faces insanely well so there was no doubt who this was. I mumbled silently to Michelle that he was coming, but she didn’t hear me. She had just pu on “Fat Girl” and managed to pause it RIGHT before he starts singing to hear what I say.

She pauses the song. And then you hear a “I saw her drinking beer, eating peanuts by the bar“. THE LOOK ON MICHELLES FACE, and mine too for that matter, must have been fucking priceless. Michael fucking Starr smiled at us and shouted “Thats a great song!”. Starstruck as we were, we couldn’t say any more than just give him thumbs up. What the hell do you even say? After he passed us, Satch and Zadinia came too. The thing is, Stix resembles Harri from Honey Hellraiser, like, ALOT. So yes. I did stare the shit outta Stix, just to make sure it wasn’t actually Harri. This made Stix so suspicious he had to cover himself up, haha. Poor guy. Satchel just looked at us with this “Hahaha, you don’t know who I am” kind of look. Bitch please, who’d you think you’re kidding?

The saddest must have been when le wild Lexxi appeared. All the guys had left. And he was left alone. He wandered around where we were sitting, staring unsure at us and his surrondings and trying to call someone. They fucking left him. Poor guy. However, we weren’t sure how he’d react if we told him where they went, so we pretty much let it be. And as far as I’m concerened, he found them later on.