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At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love…

Posted in Uncategorized on March 30, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Sitting on the train again with Megaras song on repeat, it has become my kind of personal theme. I got it connected with ridiculously many good memories. Even though I heavily missed Rebecka and Andreas last night, we had a great fucking time with Trixie, Mimmi and Stefan. Michelle also joined in as you may know.

Seriously, for the second day in a row I’m just gonna say that our favourite bands are the best bands.

If there’s a price for rotten judgement, I guess I’ve already won that
No man is worth the aggravation, that’s ancient history – been there, done that
Who’d you Think you’re kidding?
He’s the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
But honey we can see right through you
Girl you can’t conceal it
We know how you’re feeling and who you’re thinking of
No chance, no way, I won’t say it no, no
You swoon, you sigh don’t deny it oh oh
It’s to cliche, I won’t say I’m in love

At least out loud, I won’t say I’m in love


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Yes, I know I’m not done telling you about Steel Panther yet, however I just have to pop in and Tell you that. I somehow must be living in a dream, and if not, I’m at least living the dream.

I’m currently on the train to Trollhättan and I had one of the Most spectacular nights in my life last night. After all these years of touring around to see bands and all have started to pay off. Right now I’m so happy I can die, and we just started the journey. Thanks Stala&so for proving to us starving fans there are still hope. Thanks. Thanks to Rebecka and Andreas too. All of you.

My favourite bands are truly the best bands in the world.

The Steel Panther Journery part Two

Posted in Uncategorized on March 26, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

So yeah, we threw ourselves out in the dark night of Oslo, and actually, fun enough, we had accidently run into  a couple of Fanthers on the hotel, so we figured we’d stalk them. Sad but true, but we figured that’d be the easiest way to get there. Sadly, after stalking them a bit, they went into a pizzeria. So eventually, we were on our own. Again.

We took up the pinky phone to guide us, and it completly misguided us until we realized we could ask it to calculate a walking route for us. Said and done. We eventually found our way, what we didn’t know though, was the the concertarena was at the back of it. We went into a building and found the OFFICE for the musichall. So we were basically like WHAT THE FUCK. We went outside again and caught sight of some Fanthers and followed them. To the backside. Oh dear lord.

The queue was already pretty long, it wasn’t even funny. I had given up hopes to be in front row, but once we got in… there were spots. On Lexxi’s side. GOD BLESS!! We had planned to be on Lexxi’s side for this night, so I guess this is what we should call JUST OUR LUCK! We took turns to watch the spots and going to the merchstand. I left it with pins, stickers and a shirt richer.

The support band went on just on time exactly and it was a fine band. I’ve seen better, but I’ve also seen worse. I don’t know what to think abou the 80’s wigs or the firemanstripper, but apart from that, it was good.Well done, Lipstick Liontigers!

You know, I love these bands. Only half an hour later, (21.00) Steel Panther WAS on stage. Not a minute later. I’ve been so used to bands ALWAYS being fucking late, so it was great to see a band right on time for once.

It was a great show though. Steel Panther is always fucking entertaining you know? Even if I haven’t seen a proper show ’til now, I know they’re entertaining. And it’s even better when you get to see an actual show. I’ll never forget the snyde looks Satch and Mike gave Lex when he said he had rode there on a pony. I love men who ride, so keep it up baby boy.

A more proper review will (and I promise this time! It’s almost done.) will come up on Hå, I’ll link you further as soon as it’s up!
Set: SupersonicsexMachine / Tomorrow Night / Fat Girl / Asian Hooker / Just Like Tiger Woods / Gold Digging Whore / Satchel Solo / It Won’t Suck Itself / Community Property / Eyes Of  The Panther / Girl From Oklahoma / Party All Day / Turn Out The Lights / Death To All But Metal / -Encore- / 17 Girls In A Row / Let Me Cum In 

After this, we struggled a while to get a hold of a place which was still open to get some evening food before we once again hit our hotel for some last minute sleep before tomorrows adventure.


// Sara

The Steel Panther Journey, part one

Posted in Uncategorized on March 23, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Finally! I’m almost done with all the important school work and I’ve also managed to gather myself a bit enough to start writing about this. It’ll be somewhat like the Lichtenfels story, divided into parts so it won’t get too long.

Destined for this trip was me, Sofia and Michelle. This is seriously one of those trips that’s been planned for far too long before it was actually happening, and we’ve come to realize that the earlier they are planned, the more epic they become. First out was the show in Oslo and we decided to go there the same day.

I met up with Michelle downtown about an hour or two before the bus was about to departure. The plan was to both make some last minute currency exchange and also put in some money in the bank.  But, conveniently, Forex figured it’d be a great idea to be shut. Just today. Right before us heading to not one, but two countries with two different currencies. Oh well, what to do? We hit the other bank and put in the money before we sat down for lunch at Subway instead.

It’s something with Subway. The parodylyrics of “The Bells Of Notre Dame” posted in the entry below (how many of you got that it was “The Bells of Notre Dame?”) was written at a Subway restaurant. But I’ll come to that later. What we really did more than eating was to worry over the time, discussing the band and Disneyfilms. Pretty much stuff me and Michelle ALWAYS do.

When we later did reach the busstop the bus was already there. WIN I SAY! We put our bags together with Sofia’s, I totally recognize her epic bag from long sight. Boarding the bus, meeting up with Sofia and soon we would be on our way. Sofia and I had a lot of catching up to do, and it was all done during the busride. Or at least a bit, hehe. Once we reached Oslo we headed to a gorcerystore to get some drinks and snacks… and after that our first adventure was about to begin.

I had sworn to print a map to mark out the hotel and the arena… but did I? No. Of course not, Of course I forgot that. So we used my pink cellphones poor navigation system, the cellphone whose screen doesn’t even work anymore, and it directed us the wrong way all of the time, until we found a street we wanted to follow. It took us 50 minutes before we actually reached the damn thing, but oh well.

Once at the hotel we… relaxed. Relaxed for five minutes or something and then started to get ready. And three girls in one hotel room.. Do I need say more? No. I guess you’ve figured. I think my favourite part was when Michelle was tieng my corset on the same time as I was removing suspenders from Sofias corset and Sofia was straightening Michelle’s hair. All at once. We were standing in a little circle. And after we worked the glitterspray in the bathroom it _literally_ looked like Edward Cullen has vomited in there. Or something.

Eventually, we all did get ready and we tied on our best partyboots, grabbed our tickets and money and ID’s and hit the roads of Oslo again, this time to find Rockefeller. Which would turn out to be more difficult than we had imagined.

To Be Continued

// Sara

For some odd reason, “The Bells Of Notre Dame” just keep coming up on my iTunes as I’m about to finish writing something regarding Steel Panther. And always when I’m done, it’s the Latin part. This forces to write

But now it’s the Roadie and Stix talking. Damn faith. 

I saw her drinking beer, eating peanuts by the bar…

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I got home from Steel Panther yesterday, one of the best journeys I have ever done. I’m still in euphoria from it, and even though I day has passed I’m still too sick and tired AND HAPPY to write something. All I can say is that I love the man beneath very much, and I love his band very much too. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Or something.

* Stix pulls Lexxis bag, Lexxi falls and becomes unconscious. The roadie appears to this dreadful scene*

 STOP! Schreid the old roadie!
– Innocent hair you’ve spilt before you, on the steps, of Gothenburg
– I’m guiltless, he ran I pursued
– And now you would add this hair’s death to your guilt, on the steps, of Gothenurg
– My conscience is clear!
– You can lie to yourself and your minions, you can claim that you haven’t a qualm, but you never can run nor hide what you’ve done to the hair, the very hair of Gothenburg!

 And for one time in his life of power and control. Stixie felt a twinge of fear for his immortal hair
– What must I do?
– Care for the hairspray, and treat is as your own!
– What, I’m to be saddled with this cheap… Very well. I let him live here with you in your lounge.
– Live here, where?
– Anywhere… Just so it’s kept locked away where no one else can see… In the toilet, perhaps. Who knows, our lords way works in mysterious way. Even this foul hairspray may yet prove one day to be, of use, to me.

And Stix gave the spray a weird name, a name that means professional- Proffs Hairspray
Now here is a riddle to guess if you can, sing the hair of Gothenburg. Who is the hairspray and who is the man?

// Sara

I Won’t Say

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That’s just insane. I was watching the end credits of Hecules, cause it was said on IMDB that Hades was about to have some “crazy credits” like Hugo in Notre Dame, saying some stuff at the end, which, I may add, he didn’t (Hades that is). But I’m.. overthrilled I watched/listened through the end credits.

I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” and “Hellfire” is my top favourite Disneysongs. It’s songs I’ve loved even since I was little, and I had a bit hard time chosing which one of them would be the absolute number one. Megara is my alltime fave female character, which is in favor for “I Won’t Say“, but “Hellfire” is so… powerful and epic in another way, and covers a pretty tabo subject, within Disneys magical world that is. Frollo being one of the more complex villains was also in favour for “Hellfire“, and has for that matter beaten “I Won’t Say” with just… a milimetre. Until now.

Yes, I’m gonna write this overepically, even if it sounds ridiculous. Either way, “A Star Is Born” was done and all of a sudden, this wild 80’s kindof pop song starts. I was like whoa, what’s that? And then I recognize some small parts of the melody. I was like no no no, it can’t be? Can it?

“Who do you think you’re kidding, he’s the earth and heaven to you, try to keep it hidden, but honey we can see right through you, girl you can’t conceal it, we know how you feel and who you’re thinking of, No chance, no way, I won’t say it no, no, you swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh,  it’s too cliche, I won’t say I’m in love” 


And not only that. Pretty soon I start to recognize the voice singing. Sounds somewhat like Belinda Carlisle, one of my biggest childhood idols. But HAHA, it can’t be? But seriously, it sounds just like her… *quick check on internet* “Belinda Carlisle recorded a single for the song and made a promovideo for Hercules to it”.



But fuck. It did. Oh my god. And sorry, but this version of the song also kicked Hellfire off the first place. Sorry ’bout that Frollo. The question is actually, HOW THE HELL HAVE I MISSED THIS EARLIER?!?!?!? HOW HAVE I MISSED THIS?! It’s insane. From now on, I’ll pay attention to every-fucking-end credit. EVERY SINGLE ONE. To avoid these stupid things.

Fittingly to this, my iPod, Ladygaga, figured it was an awesome time to stop working. When I discovered a new song to listen to ’til my ears bleed, and especially when I have a ten hour trainride before me. And of course in such time there is no time to fix it. My iPods must fucking hate me. In times like this, we death eaters say you must get Lord Voldemorts behind. And get a new iPod shuffle. A new Little Buddy.

Sorry for the COMPLETLY confusing entry. I’m in euphoria for Belinda and Meg, Steel Panther soon, and wild cheap hotels just appearing like crazy right now…

NP: Court Of Miracles – Midi
// Sara


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Off H.E.A.T’s new record which I’m currently reviewing. May be one of the absolute best songs on this album.

The sad part about this, is that I somewhat lose my spark TOO EASY. I get a “writing-block” or how to call it, when I just have no clue what to write whatsoever. I try to read various books (read: Music & Cyberliberites, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Handbook of New Media…) but without finding any inspiration. May be because I easily drift away. It’s the same when I sit down and read just HoND. If it’s too many difficult names at the time (which it tends to be so far in the book) or nothing that really catches my attention, I tend to drift away in my mind thinking about other stuff. Like the jacket I want or the festivalsummer or my plannings or whatever really. Then a familiar name such as Gringoire, the play, Jehan or Trouillefou gets me back on track for a second and then I’m drifting again. That’s why I tend to only read a little bit at the time. So I don’t lose the whole thing, you know.

Also, we did the selection for Eurovision tonight. I haven’t blogged about it at all, but as I suspected, Loreen would win. And she well deserves it in my opinion. My personal favourites was Top Cats, but I’m well pleased with Loreen too.

Alright. It’s getting late and the record is running without me keeping a… record on it. Lol.

NP: It’s All About Tonight – H.E.A.T
// Sara

It’s time to use your mouth…

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Having the Steel Panther tickets and CD’s infront of me pretty much helps getting “It Won’t Suck Itself” stuck in your brain. I can’t believe its only a matter of days left until we take off! I’m starting to get a little nervous and worried as I tend to do right before something like this, and as pretty much any other girls I still don’t know what the heck to wear for one of the shows. I have a set “outift” for one of the shows but not the next… Damn it. Need to figure something out.

The day has been spent in the stable mainly and doing some other bookings. Seriously, seems like all my life is about booking, planning and travelling at the moment… and it kinda is. And that’s only because concerts have a sick tendency of always ending up at the same time of the year. We have six concerts to do on three weeks. Seriously. Here we’ve been, two months without ONE SINGLE concert, and now there are six. On three weeks. Seriously concerts, go fuck yourselves. You are making our lives very, very hard. Especially if you try having a life in between this.

But I’m looking forward so much it’s not even funny. It’s Steel Panther again, and I guess it’s like they say, third time’s the charm. FINALLY a “proper” show with Steel Panther. Or what I mean is, it will be a show when I’m a fan and where I’ll be “close” to the band, somewhat at least, and I’ll know every word to every song. Almost. Lets say I do.

Alright. The tiredness is taking over here, time for pancakes, Hercules and Hunchback songbook before I go to bed. Tomorrow downtown and stable once again, awaits. SEE, this is what happens. When no concerts occur, you just spend more time in the stable. I can’t say I complain, but you know. It’s kinda… hilarious somewhat. Since it was the concerts that dragged me away from there before in the first place.

// Sara

Men ingen som ser ut som jag gör, kan träffas av ett himmelskt sken

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Men plötsligt har en ängel lett ömt emot mig, och kysst min kind men utan att bli rädd. En känsla närmar sig, bryr hon sig om just mig? Och när mina klockor hörs igen… mitt mörka torn ja minsta steg… har träffats av ett himmelskt sken…

I hope I got the lyrics right. I’m too tired to check, and I still don’t have any sound on the computer. “Heaven’s Light” is just stuck in my brain right now because I just played it on Forte.

I think I’m in some sort of… inspired mood right now. I just get a lot done. I’ve managed, finally, to book all the hotels for the Stala&SO. trip and as soon as I get home from Steel Panther I’ll start booking the traintrips and concerttickets (for those places availible that is). I originally wanted to do it BEFORE I left for Steel Panther, but I think I could use some sparecash on the account for traintickets and such in Oslo and Copenhagen.

I went downtown today for my last minute shopping. And I know how bad it probably sounds right after I said I don’t have much cash left on my account, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. When I do my last minute shopping what I mainly do is to re-fill my “travel-box”. I have a small box that I fill with ‘important’ stuff that I bring for concerts, travels or festivals. And I try to make sure everything’s in stock, but occasionally, things empties out. So before every trip I make sure I have enough plasters, sunspray (mainly for festivals), aspirins, mousquitocreams and then less important things as hairspray and such. So that’s what I mean with last minute shopping.

I also keep other necessary stuff in this box, such as watches and extra wallets etc. I never wear watches daily, but it’s extremly convenient to have when you travel abroad to a different timezone, I usually only switch timezone on this one. And you don’t need to check your cell all the time. And two wallets is also convenient, this way you can easily bring both some swedish money to be used before departure and after you’re back in Sweden, or as in our case right now,when we go from Sweden to Norway and then to Denmark we can just keep our Danish money in one wallet and Norweigan in another one to keep them apart. I’m not sure what we should do with our Swedish but okay…

That’s another thing I did today, exchange money. Michelle and I wrapped up the day with a smaller meal at Subway discussing horrible Disneymovies (horrible in the sense of scary, not poorly executed, but we discussed them too), Steel Panther and horses. With other words, pretty normal day for the two of us.

And for the first time in a very long time, I’m actually tired. Usually, I’m never tired at this point at night (it’s currently 01:09 here). This is usually the time I.. awake. But I went up a bit earlier than usual today so I guess thats why. Just a few more things, like clearing out a bag and store some books, and then I can finally go to bed. Stable and hairdresser is on the schedule tomorrow. Nice stuff.

// Sara

And for the first

It Won’t Suck Itself

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Last weeks(?) have been mental. I’ve spent more time in the stable than I have ever done since Pickles went away, and along that I’ve been studying like Idontevenknowwhat. The scary part is that Steel Panther is just around the corner, next week to be precise! That scares me. All should be booked for that, yet time moves too fucking fast.

I haven’t gotten tickets for the HammerFall show in Karlstad even though I should, but my main priority before that show is Stala&SO., cause I may love HammerFall but I love Stala&SO. a bit more. And S&S happening in Sweden just don’t. They just don’t.

Tomorrow I’m heading downtown with Michelle for some last minute shopping for SP and a meal. Good break in all this madness. Now I shall keep reding “Music and Cyberliberites”, our current schoolbook. I would actually like to recommend this to book to anyone interested in the musicindustry. I like it very so much!

// Sara