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Cloaca of Miracles

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Mine and Michelles first parody song, we’ve finally gotten into production with it.

And yes, that is essentially all I’ve been doing today. Or not entirely, I went to the bank but after that I’ve actually been working on the song. My parents were out of the house, and so was my brother, so I figured I’d take the oppurtunity to actuallysing it in. I don’t really like to sing whenever they are home, and also, not having them at home makes me able to yell and have as loud mucis as I wanted. So then I just… began the recording.

Censorship was needed

So I did around 27 takes before I was somewhat satsified with what I had accomplished. I’m not really a singer, and also, this is a parody song on Hunchback and Steel Panther (in case no one gets it later on) so it’s not supposed to be top notch, but there is also a limit on how bad it can be. Once that was done, I sat down to chose which of the different takes were the best, and sorted it out to make the editing a bit easier.

Once done.. I was just sitting down for a while going where the hell am I supposed to edit this shit together? Then I remembered. During mine and Michelles hairtearing search for a decent karaokeversion, I had managed to get over a demoversion of an audioediting program, AVS Audioediter… and it was like heaven to work with! I’m so pleased I’ll probably go buy this shit.

Either way, once I gotten this far.. the rage hade no end. It’s probably just me, but there is nothing I am more inpatient with than editing. I used three lines to begin with, one for my vocals, one for karaoke and one for the actual song to make sure everything fits in correctly and on the right places (especially around ‘Justice is swift…’ and ‘Now that’ we’ve seen all the evidence…’) I figured I was done, and I muted the original track to listen through… only to realize… The program itself had cut off the first words in “We have a method…” and “Any last words…” (yes, I put the original lyrics here not to spoil the song, uhuh) So I had to start over, placing it all over the place. Eventually, I managed to get shit together.

So now, eight hours later, I’m finally done mixing my vocals with the karaoke. Now I just need to mix in Michelles too, and then we are done. Then we’ll be working on a video, somehow. Now I shall continue my raging with Michelle, so good night!

// Sara

God Help The Outcasts

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

The Hunchback of Notre Dame on TV, currently featuring Esmeralda singing to us.

You know, about Hunchback and all shit, this has kind of become a small story, me cleaning. Today I went through a plastic bag of old schoolstuff.. It was rather.. it reminded me about when I used to write shortstories based on the Roller Coaster Tycoon. The names were always a parkname, like Katies Dreamland or Evergreen Gardens and so on! All the stories was about a person or two saving the amusement parks from bad guys. I think they were pretty good. I need to find it, goddamnit.

I also looked through a Pokémon box filled with… litterally… crap. It was EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING, but somehow, without actually throwing stuff away, just some, I managed to take away half of the content.. I guess it just needed rearrangements! I found some old Digimon pins (I’ve always enjoyed Digimon better than Pokémon to be honest) and a pink panther! Just what we needed for Steel Panther shows. I also found crayons, I’ve been looking for them for AGES! And then some childhood memories, like, pugg. Damn, stuff were better before!

And now, that I’ve won my eBay auction, I shall finish “Hellfire” that just started, else I’m going to hit the sheets. I for once, have a schedule for tomorrow. Feels good.

NP: Hellfire – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Frollo)
// Sara

I’m in love with Judas

Posted in Uncategorized on January 17, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah that’s kinda what it feels like.

A few days ago I rediscovered my biggest childhood love, and it have made me think. Alot. And when I say alot, I mean alot.  He knocked me off pretty hard, and I have never been sleepless during the nights like I am right now. And no, I’m not thinking about him per se, but it made me realize some things.

Like for instance, I thought for a while that I was incapable to you know REALLY love. What does that even come from? Not quite sure actually, maybe it’s the rejections that have come over the years, or the manipulation from my ex boyfriend. I feel home in songs like “Moonshine” and squirms when I hear “Dance D’Amour”. My ex asked me the other day if I missed him… and the sad part is, I couldn’t say that I did. The only thing I could say to him was a smiling smiley. Because I can’t lie, okay, lets put that straight.  I can’t say I miss you if I really don’t, as well as I can’t say I love if I really don’t.

What my Childhood love, let’s call him C made me realize is that I ain’t unable to feel love. Whenever C disappeared, I missed him, and felt like home when he was back. How is it possible, that I miss C, but not my ex? (Don’t push up the ‘he is your ex’ to me, because calling him ex is easier than telling the entire story, it’s a kind of on and off thing) C warms my heart a way my ex probably did in the beginning, but I don’t know anymore.

But he is either way gonna visit me here sometime soon, I think. He claims so. This will probably be the last chance he gets, but it’s okay. He can get that. I have hard finding guys I like, usually because it takes me so long to get “settled” with someone. Like with my horses, took an entire semester to trust Lady Axa.  We will see what happens.

It is at points like this, you need someone to talk to desperatly. Someone who can take their time, has the patience to listen and understand, to watch and read everything you send to them, to discuss the point of views someone who ain’t judgemental. When you find someone who do that, someone who can look through “You’re A Pirate” and “Thanks For The Memories” a dozen times without complaining, someone who helps you look for stuff concerning it and really sits down for HOURS to discuss it, that’s… revealing.  It’s kinda connected with the previous essay actually.

Leaving that openly, and hitting a brighter topic, me and Michelle realized today that if we married our C’s, we would;
*Michelle would be squeezed like a pancake during the act unless she was on top
*I’d have so much fun I’d probably die out of laughter.
And whenever anything happens, like Michelle brining the pizza, we would have to through a musical routine. All the time.

So… yes. That’s… that.

// Sara

Thanks For The Memories

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Fall Out Boy, recently discovered the song beacuse a girl used in a tribute video that is played pretty often here at home!

You know, I should tidy my room more often. Why? Because, you find epic stuff in there. No seriously, you really do.  At least I do.

Ever since like 2010, I’ve been missing some dear items. Like for instance, the Eurovision Song Contest ticket for second semifinal 2010. I figured I had left it in my purse which was stolen on Sweden Rock 2010. And then we have three different USBs, one with the Alice Cooper concert in Gothenburg 2008, one that came with the Sepcial Edition The Sims 3 package and also the red one, my very first one that I loved so dearly. I thought I had lost all of them in school.

But then again, yesterday, as I waited for Michelle to get home from her walk with the dog, I figured I’d clean a little. So I picked up a smaller bag with stuff… and I take down my hand… and the first thing I reach is…. My Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semifinal no.2 ticket. I swear, a few tears were truly shed. Then I did another pull, and managed to pull out the long loved red USB. What the hell is it possible? Then Michelle came home so I left it.

Today, when she did the same procedure (the same procedure as ev’ry year!) I continued with the small bag, and today… the first two things I pulled up was the Alice Cooper USB and the The Sims 3 USB.

I can easily say, that today, my soul is finally in peace, and I do no longer need to feel any sort of loss for these items. I am so grateful…

NP: Thanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy

// Sara

This with celebritycrushes…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’ve thought about this with celebrity crushes.

You probably hear me say alot that I’m gonna do him, I’m gonna do her, I’m gonna do that and I’m gonna do this and everything and everyone. That’s pretty much something like, everyone says. But then you have those few people, who touches you a bit deeper than just something you’d hit. You know, someone you could see yourself with. Someone that touches your heart whenever you see them, and you keep seeing them all the time.

And, they are also the one you can’t have. Yeah, for some the groupie dream do come true, but lets be realistic it rarely happens. Then you have the ones that fancies a cartoon. They are well screwed.

 I’ve also thought about how picky I am with whom I talk to about it. I have a few crushes, but there are a very few who knows them, or even know about it at all. In all honesty, I think Michelle is the only one who knows about them all. I guess people in general can figure out when I fancy someone, but I also think some would be well surprised if they knew about everyone I fancy… either way!

Why is that? Well, simply because I feel she is one of the few that would care, she is one of the few that would listen and understand, one of the few I can trust with it and most importantly, she is one of the few I don’t think would be bored.

It’s the last part that is the most important one. I have oftenly, maybe in the wrong, got the feeling that people have grown to be bored about it, when I talk about them. I can tend to talk ALOT about things I like, and especially people I fancy. But after a while, you get shorter and shorter responses, you never really talk about it like you used to. You wonder what the hell is wrong when you all of a sudden realizes that maybe that video I sent was a little too much, maybe I said a little too much about it.

So you stop talk about it. You stop mention it, and keep it to yourself. Either you try your hardest to drown the feelings, or they are just eating you up from the inside. So where do you go from there? When you don’t know where to turn anymore? When you don’t know who you can talk to about it?

To sit around and have it closed within yourself, it has driven me crazy.

Does anyone know? Does anyone feel the same?

I most certainly wonder…



Posted in Uncategorized on January 12, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

You know what, I’m gonna say something about Supersonicsexmachine.

Lordi has a song called “Biomechanic Man“. It’s a good song, probably amongst the better on “Get Heavy”. However, you’ve probably heard me say I hate it, or heard others say I dislike it, which is somewhat true. It’s a killer song, but, first time I heard it, I was lying in my extra bed in my room, reading a book in the darkness, minding my own business. When it starts, and I guess you’ve heard the intro? It’s like a dysfunctional robot moving.

Thing is, I kinda fear dysfunctional technology, and haunted technology. It’s possible this phobia comes from early years when I oftenly watched “Biker Mice From Mars” (probably, it’s the only show I used to watch that feature some kind of technology). Either way, because of it I also fear haunted technology.

So okay, it opens with a dysfunctional robot moving, the song is about a haunted robot kind of thing and ends with the robot sort of dying. I guess we can all see that this is just one big potpurri of my phobias, and thats why I rather… not have this song played no. Because I was getting a semi-heartattack when it came on the first time and I actually had to fucking switch it off. So yes, I rather have it off. It’s just as I have problems with Lady Gaga’s “Government Hooker” after watching ‘A Serbian Film’. But that’s another story.

So yes, this is why I dislike it. Either way, “Supersonicsexmachine” must be Steel Panther’s own “Biomechanic man”. They don’t SOUND the same, so it’s not a plagiarism or anything, but it has the same kind of arrangement of the songs -> they are both a bit heavier and faster than the rest of the songs, and they are both about some sort of robot, even thought SP’s is about a sexmachine and Lordi’s about a haunted one. But still, that was pretty interesting. I have to ask about this one day.



I do not own the original images, but the photoshopping is done by me.

And actually. Talking about A Serbian Film…. seems Firefox wants me to see it again! Another reason to not use FF…

And yes. I just wrote an entire entry, about two songs. BEAT THAT.

// Sara

17 Girls In A Row

Posted in Uncategorized on January 11, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the songs off Steel Panthers newest release, fucking love it. Amongst my faves, definitely.

Actually, I’m gonna skip it all. I’m can’t be motivated to write about New Years, so I won’t. I had a great time with some great friends, and I’m glad we did what we did. Thanks for all the gifts too, and also thanks to Argo for the gift too (He got me a 69 Eyes CD, uhuh!)

So what’s today been like? Or what’s life been like? It’s been good. I’ve had a few radical changes in my concertplans this year, and with that, we being the year with STEEL PANTHER. We begin in Oslo, me, Sofia and Michelle and then me and Michelle get on the first flight… haha no, just kidding, we are getting on the second flight with our preffered flightcompany to Copenhagen. It will be fun to see wheter we or Steel Panther comes to the venue first… haha. Gotta dare them in Oslo about that.

Talking about just Steel Panther, I finally got “Balls Out” today. I haven’t listened through it all properly just yet, but what I’ve heard so far I fucking love. Not as much as I love the first picture I saw when I opened the CD, but thats another story. I can’t wait to see the shows now, I just want time to run by. On the same time I want it to go slow, but, you get the picture.

What I look forward to the most on Steel Panther is to try most of the stuff we usually do on Lordi, to see, or, hear their reaction. Would be well interesting to hear what they have to say regarding it all… But, thats another story!

With that said, I shall now I go back to raging with Michelle on Skype. See yah!


// Sara

Norway, New Year and everything.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 6, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Came back from Norway yesterday, might write a line or two about it tomorrow, but figured I’d let you all know I’m still alive, and right now I’m just eating cheesedoodles, listening to HammerFall and raging over Steel Panther with Michelle on MSN and Skype. Except from that, on tomorrows schedule is back in the saddle and some serious ebaying. JOOHOOO!

Devastation, all across the nation – INFECTED, but I’m not alone. My days are numbered, but I’m patient from zero, the counting has begun.

// Sara