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And his loyal bellringing hunchb…. Aladdin?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

YES. For the first time in quite a while, I’ve actually got a plan for this night, and I’ve already gone through half of it.

Whenever I get “close” to a movie I first watch it like 1283172389 times, and after that, I start looking up goofs and trivia, collect it and print it and then watch the movie again, but keeping an eye on especially the goofs, to see if I can detect them. Some of the goofs in Hunchback I had already discovered, but there is a few things I had no clue about and found pretty remarkable! I’m not gonna type them here, because I want to show Michelle these things, and there is a small chance she’ll be reading this, so I’m not gonna spoil it JUST YET. And I also need to detect the last piece, I only saw two out of three of the specific subject…

BUT, why is Aladdin included to this? Well, for the first, the old man being caught in HoND is supposed to be Jafar in his disguise, and the only way to really get a hand of that, I have to watch Aladdin. I have also watched both “Jafars Return” and “Aladdin: King Of Theives” so I figured I’d go with this one as well. You know, completly backwards.

And ok, now the commercials on the VHS is running out, so I have to quit here. Yes, I do watch these on VHS. I love VHS. You don’t need to watch the whole movie, you can stop whenever you want. Naturally you can of course do this on a DVD, but the current DVD player we got, if you press stop, the DVD won’t start where you left it. In that case you’d have to pause it, but if you do, you leave the CD running, leading to you wearing it out. I know most DVDplayers have a feature where you can push stop, BUT. If you eject the DVD, it won’t start where you stopped it, which a VHS will do.

Thats why I stopped HoND right before “Bells Of Notre Dame: Reprise”. It stops there, even if I eject it and watch Aladdin.  And so I can drool a bit over Clopin tomorrow for breakfast.

// Sara