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Posted in Uncategorized on January 23, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

The villian song from Pocahontas. Pretty good, but it doesn’t beat “Hellfire”. Not anywhere.

Not even the fact Ratcliff has the same Swedish voice as Frollo saves him, it just mindfucks me.

Today I could finally finish off the most important missing piece in our Steel Panther trip – the tickets to the Denmark show. I’m not sure if I ever wrote it here on the blog, that we purchased the flight from Oslo to Copenhagen before even getting the concerttickets,which was only so we could make sure to get cheap flighttickets. And we did, but since that was a few weeks (!!) ago, I have been kinda worried that the concert would sell out (seeing the Finland date is sold out) but obviously, it wasn’t and now the tickets should be on their way to us!

The only thing we have left now is… hotel in Oslo, trip TO Oslo and flight home from Copenhagen. The beauty with Copenhagen is that you can flight directly to my hometown, Karlstad from there. Costs a little extra, but it’s hell worth it.

So yeah, anyone attending Cph or Oslo gig, give us a head up and we will meet up! Hoho! AND ALSO. Michelle and I just confirmed we will go to Liseberg to see Alice Cooper, two days before Skogsröjet. Fucking amazing, Alice Cooper TWICE this year! And whats even better is that some Monsterboarders will go there, so it might end up to be a small MB get-together! Fuck yes.

NP: Tnk fr th Mmrs – Fall Out Boy