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God Help The Outcasts

Posted in Uncategorized on January 18, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

The Hunchback of Notre Dame on TV, currently featuring Esmeralda singing to us.

You know, about Hunchback and all shit, this has kind of become a small story, me cleaning. Today I went through a plastic bag of old schoolstuff.. It was rather.. it reminded me about when I used to write shortstories based on the Roller Coaster Tycoon. The names were always a parkname, like Katies Dreamland or Evergreen Gardens and so on! All the stories was about a person or two saving the amusement parks from bad guys. I think they were pretty good. I need to find it, goddamnit.

I also looked through a Pokémon box filled with… litterally… crap. It was EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING, but somehow, without actually throwing stuff away, just some, I managed to take away half of the content.. I guess it just needed rearrangements! I found some old Digimon pins (I’ve always enjoyed Digimon better than Pokémon to be honest) and a pink panther! Just what we needed for Steel Panther shows. I also found crayons, I’ve been looking for them for AGES! And then some childhood memories, like, pugg. Damn, stuff were better before!

And now, that I’ve won my eBay auction, I shall finish “Hellfire” that just started, else I’m going to hit the sheets. I for once, have a schedule for tomorrow. Feels good.

NP: Hellfire – The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Frollo)
// Sara