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Thanks For The Memories

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Fall Out Boy, recently discovered the song beacuse a girl used in a tribute video that is played pretty often here at home!

You know, I should tidy my room more often. Why? Because, you find epic stuff in there. No seriously, you really do.  At least I do.

Ever since like 2010, I’ve been missing some dear items. Like for instance, the Eurovision Song Contest ticket for second semifinal 2010. I figured I had left it in my purse which was stolen on Sweden Rock 2010. And then we have three different USBs, one with the Alice Cooper concert in Gothenburg 2008, one that came with the Sepcial Edition The Sims 3 package and also the red one, my very first one that I loved so dearly. I thought I had lost all of them in school.

But then again, yesterday, as I waited for Michelle to get home from her walk with the dog, I figured I’d clean a little. So I picked up a smaller bag with stuff… and I take down my hand… and the first thing I reach is…. My Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semifinal no.2 ticket. I swear, a few tears were truly shed. Then I did another pull, and managed to pull out the long loved red USB. What the hell is it possible? Then Michelle came home so I left it.

Today, when she did the same procedure (the same procedure as ev’ry year!) I continued with the small bag, and today… the first two things I pulled up was the Alice Cooper USB and the The Sims 3 USB.

I can easily say, that today, my soul is finally in peace, and I do no longer need to feel any sort of loss for these items. I am so grateful…

NP: Thanks for the Memories – Fall Out Boy

// Sara