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You know what, I’m gonna say something about Supersonicsexmachine.

Lordi has a song called “Biomechanic Man“. It’s a good song, probably amongst the better on “Get Heavy”. However, you’ve probably heard me say I hate it, or heard others say I dislike it, which is somewhat true. It’s a killer song, but, first time I heard it, I was lying in my extra bed in my room, reading a book in the darkness, minding my own business. When it starts, and I guess you’ve heard the intro? It’s like a dysfunctional robot moving.

Thing is, I kinda fear dysfunctional technology, and haunted technology. It’s possible this phobia comes from early years when I oftenly watched “Biker Mice From Mars” (probably, it’s the only show I used to watch that feature some kind of technology). Either way, because of it I also fear haunted technology.

So okay, it opens with a dysfunctional robot moving, the song is about a haunted robot kind of thing and ends with the robot sort of dying. I guess we can all see that this is just one big potpurri of my phobias, and thats why I rather… not have this song played no. Because I was getting a semi-heartattack when it came on the first time and I actually had to fucking switch it off. So yes, I rather have it off. It’s just as I have problems with Lady Gaga’s “Government Hooker” after watching ‘A Serbian Film’. But that’s another story.

So yes, this is why I dislike it. Either way, “Supersonicsexmachine” must be Steel Panther’s own “Biomechanic man”. They don’t SOUND the same, so it’s not a plagiarism or anything, but it has the same kind of arrangement of the songs -> they are both a bit heavier and faster than the rest of the songs, and they are both about some sort of robot, even thought SP’s is about a sexmachine and Lordi’s about a haunted one. But still, that was pretty interesting. I have to ask about this one day.



I do not own the original images, but the photoshopping is done by me.

And actually. Talking about A Serbian Film…. seems Firefox wants me to see it again! Another reason to not use FF…

And yes. I just wrote an entire entry, about two songs. BEAT THAT.

// Sara