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17 Girls In A Row

Posted in Uncategorized on January 11, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

One of the songs off Steel Panthers newest release, fucking love it. Amongst my faves, definitely.

Actually, I’m gonna skip it all. I’m can’t be motivated to write about New Years, so I won’t. I had a great time with some great friends, and I’m glad we did what we did. Thanks for all the gifts too, and also thanks to Argo for the gift too (He got me a 69 Eyes CD, uhuh!)

So what’s today been like? Or what’s life been like? It’s been good. I’ve had a few radical changes in my concertplans this year, and with that, we being the year with STEEL PANTHER. We begin in Oslo, me, Sofia and Michelle and then me and Michelle get on the first flight… haha no, just kidding, we are getting on the second flight with our preffered flightcompany to Copenhagen. It will be fun to see wheter we or Steel Panther comes to the venue first… haha. Gotta dare them in Oslo about that.

Talking about just Steel Panther, I finally got “Balls Out” today. I haven’t listened through it all properly just yet, but what I’ve heard so far I fucking love. Not as much as I love the first picture I saw when I opened the CD, but thats another story. I can’t wait to see the shows now, I just want time to run by. On the same time I want it to go slow, but, you get the picture.

What I look forward to the most on Steel Panther is to try most of the stuff we usually do on Lordi, to see, or, hear their reaction. Would be well interesting to hear what they have to say regarding it all… But, thats another story!

With that said, I shall now I go back to raging with Michelle on Skype. See yah!


// Sara