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Det är ett stort kalas i Agrabah, inte säkert att vi går…

Posted in Uncategorized on January 30, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Yeah, that line, or that song, has been spinning in my head all day and all night… WHAT THE FUCK.

No,okay, seriously. Order’s been restored, Michelle and I skyped for three hours last night while playing computer games. Of COURSE, we got SOME hilarity out of it.

Me: Ahh, feels so good to have six lives!
Michelle: … wait… oh.. okay…
Me: What?
Michelle: I thought you said it felt good to have a sexlife! (Six=Sex)
Michelle: Hhahahahahaha
Me: DAMN! THE BIRD KILLED ME, NO MORE SIX LIVES!!! (inga fler sex liv!)
Michelle: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU JUST LOST TO A BIRD? (Va snackar ni om?! Ja förlora mot en fåååågel!)

Oh oh oh oh. I can only sense madness tonight when I continue Hercules… I NEED to collect the damn passwords.

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance, I’ll find my way, if I can be strong, I know ev’ry mile, will be worth my while.

// Sara

And his loyal bellringing hunchb…. Aladdin?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

YES. For the first time in quite a while, I’ve actually got a plan for this night, and I’ve already gone through half of it.

Whenever I get “close” to a movie I first watch it like 1283172389 times, and after that, I start looking up goofs and trivia, collect it and print it and then watch the movie again, but keeping an eye on especially the goofs, to see if I can detect them. Some of the goofs in Hunchback I had already discovered, but there is a few things I had no clue about and found pretty remarkable! I’m not gonna type them here, because I want to show Michelle these things, and there is a small chance she’ll be reading this, so I’m not gonna spoil it JUST YET. And I also need to detect the last piece, I only saw two out of three of the specific subject…

BUT, why is Aladdin included to this? Well, for the first, the old man being caught in HoND is supposed to be Jafar in his disguise, and the only way to really get a hand of that, I have to watch Aladdin. I have also watched both “Jafars Return” and “Aladdin: King Of Theives” so I figured I’d go with this one as well. You know, completly backwards.

And ok, now the commercials on the VHS is running out, so I have to quit here. Yes, I do watch these on VHS. I love VHS. You don’t need to watch the whole movie, you can stop whenever you want. Naturally you can of course do this on a DVD, but the current DVD player we got, if you press stop, the DVD won’t start where you left it. In that case you’d have to pause it, but if you do, you leave the CD running, leading to you wearing it out. I know most DVDplayers have a feature where you can push stop, BUT. If you eject the DVD, it won’t start where you stopped it, which a VHS will do.

Thats why I stopped HoND right before “Bells Of Notre Dame: Reprise”. It stops there, even if I eject it and watch Aladdin.  And so I can drool a bit over Clopin tomorrow for breakfast.

// Sara

In My Dreams

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Listening to the liveversion of this song, from Tokyo 2007. I love when he sings it on Japanese, that’s why I usually put this one on repeat rather than the original one.

Apart from now, I’ve had Steel Panther on instant repeat today. Why is that, actually? WELL MAYBE BECAUASE OF THIS:

The tickets for the copenhagen show is finally set! So now it feels even more official than before. It feels gooo that the concerts are starting to fall in now, I was scared for a while this was gonna be a low year… but then Stala&SO. show up so.. yes. Now I shall return to Aladdin: King Of  Theives and my mushrooms. Yes, I said it. My Mushrooms! Oh Glam sings japanese now… beautiful!

NP: In My Dreams – Wig Wam
// Sara

My day has been made.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 27, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Seriously. I was just sitting around, minding my own business waiting for Michelle to come home. Just using facebook you know.

Seeing Stala&SO updating with new tourdates. Oh cool, even a european tour! Cool stuff man. Lets see if they play in Finland…

Germany…. expected… Belgium… Oh really?…. England… Yeah cool… Sweden… Ok.. OH.


SWEDEN? *reads again but closer* HOLY SON OF A CRACKER! Not one, but _THREE_ Swedish dates!!!

I choked my coke and started shaking and yes, crying. I’ve been waiting for this day for six years now. I have seen them live before yes, but this… I never… I never ever expected this to happen.

I’m attending all three gigs, what else? It’s my babyboys, and they are starting to grow up and grow big. That’s why this gets so emotional, you know? You travelled to Finland to see them at On The Rocks, and now all of a sudden… they are at home. It looks like it will be me, Michelle, Argo and Martine doing this little trip, but hell am I looking forward to it!

I never expected this, and I’m still in a bit of ecstasy. Maybe you notice that through my extremly badly written text.


Taken on my very first Stala&SO gig ever at On The Rocks, February 4th 2011.

// Sara


Dirty Mind

Posted in Uncategorized on January 26, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

Off Danger Danger’s “Revolve”. Even though it’s not as much as a masterpiece as I find “Danger Danger”, it’s still a brilliant album. Danger Danger is pretty much the ideal band for me.

Today’s been pretty slack, been watching Sleeping Beuty, Hunchback of Notre Dame (no I don’t get tired of it. Not at all) and now I began watching “Aladin and the King of Theives”. I ain’t sure if it’s the original title, but I found a Clopin-tribute video with that very song, from the movie. Thats also the only reason I watched it, because I have over the years continuely been singing that song. “Äru med på det, eller äru en svikare? ” Sad part is, the hideaway the theives have and the way they acted reminded me EXTREMLY much about the Court of Miracles. I think I need to put down the Hunchback for a while before I go nuts. ( I tried to find the thieves hideaway opening on Youtube, but failed. I think you get the picture.)

But talking about miracles, this must be one. I was going through my “mailbox” in my room, where I had alot of old envelopes. One envelope was WELL heavy for being just, you know, an envelope, so I opened up… and this is what I found (in Death to the Martyrs  2:38 melody):

How fantastic isn’t that. Yes I know, it’s “only” 15 sek, but 15 sek is always 15 sek. I have put away money that I’m about to ship out to people from New Years eve, so I’m kinda low on money right now, but thanks to this and to recycling, I could get the pins I wanted on eBay. Like a fucking boss. Paypal also owes me six dollar, so I’d say I’m doing pretty fine so far.

But before I fall asleep on the keyboard like the architecturestudents, I’m gonna hit the bed. I’m actually gonna try to put in for this course in school. Yes.

NP: Deliver Us From Free Will – The Ark
// Sara

Random facts about me “the Harry Potter” way.

Posted in Uncategorized on January 25, 2012 by Sara Hammerzmith

I found this on the Facebook page “I wish Hogwarts was my school” and figured I’d do it for the blog, since I have nothing. else. to. write. about.

Harry Potter – Tell about a scar on your body.
That would be the big ass scar I have on my chest. It begins somewhat beneath the collarbone, and ends right between the ribbs.
The scar origins from the two heartsurgerys I had when I was younger.
Ron Weasley – Something you’re afraid of.
Needles. There is nothing I hate more than this.
Hermione Granger – A subject you know a lot about.
The art of attending concerts. I know, it’s not even a subject, but if it was, I’d have an A+++.  I don’t want to put in a subject as like “English” or “Dressage” or stuff – because there will always be someone coming to me to discuss it, and I may fail. I’m not saying I know EVERYTHING about going to concerts, but atleast I have much enough experience to discuss it on a high level.
Draco Malfoy – Closest green item to you.
My The Sims 3 Blob USB.
Severus Snape – Your favorite Alcoholic beverage.
I barely drink, it doesn’t cooperate well with my heart, but the few occasions that I do I prefer Jack Daniels mixed with cola.
 Rubeus Hagrid – Your favorite animal.
Hamster I must say.
Luna Lovegood – Something about you other people find weird.
That I use aromaspices on my tomatoes on my polarbread.
Neville Longbottom – Your favorite flower.
Nymphodora Tonks – Something you would change about your appearance.
Herp.. I wish I had a wand so I could just randomly change my hair anytime I want.
Fred and George Weasley – The last prank you pulled, or someone pulled on you.
Martine writing to me on ICQ right after I told her how much I hate the “OH OH” sound, and all she wrote was “OH OH”.
Voldemort – If you were to make a Horcrux, it would be…
That’s a well secret my dearest, I won’t help you find it…
Moaning Myrtle – The last thing to make you cry.
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Sirius Black – Have you ever taken the blame for something you didn’t do?
Dobby – What is your most loved article of clothing?
My (fake)leather skirt! And also my Lordis Bitch tee.
Peeves the Poltergeist – What is the best/funniest insult you’ve used/heard?
“DIN HYCKLING KYCKLING” (you hypocritical chicken!). At least that I can think of right now.
Sybill Trelawney – When was the last time you experienced Deja Vu?
Today when I wrote stuff to Martine, it waslike WHOA. Felt like what I was writing I had already written before. Which I know I haven’t.
Filius Flitwick – What is your favorite spell from the Harry Potter series?
THIS one is hard… But probably Expecto Patronum. Always ❤
Lily Potter – Is there anyone you love so much you would die for?
Arthur Weasley – What piece of “Muggle” technology fascinates you most?
VHS:es. How did they get sound on it I don’t get it.
Mundungus Fletcher – Have you ever stolen anything?
Viktor Krum – If you were a Quidditch player, what position would you play?
Fleur Delacour – What physical attribute do you like most about yourself?
My hair and bodyshape I think!
Hedwig – What was your all-time favorite pet, or, if you’ve never had one, your all-time favorite birthday gift.
My all time favourite pet was Pickles, a pony at my ridingschool. She wasn’t mine, so I’m not sure if she counts? (I was her caretaker). But if not, I guess I’ll say Tuff, one of my rabbits. It was something about her…
Albus Dumbledore – What is your proudest accomplishment?
My own magazine that I printed in highschool. Fuck yes.
// Sara


99 Times

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One of Kate Voegles hits, and I think the song is also featured in “One Tree Hill”, which is one of my favourite shows. If not, Kate plays the musician Mia Catalano in the show. Love it to pieces.

I must say, eBay users must be like, some of the kindest persons alive. I recently bought a few  items (which are shipped now, woho!) and today I got an email from PayPal. First I was like SHITSHITSHIT, the payment didn’t go through! But when I read it, I learned that I had gotten some money back from one of the sellers, because the shipping ended up cheaper than it was listed! That is like so kind.

Why is this? Well, basically beacuse this never happens when you use Tradera (Swedish eBay). And I think I can admit myself that I never pay back restshipping, but then again we have a little more “difficult” way of paying on Tradera, on PayPal you just send the money to an emailadress kinda, but when you use Tradera, most of the times, and all of the times when it comes to me, uses simple banktransfer.

Talking about Tradera, I really need to get some more items up there. And whatever won’t sell there, I’ll probably put up on eBay instead. Would be pretty cool to try that out. AND ALSO. When I got the email about my eBay items, I also got an email about my Panthertickets being shipped! I can’t wait.

Alright. Thats about it. Plans for tomorrow shall contain stable, making quick cash and tidying maybe. Yes, sounds gooo to me.

NP: Will You Love Me? – Nelson