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2011 – a summary and predictions.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Alright, here we stand for yet another new year and yet again I’ll write a summary and predictions. So, lets first of all make a short summary.

January was a calm month. Not much happened, more than a Crashdiet gig, which was our second in a month, and the obsession with the Saddle Club was… enourmous.

February was about to be big for me. You see, five years ago, I discovered this glamband called The Show By SO., but, mainly because of agelimits, I had never been able to see them live. And when I was old enough, they never played anywhere possible to go, if they played. But since the vocalist was kicked out of his other band, he got more time for SO., and they started to do more shows, and as it happens, they had the releaseparty for their first full-length album in February, more exactly on February 4th. And this time, finding cheapflights and having a good economy, I took the shot.

In Finland I did for the first time ever met Argo, or eeesti999 for the fellow Monsterboarders. I also met Anthalerero (same on MB) for the first time. And.. most importantly. I got to see Honey Hellraiser and The Show By SO. (Nowadays Stala&SO.) for the very first time. My life felt, almost, complete.

In March, we saw the start of The Ark’s farewell tour, home in Karlstad actually. It was magical, one of the best gigs I have seen with them, ever. And that’s pretty much it, that is worth telling of.

April was an exciting month. First of all, we began it with seeing Michael Monroe in Västerås. I kinda abuse this saying, but that was one of the best.. EVER. I’ve never had so much fun, and never been more entertained. I’ve said it before, Michael Monroe is one of the best frontmen out there.
April was also the month when Stala&SO. decided to take on my favesong on their next record, and they told me so!
And at last, Dark Decadence took place. That was one of the best nights in my life. I went there with Angelina, Joiz, Mik, Sara, Sofia and Jesper and I can assure you… all of us had the times of our lives. The best.

In May I took a little trip to Germany to attend Eurovision Song Contest (again, hehe) You know. I love Eurovision. I love to be there. It’s like… I can’t even. You have to be there to understand. And this year was a pretty good ESC year too, so I enjoyed every minute and shed a few tears when leaving Espirit Arena for the last time after the final…

I had decided this year, to not attend Sweden Rock Festival, partly because of lack of REALLY good bands and partly because of you know, THEM. GWAR. But it wasn’t an empty month! Maria and I went to Sunne to see The Poodles in the middle of June, where we met Malin, whom I apparenly had talked to for years! Haha, faith sometimes… June was also the time Cinderella came back to Sweden again… That was a happy day. I love Cinderella so badly and have missed them since Sweden Rock ’10. I went there with Mik and Sofia, best company for the night!

It was time for annual Alice Cooper show! Ever since 2007, I have somehow managed to see Alice Cooper live once a year, and this year was no exception! However, Badmouth had their releaseparty for their record “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” on July 1st, which I really wanted to attend, so it ended up so good that we, me and my mum, went to Stockholm for the party, and the next day me and  Joiz went to Sommarkrysset to see The Ark perform, where we met up with Mik, Katja, Sara and Elin, nice reunion! And on Monday, Alice! With Sofia, Joiz and Mik. Are you surprised? I thought so.

In July, we also saw Reckless Love live for the very first time, Sofia and I hopped on a plane to Finland, then on a train to Tampere together with Argo, to finally see our beloved finnish boys.

August.. Aah! In August we attended the festival Skogsröjet, where we could see bands as Sister, Badmouth, Pretty Boy Floyd and Hardcore Superstar. And more, of course. I was there with Jesper, Mik, Joiz, Angelina, Malin and Sofia and met up with Chris and Mike and a few more. I also had my birthdayparty a week later, that was way epic. I saw The Ark live in Gothenburg again too, way nice.

September was the first time I ever tried to do this ” Four Days Of Gigs”. I began on Wednesday, Sept. 14th with Stala&SO. + Honey Hellraiser in Helsinki, releaseparty for their record “Gimme Five”. But this night.. I have no words for it. To begin with, I was there with Argo again. We went to On The Rocks to await Anushka, or meet up with Anushka it might be, and so yeah, we met her, and then Anthalerero came in the door with a couple of german fans… which turned out to be some of my best friends ever. You might know them as Eva, Alexander and Marcel. This night was the… I have no fucking words, I have NO FUCKING WORDS. We also met Harri later that night, uhuh. Probably.. I can’t… There ain’t words for this night.

The next day I hooked up with Joiz as I arrived back in Sweden and headed down to Kafe 44 to see Vïetcong Pornsürfers. I have listened to the band for many many years now, just never seen them before. They were real good though, but what I reacted on the most was the contrast, haha, from Finland.

And then it was Friday the 16th. I think some of you who reads this knows exactly what happened this day. It was The Arks very very very last show ever. Maria came down to Stockholm and joined up with me and Joiz as we went down to Gröna Lund (worst ‘arena’ ever!) We actually, by surprise ran into “The Poodles Malin” as we were there! Sara, Elin and the Jedheads came too, and yes. The Angelheads was already there, obviously. It was a magical night, a night of sadness. I ran into Ellinor, one of the angelheads I got to know a bit more over the years and got to giver her one last hug before we all left the arena with heavy hearts.

And to wrap up this madness, I saw Jedward live at Fryshuset, where I met the Jedhead Elin for the first time! Joiz, as the angel she is, kept me company the whole day, hihi. Jedward did also put on one of the best shows I have ever seen.

We wrapped up the month with Badmouth and Gilby Clarke, it was Sofia, Malin, Daniel and I who went there, and we hooked up with the wonderful Evelina! Had a blast that night, that’s for sure.

This was an empty month. I guess it’s fair enough, having five gigs in September and then three in November. The Sims 3 Pets did however come out, or, I got it in October, which turned out to be my favourite expansion ever, it even kicked On    Holidays ass. And then you know it’s good.

Alright… first, on the ‘epic’ date 11/11/11, Maria and I saw Hardcore Superstar in Karlstad, with Avatar as support, and we kinda fell in love with them. This night Karlstad also proved to me they are the WORST PLACE to have concerts at. I hate the audience in Karlstad.
Good thing, my hatred wasn’t for long, as I one week later headed once again for Finland and Helsinki, to see Stala&SO. + Honey Hellraiser again, and again, with Argo, Alexander, Eva and Anthalerero. I met Janne for the first time too, and Jasmin and Joni joined in as well. We had so much fun. Met up with Harri again as well, for some reason, nights in Helsinki always turns out to be the best ever.

A week later, it was time for the longplanned and longwanted Lichtenfels trip. That trip, which I did with Michelle, Paula, Martine and Cecilie, was the most epic ever. We met up with Anushka, Marika, Anthalerero, Eva, Michael, Marcel, Alexander (+family) and Argo once down there… We had the time of our lives. We also met Mr Lordi after the gig, and I saw HammerFall live again. It have felt like ages, but it is apparently only one year since I saw them the last.

In December, Sofia and I boarded a plane to London to see Mötley Crüe tour with Def Leppard and Steel Panther. The little did we know, even if the line up is shitepic, that this would be the best tour we’ve ever seen. I have no fucking words for it whatsoever, I just know I want to see MORE AND MORE! It was… Unbelievable.

So well, that kinda sums up my year. Lets watch last years predictions and see how they were fullfilled:

* To see Reckless Love live – DONE
* To see Stala&SO. live – DONE
* To see Lordi live – DONE
* To see Bon Jovi live – X
* To see Slaughter live – X
* To meet new Lordi fans – DONE
* To hang out more with my friends – DONE.

Only two failures, so I gotta say I hit it pretty good! For next year then.

Bands I hope to see live is… which aren’t already confirmed that is… Pretty Boy Floyd, Slaughter, Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Lordi, Stala&SO, Honey Hellraiser… I also which to hang out more with the people and meet more rockstars, uhuh. See how that goes!!

Yes well… I think I will call it the end there! So, see you in the next year, Bloggy Bloggy!

Thanks to everyone who made my year epic. And a little extra thanks to Alexander P, Andrea P, Anushka D, Angel G, Angelina R, Anna L, Anne-Lise M, Anthalerero M, Argo P, Cecilie H, Cornelia P, Crystal L, Curt U, Elias E, Elin H, Elin J, Elina B, Elina K, Ellinor J, Emelie V, Emma R, Eva H, Evelina R, Chris, Mike, Tom, Randy, Vinnie, Felicia H-K, Hanna G, Hanna H, Ida E, Janne S, Jasmin B, Jesper B, Johanna J, Joiz S, Jonathan N, Joni M, Jordan M, Josefine L, Juha S, Miko, Harri, Julia K-D, Kasper S, Lina L, Lina S, Linn B, Malin S, Malin S, Lizbet B, Maria N, Lovisa C, Madde S, Maja V, Malin B, Malin L, Maria B, Marcel F, Maria S, Marina, Marion P, Lorenz D, Markus S, Marjolein V-D, Martin T, Martina A, Martine F, Max, Michael H, Michal B, Michelle R, Mik S, Paula L, Peter O, Peter D, Renata K, Renate F, Sara A, Sara N, Sofia A, Sophie A, Thomas C, Trevor J, Trixie H, Tuija L, Wiliame J.

// Sara