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Like A Prayer

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Favourite song out of the “Jay Smith” album. Seriously, It’s fine by Madonna, but when it’s done the rock way and with JAY singing considering his history and all… makes it ten or no, thousand times better. Fuck.

Okay, so it’s like 01.37am. At this point I’ve actually managed to pack all the clohtes I need, so now it ain’t much left. Thats the good thing with travelling with short time in between – since you never unpack (or I only unpack clothes to be washed), half of everything you need is already there, such as electricity, medicine and bathroom stuff. Thats is awesome.

And also, like this, in the middle of the night, I figured out what the heck to wear. Meshtop, Leotop and spandex. And you see, this is why Germany and Eurovision is awesome. The leotop, which is one of my highest beloved one, was bought in a Tally Weill store in Köln when we were at Eurovision. Why it makes ESC so great is because, if it would have been a normal concert, I would never have cared to stay to shop, but since ESC is a three day event spread over six days, you kinda have to stay in the country/city. And what the hell do you do. Well.. normally sightseeing maybe, but not if you are me, haha. Then you go shopping. And I find this beauty. And I care for it so much I keep it in the bag it came in, and thats why I tend to forget about it.

So yes. England it was… that will be weird. First time I go there, might be interesting. I’ll have my computer there and maybe I’ll give some updates juuhuu. But now, Madonna and packing. And Lussebulle eating. Hoho!!

NP: Like a Prayer – Madonna
// Sara