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This with audiences..

Posted in Tankar och funderingar, Uncategorized on December 11, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

I’m watching the Monster Ball Tour on DVD right now (One of the best tours I’ve ever seen, I swear to god…) and I’m looking at the audience, only to find a little little click in the front middle is you know, freaking out, or how to put it.

Lady Gaga screams JUMP FOR ME NEW YORK, yet it’s still only that click… What is that? Why aren’t the rest of the audience jumping and shit? I can give the seats a break – sometimes the rules says you can’t stand up and such, so that you sit, thats fine. But you others, what the heck?

And then I think about the concerts I go to oftently myself. Most of the time people are grooving pretty good, but something I noticed… it’s almost only the boys! Did you ever think of that? I have a few few girl friends who do freak it out (apart from my Lordigirls that is), but they are like… 2…. or 3…. Why doesn’t girls do it? Do anyone have the answer to that? Please let me know…

Me and my (lordi)girls always do it. So hard, that we barely even remember the show itself. We are sober as fuck, but because we are grooving it and freaking it and working it, we barely remember shit. From Lichtenfels, and Helsinki (Stala&SO), the only parts I TRULY remember were the songs I watched upside down, because I haven’t figured out how to jump while hanging upside down. Or headbang, but I still work my arms. Always. In Lichtenfels guys were even intimidated by the way me and my girls works it, and thats not right you know.

Girls ,what the fuck. Stop care about your fucking hair and nails, and work it! Its soooo much more fun at the gigs, as well as it is sooo much more fun for the band. And for the rest of us.

Now I’m gonna sit back with my DVD again, stretch my slayerneck and get it ready for Jedward, Sister, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Hollywood Burnouts and HammerFall that is awaiting us in the beginning of next year. We have seats on Crüe you see, so I dont think there will bemuch slayernecking there…

// Sara