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HammerFall… part 2.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

So yes… that was that… That was 2007. Let’s head on.

The year 2008 was an empty year for my HammerFalling, it was also the year Joacim Cans were in Clash of the Choirs, maybe you remember? Either way, he won the whole shit, and I saw his choir live on Sweden Rock, else, thats everything…

2009, on the other hand, it happened a little more. To begin with, they released their album “No Sacrifice, No Victory” – the album that today is my favourite album. It’s just a notch ahead of “Threshold”, and it’s personally the two albums I myself like the best in context, if you know what I mean? From the previous releases I only have a few faves on each album, but like the overall context so to speak, but when it comes to “No Sacrifice” and “Threshold” we ain’t talking about small picks, I enjoy EACH and EVERY song to the fullest, and also alone. Having “No Sacrifice” a bit ahead. My absolute favourites on the albums though are “Any Means Necessary”, “Bring The Hammer Down” and the cover song “My Sharona”. It was a nice surprise to see HammerFall sing… that… kind of lyrics, if you know what I mean.

But yes, on the releaseday it was the first time I ever “met” HammerFall. They had a signingsession the same day AC/DC played in Stockholm on their Black Ice tour, lucky shot there really! So since we were there anyway, we took the oppurtunity to go there (my mum and I) to get some signatures.

Yes.. well… yes! After this I went to the AC/DC show, one of the most marvellous shows I have ever seen!

It would come to show, in March, that 2009 seems to have hold the best tours. It was on March 28th we destined for Gothenburg and Any Tour Necessary. Support this time? Bullet and Sabaton. And the audience did not leave after Sabaton, haha! Sorry, just had to.

But yes. The show. It was… marvellous. Magical. It was holograms and waterfalls and various epic lightshows, almost one of each show. This has become to be, of what I’ve seen, my favourite show I’ve seen of them. Sorry for not having proper pictures to show you, they just vanished somehow… but here are some stripes taken from my review.

Well… yes. After this we saw them at Sweden Rock.. where I had an incident with Fredrik and Joacim hahaha…. and then later on I saw them on Kulturkalaset in Gothenburg. It’s not so much to say about this you know, since its just… Yes. The two latter ones were “classic” festivalshows you know, so it ain’t much to say. And I don’t even have picture to show, what the hell is up with that… Oh well.

In 2010 I was so much “away” from them I didn’t even notice at first they were confirmed for Sonisphere, but Iwas fucking glad they were! It was also this awkward moment when you the first day go and see Crashdiet and then the day after go see HammerFall… Hahaha. But it was well good, but yes. Festivalset, and It ain’t much to comment about them you know. And they were playing pretty early on the day, when it hadn’t started to rain so much just yet.

And then we find ourselves in 2011. “Infected” were released… which is a good album, but in my personal opinion doesn’t reach the rockets of “No Sacrifice” or “Threshold”. But it ain’t bad, not at all. I can’t say yet which is my favourite song, because I didn’t get the album on the releaseday, you see, so I haven’t gotten into it so much just yet.

I had planned to see the Outbreak tour in Gothenburg at first, but plans got changed when I randomly, on my own blog haha, saw that HammerFall had been confirmed for Christmas Metal Meeting, where we were already headed to see Lordi. It was one of these moments you just go ahead and do a victorydance. The day came, and I wacthed the show with my bestest friends. The setlist were pretty much “festival” I must say, but I can’t be entirely sure yet, since I haven’t seen a proper Outbreak show just yet. Lightshow was cool, but not like Any Tour Necessary. 

But it is planned, in March next year actually, and that was decided today. So in a few months, I’ll be able to tell you for sure if I like the Outbreak tour better than Any Tour Necessary, and maybe I could do a bit more.. discussion out of it then.

But until then, remember to GET HEAVY and STAY HEAVY!

Oh wait. That was Lordi… but what the fuck.

// Sara