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There’s a lot of HammerFall going on here – partially because I recently saw them, and you know, when you’ve seen a band live, for some odd reason you just WON’T listen to anything but that so yeah. But the main reason is actually because my dearest Paula (finally!) got her eyes open for HammerFall! Was about time. And She’s been nagging my head off these days with various HammerFall videos and questions, so much, that I even started to write HammerFall instead of… any band. So, as being done with Xmas talking, I figured I’d start some kind of series where I talk about bands and what I like and shit, when I have no better to write about. You up for it? Ok, good. Game set go, we being with HammerFall.

So yes… First time I ever heard of HammerFall personally was in Grynets Show back in ’04 when the “Hearts On Fire” video was brandnew. I remember I found it like, SO COOL, but I didn’t give it as much attention (If it helps, I didn’t give ‘Clamour for Glamour’ with The Ark much attention either, lol.). I wasn’t so much into music at this point you see. But yes, the years went by and all of a sudden, the year was 2007 and from being ignorant to music (not entirely true, but I’ll take that some other time) and I had gained LOADS of favourite bands such as Wig Wam, Lordi, KISS, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Crashdiet and The Poodles.

It was also on a The Poodles concert I saw HammerFall live the very first time.  It was January 20th, 2007, Arenan, Fryshuset in Stockholm. Headliner was HammerFall, support The Poodles and Krokus. We were in first going there for The Poodles, but I figured I’d stay and watch HammerFall – because if I don’t, I swear to God I will start like them and regret it. So I stayed.

If you are a diehard Templar, you are probably familiar this was the Threshold of Europe tour. It was also the last tour Magnus Rosén played with them, meaning I had by true luck managed to get to see them with him. Of course, I, and I bet no one else really, knew this at this point. I also remember – it was Oscar Dronjaks (the one in HammerFall I’d end up liking a little, little extra) had his birthday and Joacim brought a cake on stage. Which he punched in Oscars face. Of course, what else?

This concert really opened my eyes for HammerFall, and after this show I was hooked. Mum had made some recordings during the show and I kept listen to them all the time. I recall I REALLY liked one of them, but I just couldn’t figure out which song it was. We had gotten the “Threshold” album, but it wasn’t on it. And I could figure out the lyrics either, so I had that little clip on what, 20 seconds that I played over and over and over again, until I one day visited our vintage CD shop Knastret and found this real fancy HammerFall VHS (The Templar Renegade Crusades) that my dad bought me… and as I watched the VHS… the song appeared. The song I had been listening to on the clip. I wasn’t slow with checking out what song it was – “A Legend Reborn”. Checking up, on the “Renegade” album, awesome, awesome.

“Renegade”, did then, obviously turn out to be my next HammerFall album. Liked it alot, but I don’t wanna say just yet that I love, I’ll get back to it later.  Then the time passed we got more and more albums before it was time for the next show.

My second HammerFall show, was the show at the Peace&Love Festival 2007. As a matter of fact – HammerFall did here win a battle over my favouriteband Lordi. Lordi were playing in Kiruna the same day, but somehow, HammerFall + Crashdiet + HammerFall (+ Sabaton) kinda won… somehow. Glad it did anyway! At this point.. a few things had changed
1. This was now “Threshold Of Festivals” tour – a little bit different setlist, which I noticed because First – they played Renegade differently!

This kinda… buggs me. Look, I don’t know how they played “Renegade” over the years – I just know that on Wacken 2001 and January Stockholm 2007, they played in an awesome way. You know what I mean – when they slow down the second verse? I’ll link it again either way. I find it kickass.  And, I remember I was about to record “Renegade” just because of this, and then they changed it.. I was like ok, what the fuck. And I haven’t heard the song that kickass way ever since, and as you could read in Xmas Metal Meeting, I still wish and pray for it.

Second, and probably bigger thing than this, is the departure with Magnus Rosén and the reunion with Fredrik Larsson! I wasn’t a part of the fans back in Fredriks days, but I ‘m still glad they chose him or, that he decided to come back!

Well yes. The setlist is what I today would call kinda mediocre – typical “festival setlist” you know – the big names and a few new ones and maybe one or two outstanding (apart from current album that is). They had also removed ” A Legend Reborn”, and as well did this turn out to be the last time, back in January, I would hear it. Goddamn. I always loose my favourite songs.

Yes…you know, there aren’t much to say in between – my third HammerFall gig was in Stockholm, at Gröna Lund together with Dream Evil. The setlist was more or less IDENTICAL to Peace&Love – maybe one or two different, but apart from that.. yes.

2007 was also, as many of you may know, the ten year anniversary since “Glory To The Brave” for HammerFall, and to celebrate that they released a Best of album called “Steel Meets Steel – Ten years of Glory” containing four songs of every album, two new songs and a few live songs. For the releaseparty, Joacim Cans set up the festival “Monsters Of Mora”, where they played together with Tryckvåg, Sator and Sabaton. Originally – The Poodles were supposed to play instead of Tryckvåg, but they got a german tour with Gotthard instead (can’t blame them for chosing that! I actually went to that tour too, in Berlin, but thats another story…)

Yes well… the album.. is fine. Except one thing. There is one song missing. “A Legend Reborn”. I mean… seriously. How can it… Okay, I guess I shouldn’t put a too… WHAT THE HELL ON EARTH!!!!! Seriously… eh… Yes. Well… okay then. Well, I guess that if I could put four songs on… I WOULD CHOSE “A LEGEND REBORN”… I would maybe have gone for the same songs as them… But still. Well, at least “Never Ever”, “At The End Of The Rainbow” and “Fury Of The Wild” were. Or else, you would all have seen the fury of Sara….. yes. Regarding the new songs. LOVE THEM. Both of them (“Last Man Standing” & “Restless Soul“).

And then the gig. Well, the setlist was not a surprise really – LOTS of good old stuff and “Last Man Standing” which ain’t THAT weird considering what album it was a release for. What I did remember and love was that they snow in “Glory To The Brave”… Sad part with this gig is, that half of the audience left after Sabaton… This may be the town Joacim was born in… but this is Sabatons territory. BIG TIME. But nevertheless – I did enjoy the show.

Well, 2007 was a year filled with happenings for my HammerFall history, so I’ve decided to keep going with it tomorrow with the other years.

So… once again…

// Sara