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Christmas Metal Meeting part 8

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So yes. What had they seen?

It was a statue. A statue… well. Literally – it was two humans and one pig. The humans were hugging each other, and one of the humans had his hand up… the back… of the pig.

And… well… yes. I mean, what is that? What do you make out of that? And do you honestly blame the girls for laughing their asses off (HAHAHAHA). Adn actually, as the madness went on, two guys came out of the bar, two guys named Markus and Lorenz. They joined us on the square with madenss – and I knew these guys would be fun, because Markus were wearing a christmastree in the neck of his coat. Only epic people do that. So we had a bit fun with them, and then we OF COURSE, had to ask them, WHAT THE HELL is that.

And thing is, they weren’t from Lichtenfels, so they had no idea! They, on the other hand, started asking all the citizens that passed us what it was, and NO ONE knew!  I think we kinda ruined Lichtenfels. And oh.. HAHA.

Look, I’m afraid of robots and non natural moving things right. So we saw this Santa standing in the window and we all just like, you know, like a scared horse, first hitting off but then cooling down. So what I mean with scared horse is a scared horse with a rider or someone holding it. Anyway… A little later, we sorta had the same situation, just ten times worse. All I saw at first, was Cecilie turning around then kind of jump up in the air and then down on the ground, rolling into a little ball. We all were like WTF so Michelle was the next one to check, and all of a sudden, she jumps up and then down into a little ball on top of Cecilie. I looked up, and saw there was an old lady standing in the window and smoking. Lorenz and Markus started talking a little to her, until her insane husband came, I think they asked her about the statue, and she got her husband.

And he was mad. He and Markus started to argue. Lorenz told us that they were arguing about that youths nowadays never work and is all party. But how the hell, how do he think we got to Lichtenfels in first place? Insane stuff. Either way, he left, and then came back, and then left again but he kept an eye on us. Thats mad stuff. We hung out a bit more with them before we had to head back to the hotel because Michelle needed…. nevermind : D. We head back for “Pirates Of The Caribbean”  and just chilling.

After watching, or maybe actually during the movie we figured we would take a powernap to be energetic as the norwegians came home, and well, it didn’t work out that much, so we eventually went to bed. Thing is though – due to my insane travelling in Finland, my rythm is kinda fucked up and I’ve learned how to get as much energy as possible out of sleeping as little hours as possible. So I was awake when Martine came home and listened to her stories and kept her company as she packed and showed me her stuff.  We woke up the others so they got to say good bye to the norwegians… and I could go back to sleep.

For like ten minutes before Martine woke me up because she forgot her beer. TYPICAL. But once she got it… SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. For two hours. Damn it. Then we got up, started packing, having one last epic lunch, one last look on the view… before we left our VERY and HIGHLY beloved Markt 17.

So as we head for the trainstation, we took a last look at the city. And of course, OF COURSE we found a horsestore. What the fuck, why didn’t we find it the last time? Oh well. As we hit the station.. the next dilemma came around. We didn’t find our train… however… we did find a train to the same destination, so we got on, and then the conductor told us we were on the right train, so no worries. And of course, like always with me, we were sitting on the trainfloor. WHAT ELSE! On the train we also took ourselves the freedom to make our own lyrics to the Norwegian Pocahontas dub too… HAHAHA.

Dette er favorittmobilen her i Djermaniiii, der ute finns det mange hundre trén! Og om jeg sitter forsiktig her på tåggulvet, vil ikke denne dören denne veggen her få vondt!
Nei Dominique ikke skyt Cecilie hun er söt! Og lyden som hun lager de er kule… og hon har pins som vi kan stjele ta den her!
Hvis ni Brenner Lichtenfels så gråter jeg! Och Michelle vil cutte seg med smörkniv… og Paula er en Kake TENK PÅ DET!!!”

The lyrics originates from a little guy pointing handguns at us when we hung out with Markus and Lorenz, the pins part about Cecilies bag full of pins, Michelle tried to cut herself with a plasticknife, Paula ate cookies, and when downtown the firealarm of Lichtenfels went off.

Back in Würzburg, change of trains, ending up on the wrong train, conductor not caring because we didn’t speak german.. and then we were back at Frankfurt Airport. Where we had to part with Paula. It was the saddest moment… but it had to be done. Because me and Michelle had to figure out how the fuck to get to Hahn airport, and after a few asking AND ALOT walking we… BY A FUCKING BREATHE and Michelles brilliant brain, we found the bus. And it was so scary, the busdriver we bought the tickets off, reminded us of a certain dictator, and also, the other busdriver who drove the bus we rode, he was SO ANGRY and yelled at someone the ENTIRE trip! Or well, I guess so, because he yelled when I fell asleep and were still yelling when I woke up!

And then we were there.. at Hahn… We fixed the remaining food before checking in and going to the gate.. and before boarding, we bought these TINY toothbrushes for one euro… as one last thing… and then… boarding. We had dinner on the plane and all of a sudden we landed.. We were home. In Sweden. It was over.


This trip… was the best trip I have ever done. And I really mean it. I’ve never had so much fun that I had this trip, and topping that with seeing two of your absolute favouritebands… It doesn’t get better. I proudly encourage EVERYONE to this with your bestest friends. And for me? I can’t wait to get back to Djermani, Lichtenfels and Christmas Metal Meeting. See you next year, bitches! And for Lichtenfels, I’m coming to get you in March!

// Sara