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Christmas Metal Meeting 2011 part 5 – LORDI SHOW.

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Well yes… I must say, we got like, second row place for Sepultura, which I find kinda marvellous you know, usually you have to queue like AGES to get good spots, but I guess this is why I love metalpeople and clean metalfestivals. Front isn’t necessary. Or well, of course it is, but it’s not like you go cut yourself if you are in second row. And also, as the waiting began, we met up with the lovley germans, and this time Marcel and Eva had arrived too! For the first time I also got to meet her husband, and he is just as great as her! Oh I love the germans.

Okay, I know how racist this is gonna sound, so I hope you take this the right way. The first thing I actually noticed with the singer, was that he was black. And everyone else reacted on that too, and… Thats freaking cool! I think I can honestly say he’s the first one I’ve seen within heavier metal, and thats just freaking awesome! LOVE IT!.

It was also under Sepultura I came to the conclusion… that PVC is not the most optimal fabric choice for inside concerts. DAMN THE HEAT! I had to run out, literally take off my PVC top (I was wearing something underneath, you kinky bastards, what did you think?!) and chill down until I was so cold I was standing there freezing, then I put it on again, went inside, bought two bottles of water and moshed into my friends again. You kinda have to mosh when a concert is going, or just dance and say “Excuse me, excuse me” and sooner or later you shall pass through.

I actually came back at the end of Sepultura, and this ment… just minutes to Lordi!! As we were awaiting Lordi… for the first; both me, Paula, Michelle, Marion (Alex’s sister), Antha and Renate (I think) managed to get front row!! FUCK YES! We planned a little what we were gonna do, as you know, from Paris and now on we shall do weird stuff during Lordishows. We also cooperated with the germans, who suggested we were gonna clap our hands like Mr Lordi when he asked us, and I mean, we aren’t late to sign up for such!

Also, Cecilie and Martine catched up with us again, we had lost them after Exodus, and now we learnt why. Cecilie… came back with her hand bandaged. Apparently, she had gotten a drumstick frm the drummer in Exodus, and someone fought her for it, and managed to break her pinkyfinger. She’d been rushed to the hospital where they casted it, and then she managed to get back just in fucking time for Lordi! GREAT. Would’ve been a disaster else, don’t you think?

Yes… the lights went out. Michelle put her horse on the fence. And before we knew it… “God of Thunder” began. WTF. Cut the… no ok, Mr L’s gonna kill me. And then, after “God Of Thunder”… Scarctic Circle Gathering 5 began.

OH THE FEELING. Otus entered… Awa entered… Ox… Amen… “Babez For Breakfast” started. FUCK I MISSED THEM. The spirit oh… they followed it up “Dynamite Tonite”. Goddamnit Lordi! (Sorry, it’s me personally who dislikes the song just) before the big L said “Alrite, you wanna sing?” and you know… you know you are close to a band, when you know what song is about to come, even though you have never seen the song live before. I’ve never heard/seen “Nonstop Nite” live before, but it was so obvious somehow that he was talking about that one. When I look back on it now… it ain’t that obvious at all, could be anything, but… yes. It was. And I love it, its my favourite off the “Babez” album so I was well pleased! 

I don’t really know when, but pretty early in the set, probably after or before “Nonstop Nite” Mr L informed us that they had managed to leave ALL KIND of theatrics at home in Finland… AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Way to go! I love them, seriously… HAHA. Surprisingly, “Devil Is a Loser” was up next, as the fourth song in the set! Now THAT was new! “Rock Police” followed and it was time for the first TheAwesomeThreesome shit to be done. You better lock the door…

Right after this, it was time for “It Snows In Hell”, where we had planned something new! During The Arks last show, Ellinor and her friend had been watching the show upside down, by turning around and bending over… backwards. And since we weren’t sure how well this would work out, we decided to try it out on a ballad. So, the song went on and we turned around.

And you know… FUCK HOW COMFORTABLE IT WAS! I was like oh my god, this is gonna be pain. And then when I laid there I was like… I don’t wanna move. I wanna lie here. This feels great. Comfortable! The guards looked at us a bit suspicsouly, but do I always say? Suspiscious guards shall be suspiscious! Poor Amen though.

Or maybe not. Actually, both Mr L and Amen spent alotta time on our side of the stage. But then again, our side, or, or gang of people, WERE the freakiest (yes this includes the germans of course) and then when the fans suddenly turns around… yeah you know. Suspiscious band. Shall remain suspiscious.

And no surprise, but “Who’s Your Daddy” was up afterwards, and I swear, we did try to make “Jingle Bells” happen, as the germans did on the last tour, but no : (. It didn’t work out, but fuck, it was fun to flirt around with Amen! Sad part is, he didn’t flirt back… HE ALWAYS FLIRTS BACK. Maybe he had a bad day. But it was a little WTF moment.

Hm. “Blood Red Sandman”… then “This Is Heavy Metal”. You always know when “This is Heavy Metal” comes on, since Mr L keep asking you about all these bands and if you like them or not. But then again, like Fairy of Darkness said in Paris, who the fuck dares to say they dislike KISS infront of the big L? (He is an extremly big KISS Fan, in case you didn’t know : ) ). But yes, “This Is Heavy Metal” means TAT time. And this was the first one we ever made, so it was kinda special you know! I think the band DO recognize this dance though, but still they were like WTF. And that what we want. The WTF reaction from the band.

After THIM (yes, I can’t be bothered to write the full name anymore…) SCG3 began.. and this is another moment when you know you are close to the band. We Norwedens just got togtehter in a small little group screaming the whole SCG3 together. I mean. We even know the intros. WTF. And just as we scream “THE AROCKALYPSE” (or actually, I did scream ‘The Acockalypse’, but still) and the insane drums on “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” begins… you just know every second you know. You know exactly WHEN and WHERE everything is happening, even if it’s live because you’ve heard it live on clips and shit so many times.

And then… Robots. Demonic Robots. And Mr L yelling “BIOMECHANIC MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”. Seriously, I hate it. Or, the song is good, I just get the creeps of it. I’m scared of robots, scared of disfunctional technology and haunted stuff. The intro of “Biomechanic Man” is a haunted disfunctional robot. Just awesome, don’t you think? I think the fear comes from when my Sim in The Sims 2 was killed by her robot. Yup, true story. But the song is actually kinda good. A little sicko little mean…

Awa plays the keyboard, stops, plays, stops. Guess what. Of course, “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. We tried to lie down again, since it is a calm intro you know… and then when the song actually started, we could remain. NO PRESSURE!! However, that is kinda lame (No, I know that Eva and Michael were protecting us, its the other audience that was lame) so we stood up straight and started to freak out again. Have you ever thought of that, that girls rarely do freak out, headbang, jump and such on concerts? Then we show up and tear the shit apart, and people are terrified.

After this, They start play a metalversion of “A Question Of Lust“… and on the second. ON THE VERY SECOND we all, together with Mr Lordi… “WOULD YOU LOVE A MONSTERMAN, COULD YOU UNDERSTAND BEAUTY OF THE BEAST? FIRE AT WILL” and headbang. I mean… that is almost ridiculous. That you know a band so well, that you almost know it better than the band itself. And in a breathe… it was over. Done, FINITO!

But you know something. I barely remember the show. I remember the songs and how they sounded… but not the actual show. I was rocking out TOO much to even notice. AND THAT, MY FRIENDS, is how it is supposed to be! They had difficulties with the sound apparently, but since you know the band so well, you know the guitars and how it sounds anyway, so you can just keep on rocking even if the guitar dies. I missed “My Heaven Is Your Hell” on the setlist, but you know, I got in Paris, and I didn’t even expect to EVER hear that song live, so I guess it’s ok. And I got “Nonstop Nite” so. But apart from all this, this is one of the most FUN concerts I’ve ever been to. HELL, I need to do this more often. Or wait.
Setlist: God Of Thunder/SCG5 – Babez For Breakfast – Dynamite Tonite – Nonstop Nite – Devil Is A Loser – Rock Police – It Snows In Hell – Who’s Your Daddy – Blood Red Sandman – This Is Heavy Metal – SCG3 – Bringing Back The Balls To Rock – Biomechanic Man – Hard Rock Hallelujah – Would You Love a Monsterman

After this we got a little dilemma. We figured we’d go up to the wardrobe again to see about Otus interview, but on the same time… we had front row. And it was only Saxon inbetween before HammerFall… would you really give it up? What we did was to begin with to sit down and just… POUR water into our bodies. You don’t really think about it much during the show, and then you are dehydrated afterwards. After a few buts and ifs, we did eventually get up to join the others upstairs (it was only me and Paula keeping places I think, or maybe Martine. I really don’t know anymore…) and as we walked over to the wardrobe…

We saw someone coming up the backstage stairs. Someone familiar.

Mr Lordi.

// Sara