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Christmas Metal Meeting part 2

Posted in Christmas Metal Meeting 2011, Thiz Izz Djermani, Uncategorized on November 30, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

THIS HAVE HAPPENED: The Fantastic Five have reached Frankfurt with smaller difficulties and mishappenings, and are now heading to eat, as they realize, there is a band!

Yes. A band. We were standing there just like oh my god, a band. We didn’t really see anyone we recognized, and how could we with all the roadies and all, so we figured we would just walk in, sit down, and have lunch. But we didn’t get long, until the bands sitting there stopped us and asked what band we played in.

We all were like, what? What band WE play in? Martine tried to convince them that we didn’t play in any band, but after a while she gave up and said we played in a band called GroupieBFF’s, haha, which is kinda what we call our group from now on! We either way, sat down and had lunch until Cecilie finally got up and had the guts to ask them what band they were in.

Exodus and Heathen. Oh dear, I never forget Martines face when she heard it. It was kinda.. intense. Randomly, at Frankfurt Airport, we are having lunch with Exodus and Heathen. Would you know. But sadly, the excitement didn’t last long, as Exodus guitarist Gary Holt stands up, smiles to his bandmates, and yells pretty loudly (apparently they had a discussion about something) but what he said loudly…

“Because HammerFall….. SUCKS!”

At first I choked. Then I just yelled MEN NEEEEEJ (yes, in Swedish!). Who. The. Fuck. Does. He. Think. He. Is. Sure, he is the guitarist in Exodus, and played with Slayer and all… BUT STILL. YOU DO NOT SAY, HAMMERFALL SUCKS, WHEN I’M AROUND! As Michelle would say, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!

Either way, after a while they left, and we left… or no, we didn’t. We still had around five or four hours before our train was supposed to departure, so we sat there for a while… then we relocated on a chilly bench having a nap for an hour or so, before we, finally, could get downstairs, get the norwegians their tickets and get on that damn train to Lichtenfels. But seriously – it’s at times like this time never moves fast enough. While waiting for the train at the station Cecilie also taught me how to shuffle, so yeah, now I know that!

Eventually the train did come, and it was like.. INSANE. It was so small and all seats were like taken, and after a while a few seats got free, as we hit Frankfurt Mainstation, so me and Michelle got a seat finally, and…. HAHA, the horror! My bag was extremly heavy, because of the camerastand and the colabottles, and well yeah, all other stuff, and then we got this crazy idea that we should put that one on those shelves over the seats. OH DEAR LORD. I thought we were gonna kill someone, but Cecilie and a friendly german made it happen, without anyone being injuried!

And yes, we got seats, however, they were reserved, and Martine was sitting in someones spot but he was kind, we thought, and said Martine could sit there until he had to get a seat. But thing is, he kept staring at her like crazy, as if he were pissed at her! Sooner or later we did hit Würzburg eventually, and then we had the horror taking down the bag again… but no one was hurt!

In Würzburg we had a 30 minutes change, which was well needed! For the first, the first train were a little delayed, and for the second it took us a little while to locate the train, but as we did, we realized it was on the platform already! AND BEST OF ALL – the train was EMPTY! Or okay, there was one old lady on it, but apart from that, it was empty! So we gladly, and slowly, got on the train, put away or luggage and sit down together at a four person table and having the fifth person sittin gon the fourtable next to us.

The trainride was insane. Since we were now FINALLY on the last route to Lichtenfels, we kinda chilled down and relaxed and just… enjoyed the ride. We planned what we were gonna do, talked girly talk and… scared the hell outta the germans apparently. We had this real angry german in the seat behind us, not angry at us, he was yelling at someone on the phone, and all of a sudden both me and Martine burst out in a “DET FINNS INGET SKROT, ALLT SKROT ÄR BARA GAMLA MOLEJOKSER OCH MOJÄNGER!” (Mulle Meck)… AND ALL THE TRAIN SHUT UP!  Even the angry german just, shut up! And worst part? The train was silent for the rest of the trip as well! I also managed to say “I said a glass of juice, not gas the jews” pretty loudly, just to realize, maybe not in Germany…

As time went on, we got closer and closer to our last goal, and being unsure if we missed out station, we asked a friendly german if this station was Lichtenfels, and he informed us that the next one was. We pulled down our luggage and the speaker said “Näschte, Lichtenfels“. The train stopped, we clumsly got off the train and then stopped.

We were here. We finally made it. Lichtenfels.

// Sara