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Christmas Metal Meeting part 1

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Alrite, now it’s time for me to pour out the story! I don’t know how many parts it will be, but I know I’ll divide it ALOT to get it more readable.

The epicness pretty much began just as Michelle arrived to Karlstad, or as we arrived to pick her up, since we pretty instantly went to pick up Paula, and at the busstation we also managed to meet up for a shortie with Maria! When Paula arrived with her bus we ambushed her with the vidoecamera, the videocamera that have documented EVERYTHING outside the arena haha, oh the madness! We hit off for some last minute shopping before heading home for the last preparations.

Once at home the madness started already here. Me and Paula sort of invented some kind of weirdscaryinsane kind of laughter that made Michelle extremly suspicious. Suspicious Michelle shall remain suspicious! She worked a bit on her mask before we finally threw out all the luggage, which were a lot, and headed down town!

So yeah… Well, we had a nice busride I suppose. Of course it kinda snapped – three crazy maniacs in the back of a bus? And on top of that, watching the norwegian parodydub of Pocahontas? Yeah – SNAPPED. But sooner or later we did eventually fall asleep actually, and when we woke up – it was 4.30, and we had arrived to Arlanda. Seriously, Arlanda feels like my second home right now… Feels like I spend more time there than I do at home. Either way, the first thing we did was to hit bathrooms and then… you know, or, Nikola knows, that I have a thing for floors. Trainfloors, airportfloors, bathroomfloors… you name it! So of course, we were having our breakfast on the infamour floor! But this time we actually turned it up a notch, and I had brought a pink lepard blanket! Suck on that one!

Well, then the chase began. Our flight, if I remember correctly, wouldn’t leave until 9 something, so we just wandered the place, picked up a few bottles of cola and water until we could FINALLY board our plane!  The planeride were fine, I guess, I kinda slept through all of it. Fun trivia is that the norwegians were gonna get there a few hours later than us, so we figured “There is no rush for us to get off the plane”, so we just sat there and waited, and all of a sudden we were the last ones standing, AS WELL as the others were waiting for us. OOPS. Oh well, it’s not like they died.

So, we picked up our luggage and went out in the lounge and looked up a restaurant we would eat in… oh the arrival! When we walked out of the arrival doors, we were greeted by probably 20-30 albanian people cheering, singing, screaming, videotaping, taking pictures with flags and flowers and what not! We were like what the hell, and then we realized that apparently an albanian family/tribe were moving there, arriving the same time as we. And we walked around for an hour, and when we crossed the point again, they were still there! This kinda inspired us.

 After this, after looking up the restaurant, the waiting began. It was still an hour or so until the norwegians would arrive, and seriously, time has never went as slow as it did at that point! But after a while, we could finally see the Oslo flight as landed, and we got ready at the arrival section. Like I said, we were inspired by the albanians, and figured we would do the same thing to Martine and Cecilie! HAHA, imagine how ridiculous it turned out as Martine and Cecilie MISSED the luggage collection and came out another way! We were like, hello, where is your luggage, and they were like OH MY GOD OUR LUGGAGE IS GONE and then they managed to get back in to get their stuff.

After this, we went to the bathrooms and then, we headed to the restaurant.

The first thing we see, is a LARGE group of hardrockers. SWEET! Hopefully they were heading for Lichtenfels!
Next thing we notice is the luggage.

I turned to the girls and said. “This is a band.”

// Sara