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Rock n Roll Train

Posted in Uncategorized on November 11, 2011 by Sara Hammerzmith

Opening track off AC/DC’s “Black Ice”, I guess also the inspiration by the kickass and epic stage AC/DC ha don the tour back in 2009, with the giant locomotive you remember? Epic stuff.

Today is the day.

Well, firstly it IS the 11/11/11, and in just any minute it’s even 11:11, so this is double epic haha, but no, today is the day. You probably remember I’ve been talking alot about these three weeks being epic, three weeks of gigs as I call it, well, it ain’t gigs every day for three weeeks obviously, but it’s one gig each weekend, today it’s Hardcore Superstar on their “The Party Ain’t Over Til We Say So” tour. Next week it’s Stala&SO. + Honey Hellraiser (I kinda notice a pattern here…) and then beautifully wrapping up with Lichtenfels and Christmas Metal Meeting.

But tonight, I’m actually staying here in my hometown, no need to travel any further than like what ten minutes or something.  But before that; University library and stable!

Ain’t the best picture I’ve taken, but it’s from my last HCSS concert, at Skogsröjet

TTYL pumpking.
NP: One Life – Xandee
// Sara